The Best Oral Sex Ever: His Guide to Going Down

The Best Oral Sex Ever: His Guide to Going Down

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Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD

1. Oral sex. 2. Sex instruction for men

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Open Up and Say “Ahhhh”
If you've cracked open this book, then your curiosity has
been piqued. Oral sex has a way of doing that, beckoning
lovers to come get a taste of this. Those who have
been there know it's the means to better, higher peaking.
Those who haven't been there and those who've
been disappointed by earlier attempts know its reputation
for inviting sexual release as nothing else can. They
hunger for their fill of the same. There's no doubt that
going down on her (and him) has taken center stage in
the quest for sexual fulfillment. Seems everyone wants
more than a mouthful, and who can blame them?

With oral sex a main mode of climax, including multiple
orgasms, for lovers, its role in and influence on a
sexual relationship is critical. With the perfect mix of
having the right person, in the right moment, with all of
the right moves, stellar oral sex can make for some of
the most memorable “sexperiences” around. And even
when circumstances are a little less than ideal, oral action
can still invite some of the hottest sexual exchanges
to be had — that's how powerful and pleasure-filled the
oral act is in and of itself!

No matter what your sexual exchange, becoming an
oral connoisseur is where it's at when it comes to reaching
new, literally jaw-dropping sexual heights. The challenge
for many, however, revolves around how to make
oral sex a fine dining experience for both giver and receiver.
While your aim is to make giving head the best
ever for her, this book is very much about how to make
your experience as the giver the best for you too. A
pleasure shared is a pleasure doubled, after all. Your
ability to not only deliver the most effective techniques
around, but to love what you're doing and to totally get
into the moment is critical to making her erotic experience
the ultimate-ever-had grade.

This book is intended for lovers looking for erotic
ideas, couples hoping to deal with their oral sex issues,
and individuals seeking to make oral sex on her more
palpable or more of a priority in their passion pursuits.
Meant for adults of all ages, it's for those of you who
need and want to know the information vital to realizing
yours — and her — maximum pleasure potential via
what is affectionately referred to as cunnilingus in anything
from textbooks to your sex Bible Cosmopolitan.

Plus, it answers all of those questions that lovers are too
afraid or embarrassed to ask, unless they work up the
nerve to email a sexologist, like myself, for advice. After
years of helping people as a sex educator and relationship
expert, I know well the trials and tribulations lovers
grapple with when it comes to oral sex. Those coming to
me for “confessional” have told me shamelessly or shyly
that they adore oral sex, they'd love more oral sex, and
that they'll never get enough of it. Talk about sexual appetites!
As with any sex act, oral sex mastery comes with time,
dedication, practice, and desire. This book sends you
well on your way, offering tips and techniques for your
oral pleasures, and strategies for barriers that stand in
your way. Upon reading The Best Oral Sex Ever: His
Guide to Going Down, you'll stand to come away with:
• A whole new level of “sexpertise” when it comes
to understanding one of her favorite sex acts, as
well as other forms of pleasuring • Realistic erotic expectations
• Better sex communications skills in letting your
needs, concerns, and questions be known
• The information and skills needed to take care of
your sexual health and hers while doing what you'll do best
• Tons of instruction for your erotic arsenal on
eroticizing oral sex and realizing orgasm, including
her potential for multiple orgasms
• Referrals you can turn to for more information
It can't be said enough: Going down on her can offer
lovers some of the greatest pleasures and most intimate
moments to be had as sexual beings. The experience of
launching her into an oral orgasmic orbit is practically
beyond words. So the confidence and power trip that
comes in knowing that you're an expert in giving oral is
like no other ego boost when it comes to your skills set.
By the end of this book, you'll be on top of your game,
including your abilities to help her feel more than a little sexually satisfied.

As you read through the following pages, it's important
to remember that sexual preferences are as numerous
as there are people. How to make oral sex an art
form for a particular sexual partner needs to be explored
and specially tailored to her wants and likes. Some
things may work after one or many tries, while some
things may not, while other things may work at another
stage in the relationship.

So be sure to approach oral sex just as you would any
other meal experience. Try a new venue; sample a different
dish; ask that your portion be served up with a twist;
add some spices. Then talk about how much you're savoring
this carnal cuisine, before sitting back and enjoying
all the exquisite eroticism to be had with the tip of
the tongue, and then some, for years to come.

Speaking of which, if you're in your current relationship
for the long haul, you may want to come back to
this book more than once, especially in light of how we
all evolve as lovers in our pleasures, reactions, and abilities.
How to keep oral intimacy original, red hot, and
Eros-inducing needs to be revisited from time to time in
keeping the passion alive, with the sweet bit being that it can!

No matter what your quest, it is my hope that this
book will make your endeavors all the easier, helping
you to see oral sex in a whole new, healthy light. In guiding
your “sexplorations” and in giving you all of the information
you need, in my sex expert opinion, you'll
soon be delivering oral like a sex pro.

Table of Contents
INTRODUCTION: Open Up and Say “Ahhh”
CHAPTER 1: Our Intrigue with Oral Sex
CHAPTER 2: Sexual Anatomy: Passion-Inducing
CHAPTER 3: Naked Twister Gets Naughty:
Positions for Oral Sex
CHAPTER 4: Foreplay for Oral Sex
CHAPTER 5: Techniques for Oral Sex
CHAPTER 6: It's Playtime! Sensual
CHAPTER 7: Sacred Oral Sex Approaches
CHAPTER 8: Owning Your Pleasures: Assessing
Any Issues
CHAPTER 9: Genital Perceptions: Attending to
the Senses
CHAPTER 10: Opening Your Mouth for Oral
the Other Way: Sex Communication
CHAPTER 11: Maximizing Your Orgasmic
Conclusion: Make Sure You Get Some Too!
APPENDIX A. Glossary
APPENDIX B. Resources

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Thanks to Victoria Sandbrook and Katrina Schroeder,
and everyone else on the Adams Media team, for their
guidance and feedback. It's always a pleasure to write
books for you guys!

My deepest thanks to my amazing family and friends
for their never-ending support and encouragement in all
that I do: Charles G. Fulbright, Ósk Lárusdóttir Fulbright,
Xavier Þór Fulbright, Lauren Fulbright, Rick
Barth, Solveig Bergh, Lymaraina D'Souza, Sean Duffy,
Tiffany J. Franklin, Bianca A. Grimaldi, Cheri Heathscott,
Marci Hunn, Jennifer Kilgus, and Ásgeir Sigfússon
— plus everyone at home in Iceland! It has been a
breathtaking year of travel, opportunity, growth, and
change — and I couldn't have done it without you. xoxo