The Secret Code of Success

The Secret Code of Success

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A Success Dreamer

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 2009 by Noah St. John  

About the Author
NOAH ST. JOHN, Ph.D., is Founder and CEO of Success-
Clinic.com, an international success training company, and
host of WealthyFunTV. Since 2005, he has influenced the lives
of more than 350,000 people through his speaking and appearances.
People and organizations in more than forty countries
are using his breakthrough methods to get rid of their “head
trash” and enjoy more control, freedom, and abundance in their
lives and careers.
He is the author of Permission to Succeed® and The Great Little
Book of Afformations®, which have been translated into four languages.
Noah has appeared on CNN, ABC, NBC, CBS, and Fox
News, and has been featured in PARADE, Woman’s Day, Modern
Bride, Los Angeles Business Journal, the Chicago Sun-Times, the
Washington Post, InStyle, and Selling Power.
Noah’s Students range from stay-at-home moms to industryleading
CEOs, schoolchildren to retirees. Thousands of people
visit his daily movie blog WealthyFunTV.com to watch his latest
adventures and experience first-hand his All-Access Pass into the
new world he affectionately calls Self-Help 2.0.
Prior to becoming an internationally in-demand speaker and
author, Noah worked as a waiter, secretary, retail salesperson,
housekeeper, and professional ballet dancer. These experiences
helped Noah realize that neither an expensive eduation nor “traditional
success methods” hold the true key to success.
Fun fact: Noah once won an all-expenses-paid trip to Hawaii
on the game show Concentration hosted by Alex Trebek, where he
missed winning a new car by three seconds. (Note: he had not yet
learned The Secret Code of Success.)
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The “Secret” of Success in Life and Business
This is not your father’s success book.
I was in Los Angeles recently having lunch with some friends
who are millionaires and deca-millionaires—people worth $1 million
to $10 million and up. As I looked around the table, something
made me smile. I noticed that none of us looked remarkable
in any way. No one was wearing an expensive suit—some of us
looked like we were on our way to a pool party. We weren’t discussing
anything particularly deep or earth-shattering. I realized that
we were really average in every visible way. You would have probably
walked right by if you saw any of us on the street.
So what did this group of “regular people” do to enter the top
income bracket in the world—while most continue to struggle and just
get by? And more importantly: How can you learn their “secret code”
so that you can enjoy this kind of success in your life and business?
In the pages that follow, you’ll learn:
• What separates the top 3 percent from the rest of the world
• How to get rid of the head trash that’s holding you back
• A little assumption that’s costing you a fortune
• The foolproof formula for getting your foot off the brake,
tailored specifically to you, so you can succeed over and over
again at whatever you choose

Table of Contents
Foreword by Jack Canfield
The “Secret” of Success in Life and Business 1
1. What’s Wrong with This Picture? 9
2. The Little Assumption That’s
Costing You a Fortune 21
3. The Secret Code Revealed 31
4. Step 1: Afformations 51
5. Step 2: Loving Mirrors and Safe Havens 75
6. Step 3: Systems of Support 105
7. Step 4: Goal-Free Zones and
Goal Replacement Surgery 145
8. Step 5: Who Are You Trying to Protect,
Punish, or Please? 167
9. Step 6: Find Your No 177
10. Step 7: Find Your Because 195
11. Now What? 213
12. Your Free Bonus Gift 219
13. Spread the Word 223
Additional Resources 225
Acknowledgments 231
Index 233
About the Author 24
About the Publisher


If you’re looking for the same-old motivational clich√©s or methods
you’ve heard a million times, you won’t find them here. If you’re
looking for a book that tells you that you don’t have to do anything
to create what you really want, I’m sorry to disappoint you.
In this book, we’re going to break some rules and make hamburgers
out of some of self-help’s most sacred cows. I’m fully aware
that some of my methods may seem odd at first blush. That’s the
point! If you already had everything you wanted, you wouldn’t
need another book on how to get it, now would you?
If ever there was a time in human history when we needed to
apply a new level of thinking to create a world we can all live successfully
and happily in, it’s now.
So let’s get started!
To your Success,
Noah St. John