How To Sell Your Way Through Life. Napoleon Hill

How To Sell Your Way Through Life. Napoleon Hill

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( Foreword by Ken Blanchard )

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 2010 by The Napoleon Hill Foundation 

LIKE millions of others, I am a big fan of Napoleon Hill’s timeless
classic, Think and Grow Rich. First published in 1937, it has the
distinction of being the best read self-help book of the twentieth century.
Not so well known is how Napoleon Hill earned his livelihood before he
wrote Think and Grow Rich. In How to Sell Your Way Through Life, Hill
explains how he spent many years perfecting his skills as a master salesman
and sales trainer. How to Sell Your Way Through Life was written in the
depths of the Great Depression. To write it, Hill drew upon contacts,
interviews, and the cooperation of the most successful men in the country,
including Andrew Carnegie, Henry Ford, Thomas Edison, and others.
The information in How to Sell Your Way Through Life is as relevant in
today’s economy as it was in a time very similar to ours. Hill could have
been writing about today when he said, ‘‘Business depressions do not
destroy the market for imagination; they merely increase the need and
extend the demand for imagination. The world stands in need of men who
will use their imagination.’’
From the psychology of negotiation and selling to an analysis of proven
methods, positive thinking, and the all-important Golden Rule, How to
Sell Your Way Through Life is an outstanding course in salesmanship. Invest
some time in reading these pages and you’ll understand why Napoleon Hill
stands as one of the most masterful business philosophers of our time.
—Ken Blanchard,
co-author of The One Minute Manager1
and The One Minute Entrepreneur

One of the Fine Things 
about This Book Is That "It Works''
TO write a book of theories on ‘‘how the other fellow should
succeed’’ is quite common. But for an author to definitely demonstrate
that his ideas will work, and that he personally can make them work, is
quite rare.
Hence, it is not for the purpose of boasting—but to give you confidence
that what you are about to read is practical, workable, proven
philosophy—when we mention the following. As you read this book, you
will feel as though the author was present in the pages. The lessons were not
just written; they were first lived, and then put into print.
The author has sold his way through life so successfully using the
philosophy and methods taught in this book, that he lives in a castle in
Florida, which is one of the famous showplaces of the entire South. From it
he commands not only a rare view of beautiful Lake Dora, but also of the
entire town of fashionable Mount Dora, in the ‘‘Golden Triangle.’’
He is the first to occupy this castle, upon which it is reported the builder
spent about $100,000. It is to be developed into a ‘‘model American
home.’’ It is here that 15 children are to be adopted who will be schooled
in these principles, so that they, too, may sell their way through life successfully
This visible evidence of opulence demonstrates in a definite way that the
author can not only prescribe the ‘‘medicine of success, but that he can
make it work for himself. In a personal letter to his publishers (not intended
for publication), he wrote:
‘‘There is one thing of which you can be sure. Mrs. Hill and I have
whipped life and actually made it pay in terms of complete and continuous
happiness. We have found ‘that something’ which brings peace of mind
and genuine joy in just living. I am astonished at not having discovered our
vast riches before this.
‘‘If I were only able to paint word pictures that truly represent the
fortune Mrs. Hill and I have captured, by applying the philosophy I am trying
to teach the American public, I believe you would not be able to produce
books fast enough to meet the demand.’’
And so, in this spirit, we pass on to you How to Sell Your Way Through Life.
—The Publishers

Table of Contents
FOREWORD Ken Blanchard xi
Part One The Principles of Practical Psychology Used in
Successful Negotiation 1
Chapter 1 Introduction 5
Chapter 2 You Need Intelligent Promotion to Succeed 12
Chapter 3 The Strategy of Master Salesmanship 27
Chapter 4 Qualities the Master Salesman Must Develop 38
Chapter 5 Autosuggestion, the First Step in Salesmanship 49
Chapter 6 The Master Mind 53
Chapter 7 Concentration 55
Chapter 8 Initiative and Leadership 62
Chapter 9 Qualifying the Prospective Buyer 68
Chapter 10 Neutralizing the Prospective Buyer’s Mind 74
Chapter 11 The Art of Closing a Sale 81
Part Two The Use of Salesmanship in Marketing
Personal Services 91
Chapter 12 Choosing Your Job 95
Chapter 13 Selecting a Definite Major Aim as Your
Life Work 101
Chapter 14 The Habit of Doing More than Paid for 104
Chapter 15 A Pleasing Personality 110
Chapter 16 Cooperation 118
Chapter 17 How to Create a Job 120
Chapter 18 How to Choose an Occupation 122
Chapter 19 How to Budget Your Time 130
Chapter 20 The Master Plan for Getting a Position 137
Part Three What You May Learn from Henry Ford 149
Chapter 21 Singleness of Purpose 153
Chapter 22 Persistence 157
Chapter 23 Faith 160
Chapter 24 Decision 165
Chapter 25 Sportsmanship 168
Chapter 26 Budgeting of Time and Expenditures 172
Chapter 27 Humility 174
Chapter 28 The Habit of Doing More than One Is Paid to Do 176
Chapter 29 Ford the Master Salesman 181
Chapter 30 Accumulation of Power 187
Chapter 31 Self-control 190
Chapter 32 Organized Effort 193
Chapter 33 Personal Initiative 196
Part Four A Rule for Winning Friends That Has Stood the
Test of More than 4,000 Years of Time 201
Chapter 34 ‘‘If I Were President!’’ 205
Chapter 35 The Golden Rule in Use 212
Chapter 36 Mental Attitude Must Be Right 218
Chapter 37 Some Personal Experiences 223
Chapter 38 The War between Employers and Employees 226
Chapter 39 The New World 232
Chapter 40 Rounding Out Your Success Qualities for Leadership 243

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The great Edison failed 10,000 times before he made the incandescent
electric light work. Do not become discouraged and quit if you
fail once or twice before making your plans work.