Failing Forward

Failing Forward

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John C. Maxwell

Turning Mistakes into Stepping Stones for Success

1. Success—Psychological aspects. 

2. Self-actualization—Case studies. 

3. Success in business—Case studies. 

4. Failure (Psychology)

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About the Author
John C. Maxwell is an internationally recognized leadership
expert, speaker, and author who has sold over 12 million books.
His organizations have trained more than one million leaders
worldwide. Dr. Maxwell is the founder of Injoy Stewardship
Services and EQUIP. Every year he speaks to Fortune 500
companies, international government leaders, and
organizations as diverse as the United States Military
Academy at West Point and the National Football League. A
New York Times, Wall Street Journal, and Business Week bestselling
author, Maxwell was one of 25 authors named to
Amazon.com's 10th Anniversary Hall of Fame. Two of his
books, The 21 Irrefutable Laws of Leadership and Developing
the Leader Within You, have each sold over a million copies.

Becoming a REAL Success
As I speak around the country, people often ask me why I write books.
I've been asked that question so many times that I want to
give you the answer before you begin reading the first chapter of Failing Forward,
I have dedicated my life to adding value to people. It's the
reason I teach conferences, record lessons on cassette, create
training videos, and write books. It's the reason I lead my
organization, The INJOY Group. I want to see people achieve. I
want to see each person I meet become a REAL success.
I believe that to succeed, a person needs only four things.
You can remember them by thinking of the word REAL.

Relationships: The greatest skill needed for success is the
ability to get along with other people. It impacts every aspect
of a persons life. Your relationships make you or they break you.
Equipping: One of the most significant lessons I've learned
is that those closest to you determine the level of your
success. If your dreams are great, you achieve them only with a team.
Attitude: People's attitudes determine how they approach
life day to day. Your attitude, more than your aptitude, will determine your altitude.
Leadership: Everything rises and falls on leadership. If you
desire to lift the lid on your personal effectiveness, the only
way to do it is to increase your leadership skills.

If you pick up any one of my books, you can be sure that it
seeks to add value in one of these four areas. I've written this
particular book to change your attitude about failure. Read it,
absorb it, and allow it to help you turn your mistakes into
stepping-stones for success. My desire is that Failing
Forward will add value to your life.

Table of Contents
Preface: Becoming a REAL Success
1. What's the Main Difference Between People
Who Achieve and People Who Are Average?
Mary Kay Ash put her life savings on the line to start her
business; then tragedy threatened to overcome her. Instead,
she overcame it and built a world-class business in the
process. The secret? She possessed the one quality that
separates achievers from average people.
Redefining Failure and Success
2. Get a New Definition of Failure and Success
What is failure? Truett Cathy knew from experience what it
was—and wasn't. That's why the little restaurant he founded
south of Atlanta, Georgia, has grown into a billion-dollar
3. If You've Failed, Are You a Failure?
Achievers possess seven qualities that keep them from
becoming failures. Erma Bombeck and Daniel Ruettiger
possessed them. Do you?
4. You're Too Old to Cry, but It Hurts Too Much to Laugh
The Wright Brothers should not have been the first to achieve
flight in an airplane. But the man destined to do it gave up
before he achieved his dream. What created the difference
between them?
5. Find the Exit Off the Failure Freeway
What's worse than being stuck in rush-hour traffic? Being
stuck on the failure freeway. If you want to succeed, you cant
be like Rosie Ruiz. You must learn to find the exit.
Do You Mind Changing Your Mind?
6. No Matter What Happens to You, Failure Is an Inside Job
Floodwaters engulfed his store, causing $1 million worth of
damage. Most people would have given up, but not Greg
Horn. Find out why.
7. Is the Past Holding Your Life Hostage?
What would you do if someone built a public monument to
your past failure? Arnold Palmer had that happen to him
when he was at the top of his game. See how he handled it.
8. Who Is This Person Making These Mistakes?
For thirty-Jive years, the greatest obstacle to John James
Audubon's success was John James Audubon. But when he
changed himself, his whole world changed with him.
9. Get Over Yourself—Everyone Else Has
What did a top psychiatrist suggest for preventing a nervous
breakdown? It's the same thing screenwriter Patrick Sheane
Duncan brought to life when he wrote Mr. Holland's Opus.
Embracing Failure As a Friend
10. Grasp the Positive Benefits of Negative Experiences
Did you know that you can turn adversity into advantage?
That's what an obscure boy did, and in the process he became
second in command of the most powerful nation on earth.
11. Take a Risk—There's No Other Way to Fail Forward
Most people judge whether to take a risk based on their fear
or the probability of their success. But not Millie. She
approached it the right way. Learn her secret of approaching
12. Make Failure Your Best Friend
Why in the world would Beck Weathers call positive an event
that cost him his nose, one arm, and the fingers on his
remaining hand? Because he understood how to make failure
his best friend.
Increasing Your Odds for Success
13. Avoid the Top Ten Reasons People Fail
Where do you start when it comes to increasing your odds for
success? With yourself of course. That's what Dan Reiland did
—and it changed his life.
14. The Little Difference Between Failure and Success Makes a
Big Difference
He's a household name. You've seen his picture on television.
You probably thought he was an actor, but he wasn't. You
know him because he embodied the little difference between
failure and success.
15. It's What You Do After You Get Back Up That Counts
People say that Lee Kuan Yew's name should be up there with
that of Churchill, Roosevelt, or Reagan. What has he done to
deserve such praise? He helped an entire country fail
forward! Learn how he did it.
16. Now You're Ready to Fail Forward
When he read his own story in print, Dave Anderson said it
was a wonder he never gave up. He's an ordinary guy who is
a millionaire today—because he knows how to fail forward.
Here are his story and the steps you need to fail forward and
be successful.
About the Author

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Praise for Failing Forward
"Failure is the hallmark of success. Without failure there would
be no great successes. John Maxwell reveals the secrets for
turning everyday failures into the stepping-stones of
achievement. With this book, you'll never fear failure again!"
David W. Anderson
Founder and Chairman,
Famous Dave's of America, Inc.
"All of us have experienced professional or personal failures in
our lives. This book will encourage you to look at your failures
as stepping-stones rather than stop signs. It will help you face
your failures with faith and steer you away from dwelling on
the facts that caused your failure."
Anne Beiler
Founder, Auntie Anne's
Hand-Rolled Soft Pretzels "John Maxwell has once again
written an incredible book, Failing Forward, to help us
understand ourselves. Unfortunately, he paints all too clear a
picture of how all too often we view failure in the wrong way.
Through this book John encourages us to embrace failure and
see the value of it in our lives instead of avoiding it. Through
incredible stories and wonderful insight, John helps us to see
the importance of failure 2 we proceed on the journey of life.
Thanks for helping me see that no matter how difficult life is,
"The key to overcoming . . . doesn't lie in changing your
circumstances. It's in changing yourself." With all the
struggles I've faced in battling cancer and losing a career as a
major-league baseball pitcher, thanks for helping me realize the
value of Failing Forward."
Dave Dravecky
Author, Comeback
"One of the greatest attributes of Dr. John Maxwell's books is
that they challenge you to grow as a person and reach your
maximum potential. Failing Forward will inspire you to
overcome whatever obstacles you are facing personally and
professionally. After reading this book you will be highly
motivated to encourage others and add value to their lives."
Greg Horn
Owner, Payless Food Center,
Cynthiana, Kentucky
"Once again John Maxwell has hit a home run! Everything
about this book resonates with me because every defining
moment of my life has come as the result of adversity or failure.
God has used what I thought were setbacks to push me
forward in His plan for my life. John Maxwell is absolutely
right: 'Failure is a price we pay for success.'"
David Jeremiah
President, Turning Point
"In his warm and friendly style, John Maxwell teaches us that
our failures and adversities can and should be used to help us
Tail forward.'This should become your handbook on how to
make the most of your mistakes."
Barbara Johnson
Author, He's Gonna Toot,
and I'm Gonna Scoot "Failing Forward offers fifteen practical
steps to help you become the high achiever you were meant to
be. I highly endorse these principles and procedures."
Jack Kinder Jr.
Kinder Brothers International
"John Maxwell is a leader's leader who knows what it takes to
succeed. The fact that he's devoted an entire book to the topic
of failure is a testimony to how vital 'failing forward' is to both
success and leadership."
Peter Lowe
Success Strategist and CEO,
Peter Lowe International "I highly recommend Dr. John C.
Maxwell's new book, Failing Forward, to anyone, regardless
of their occupation. We all experience some form of failure, and
Dr. Maxwell shows us how to deal with failures and turn them
into successes. He also gives some real-life experiences of
successful people to demonstrate how they handled situations
by Tailing forward.' Great reading for anyone."
Dan Reeves
Head Coach, Atlanta Falcons
"I have long been a believer in the value of treasure hunting
trials. In Failing Forward, John Maxwell offers great insight
on how to learn and grow from past failures."
Gary Smalley
Author, Making Love Last Forever
"John Maxwell has written another classic on dealing with
important life issues. Failing Forward is his best book yet,
and that is saying a lot!"
Pat Williams
Co-Founder, Orlando Magic
"Really successful people fail many times. John Maxwell's
Failing Forward makes you realize what a regular part of life
failure is. He convinces you that you can overcome it, and in
the process teaches you how."
Zig Ziglar
Author, Over the Top