Millionaire Success Habits

Millionaire Success Habits

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- The Gateway to Wealth & Prosperity -

Dean Graziosi

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Finance, Personal. | Millionaires. | Wealth. | Success.

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 2019 by Dean Graziosi 

About the Author
If Dean Graziosi can make it, so can anyone. His story should give people
hope as well as realistic expectations that they too can reach their full potential
and live their own version of the American dream. Born in a little town in
upstate New York, about 70 miles from New York City, Dean was raised in a
family with financial hardships. At one point, he even lived in a bathroom with his father.

Struggling with minimal money, dealing with his parents’ multiple marriages,
and adjusting to over 20 moves by the time he was 19, Dean didn’t have a
chance to attend college nor did he feel he was smart enough to do so. But after
years of ongoing inspirational messages from his grandmother Carmella Fanizzi
Post, Dean adopted the belief that he could do anything, and that there were no
limits. She implored him not to stress about the past, but rather invent his own future.
Dean took the one asset he did have, determination for a better life, and went
on to become an extremely successful entrepreneur, real estate mogul, multiple
New York Times bestselling author, success trainer, and world traveler, speaking
on stages for up to 15,000 people. He is the author of the bestselling books
Totally Fulfilled, Be a Real Estate Millionaire, Thirty Days to Real Estate Cash,
Your Town, Your Profits, and Profit from Real Estate Right Now. Dean also has
done a weekly wisdom video series on success every Monday for the last eight
years inspiring millions of people around the world.

None of this would have happened without Dean’s greatest gift: his past.
From his dyslexia to his feelings of inferiority to growing up insecure because of
financial struggles, Dean developed the unique ability to create easy-to-follow
success recipes. It’s been Dean’s gift to share these techniques that can allow
people to live life to their full potential.

Dean lives in Phoenix, Arizona, with his two children. He coaches Little
League and softball and attends as many of his kids’ events as humanly possible.
He’s also the creator of www.thebetterlife.com, a 30-day challenge that helps
people make small shifts in their habits each day so that in 30 days, they can be
on a path to wealth, abundance, and the life they deserve.

When I decided to sit down and write a book exposing the raw, unfiltered
habits that took me from generations of hardworking yet struggling family
members to more success than I ever imagined possible for one man to achieve,
I hoped it would make an impact on those who read it. But I have to be honest—
I never imagined this book would become one of the best-selling books in the
world and go viral. As I write this quick little update at the start of the book to
let you know about two new chapters I’ve added, this book has well over
300,000 copies shipped and growing fast. Don’t just dabble with this book.

Don’t just read the first few chapters and put it off until another day. Devour this
book and put the lessons in to play in your life. And I almost forgot, the book got
even better with two never-before-seen chapters on productivity and how to outhustle
and outperform everyone around you. This is your time. Make it real!
In the spring of 1944, a boy who we’ll call J.P. was born to immigrant parents
in a rough neighborhood in the heart of Los Angeles. Before J.P. was two years
old, his parents divorced, his mother struggled financially, and by the time he
was nine years old, J.P. was out on the streets looking for a way to help his mom
make ends meet. Newspapers, flowerpots, Christmas cards—you name it, he
most likely tried to sell it. When his mother could no longer take care of J.P. and
his brother, the boys were placed in a foster home.

As a teenager with no parental guidance, J.P. fell in with the wrong crowd,
joined a local gang, and struggled to pass his classes as a student at John
Marshall High School in Los Angeles. One day in 11th grade, J.P.’s high school
teacher caught him and his friend Michelle goofing off and passing notes in
class. He made them stand in front of the class while he proclaimed, “See these
two? Don’t hang around them because they’re not going to amount to anything.

Table of Contents

CHAPTER 1: The Time Is Right to Change Your Habits
CHAPTER 2: The Foundation for All Success
CHAPTER 3: The Villain Within
CHAPTER 4: The Power of Your Story
CHAPTER 5: Awaken the Inner Hero
CHAPTER 6: One Shining Goal
CHAPTER 7: Attraction and Persuasion
CHAPTER 8: After the “Yes”
CHAPTER 9: The Power of Happiness
CHAPTER 10: The Quick Hacks to Success
CHAPTER 11: The Challenge
CHAPTER 12: It Has to Be a Heck Yes or a Hell No
CHAPTER 13: The Truest Form of Productivity and Why You Need to Master It
About Dean

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Praise for 
Millionaire SUCCESS Habits  “In this book there are amazing recipes 
to get the life you want faster, easier, and with less stress. 
Read it and live rich!”
— David Bach, nine-time New York Times best-selling author and financial expert
“In this incredibly inspiring book, Dean Graziosi gives us the key to greater
happiness, wealth, and freedom. A must-read.”

— Brendon Burchard, # 1 New York Times best-selling author and world’s leading high-performance
coach “Dean is a compassionate, experienced guide who wants you to win. This book is packed with heart, energy, and hard-won wisdom that will transform your life. A must-read for anyone who wants to take control of their life.”

— Marie Forleo, entrepreneur, author, philanthropist, and founder of MarieTV and B-School, inspiring
tens of millions to create a business and life they love “Dean Graziosi has the unique ability to take what others make so complicated and boil it down to a recipe for success that anyone can follow.”

— Larry King, award-winning television and radio host