The Best Oral Sex Ever: Her Guide to Going Down

The Best Oral Sex Ever: Her Guide to Going Down

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Yvonne K. Fulbright, PhD

1. Oral sex. 2. Sex instruction for women.

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Open Up and Say “Ahhhh…”

If you've cracked open this book, your curiosity has been
piqued. Oral sex has a way of doing that, beckoning lovers
to come get a taste. Those who have been there know
it's the means to better, more fulfilling orgasms. Those
who haven't gone down under — or those who have been
disappointed by earlier experiences — at least know its
reputation for inviting sexual release in a way that nothing
else can. There's no doubt that going down on your
partner has taken center stage in the quest for sexual
fulfillment. It seems like everyone wants more than a
mouthful, and who can blame them?

Becoming an oral connoisseur is where it's at when it
comes to reaching new, jaw-dropping sexual heights.
However, while your aim is to give him the best head
ever, this book is very much about how to make the experience
of giver the best for you too. After all, a pleasure
shared is a pleasure doubled, and your ability to not
only deliver the most effective techniques around, but
love what you're doing, while you're doing it, is critical
to both your and your partner's erotic experience.

intended for lovers looking for erotic ideas, couples hoping
to deal with their oral sex issues, and women seeking
to make oral sex more palpable or more of a priority in
their passion pursuits. It will answer all of those questions
that you're too afraid or too embarrassed to ask. As
with any sex act, oral sex mastery comes with time, dedication,
practice, and desire and, as a sex educator and
relationship expert, I know well the trials and tribulations
that lovers grapple with when it comes to fellatio.

Fortunately, this book will send you well on your way,
offering oral sex tips and techniques, and strategies to
help you overcome any barriers, as well as:
• A whole new level of “sexpertise.”
• Realistic erotic expectations.
• How to communicate your needs, concerns, and
questions to your partner.
• The information and skills needed to take care of
both your and your partner's sexual health while
doing what you'll learn to do best.
• Tons of instruction on how to eroticize oral sex
and how to get both you and your partner off.
• Information on his potential for multiple orgasms.
• Referrals you can turn to for more information.
I can't say it enough — going down on your guy can
offer some of the greatest pleasures and most intimate
moments that you'll ever experience. The confidence
and power trip that comes with knowing that you're an
expert at giving head is an ego boost like no other. By
the end of this book, you'll be on top of your game, feeling
great about your ability to help him feel more than a
little sexually satisfied.

As you read through the following pages, it's important
to remember that sexual preferences are as numerous
as there are people. How to make oral sex an art
form for your sexual partner needs to be explored and
you'll need to specially tailor your skills to his wants and
likes. Some things may work after one or many tries;
others may not. Some techniques may work at another
stage in your relationship — or with a totally different
guy. If you're in your current relationship for the longhaul,
you'll want to come back to this book more than
once to keep your oral intimacy original and red hot.
After all, we all evolve as lovers in our pleasures, reactions, and abilities.

But, no matter your experience, this book will help
you to see oral sex in a whole new, healthy, exciting
light. Trust me, you'll soon be delivering like an oral sex pro.

Table of Contents

INTRODUCTION: Open Up and Say “Ahhh …”

CHAPTER 1: Our Intrigue with Oral Sex
CHAPTER 2: Sexual Anatomy: Passion-Inducing Parts
CHAPTER 3: Naked Twister Gets Naughty: Positions for Oral Sex
CHAPTER 4: Foreplay for Oral Sex
CHAPTER 5: Techniques for Oral Sex Aficionados
CHAPTER 6: It's Playtime! Sensual Enhancements
CHAPTER 7: Sacred Oral Sex Approaches
CHAPTER 8: Owning Your Pleasures: Assessing Any Issues
CHAPTER 9: Genital Perceptions: Attending to the Senses
CHAPTER 10: Opening Your Mouth for Oral the Other Way: Sex Communication
CHAPTER 11: Maximizing Your Orgasmic Potential

Conclusion: Make Sure You Get Some Too!
APPENDIX A. Glossary
APPENDIX B. Resources

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Make Sure You Get Some Too!

Everybody has their own preferences when it comes to
being giver or receiver and a major motive in giving for
both sexes is the expectation that their partner will “return
the favor.” This expectation plays heavily in a
person's willingness to go south of the border. Typically,
women report feeling obliged to give head to partners
after men go down on them. A woman's main motive to
give head is to please her partner, but many women adore
giving as much as they love to receive in return.