The Art of Digital Marketing

The Art of Digital Marketing

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The Definitive Guide to Creating Strategic, Targeted and Measurable Online Campaigns

Ian Dodson

Internet marketing. | Strategic planning. | 

BISAC: BUSINESS & ECONOMICS / Marketing / General.

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 Digital Marketing Institute Ltd 

About the Author
Ian Dodson is Co-founder and Director of the Digital Marketing Institute. The Institute has defined a
set of qualifications for the digital marketing industry that are now the most widely taught global
certifications, available in over 70 countries worldwide.
Ian chairs the Digital Standards Authority, which consists of representatives from major digital
companies and agencies, who contribute to and validate the DMI framework of qualifications. These
qualifications act as an educational and professional pathway for students, educators, and employers.
Passionate about student-centric outcomes and an advocate of education and digital literacy, Ian
believes digital technologies are enabling tools for raising economic and social standards globally.

About The Digital Marketing Institute
The Digital Marketing Institute is the global standard in digital marketing education certification. To
date over 10,000 people in five continents have graduated with a DMI qualification—making it the
most widely taught digital marketing qualification in the world. We have trained more graduates to a
single digital marketing standard than any other certification body. 
The Digital Marketing Institute
works with global digital experts and leaders to define the skills and qualifications required by
today's digital marketing professionals, 
certifying graduates at diploma, postgraduate, and masters levels.

Eighty percent of our postgraduate students now work in digital. That might have something to do
with the fact that our courses are taught by leading, expert practitioners currently working in the
digital marketing field. Your learning will be shaped by their practical experiences and case studies,
so you'll benefit from real industry advice and tips about best practices.
Gain Up-to-Date Industry Knowledge
Our specialist product team works closely with leading industry subject matter experts to craft,
review, and update your course material on a continual basis. Their job is to ensure you gain the upto-
date knowledge needed to thrive in a rapidly growing and ever-changing industry. That's why they
work hard to keep your syllabus content fresh, structured, and brand new.
Benefit from Flexible Study Options
Your course content is available anytime, from anywhere in the world. Whether you are studying at
home or on a tablet on your way to work, you can enjoy 24-hour access to prerecorded lectures,
notes, practical exercises, webinars, and a supportive class network. Never fear missing a class again.
Enjoy an Industry-Validated Syllabus
It's our mission to ensure that you learn the most up-to-date, valuable, and sought-after industry skills.
That's why we bring together the world's leading digital brands and agencies to review and approve
your syllabus content. We work with companies such as Facebook, Twitter, and Google to define a
syllabus that will enhance or kick start your digital career.
Earn an Internationally Recognized Accreditation
Upon completion you'll receive an academically accredited and globally recognized qualification.
Course content is set against the examination, meaning every student, wherever you are, is certified to
the same standard.

Table of Contents
Title Page
Chapter 1: An Introduction to Digital Marketing
What Makes This Book Different?
Start with the Customer and Work Backward
What Are the 3i Principles?
Chapter 2: Search Engine Optimization
An Introduction
Search Engine Result Pages: Positioning
Search Behavior
Stage 1: Goals
Stage 2: On-Page Optimization
Stage 3: Off-Page Optimization
Stage 4: Analyze
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 3: Pay Per Click
An Introduction
Stage 1: Goals
Stage 2: Setup
Stage 3: Manage
Stage 4: Analyze
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 4: Digital Display Advertising
An Introduction
Display Advertising: An Industry Overview
Stage 1: Define
Stage 2: Format
Stage 3: Configure
Stage 4: Analyze
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 5: Email Marketing
An Introduction
Stage 1: Data—Email Marketing Process
Stage 2: Design and Content
Stage 3: Delivery
Stage 4: Discovery
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 6: Social Media Marketing (Part 1)
An Introduction
Stage 1: Goals
Stage 2: Channels
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 7: Social Media Marketing (Part 2)
An Introduction
Stage 3: Implementation
Stage 4: Analyze
Laws and Guidelines
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 8: Mobile Marketing
An Introduction
Stage 1: Opportunity
Stage 2: Optimize
Stage 3: Advertise
Stage 4: Analyze
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 9: Analytics
An Introduction
Stage 1: Goals
Stage 2: Setup
Stage 3: Monitor
Stage 4: Analyze
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Chapter 10: Strategy and Planning
An Introduction
Stage 1: Approach
Stage 2: Audience
Stage 3: Activities
Stage 4: Analysis
So, What Have You Learned in This Chapter?
Additional Resources
About the Digital Marketing Institute
About the Author
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At the first-ever lecture given by the DMI in Dublin, Ireland in January 2009, a single phrase was
displayed in large text. It was an attempt to explain the transformation that digital has wrought in our
lives. That phrase was “Start with the customer and work backwards.”
This has been the fundamental change that has directly impacted both people and businesses during
the digital revolution. And the implication of this change is just as important now as it was at when
this revolution began. This change has resulted in the need for a new breed of professionals—people
who recognize the power of the individual and who understand and appreciate how digital works and
how to work with it to implement marketing strategies centered on the customer.
The objective of this book has been to enlighten you about the core concepts of digital marketing, to
provide inspiration, and to provoke you to take those concepts and alchemize them into practical
application. You should feel empowered by the practical skills gained through the exercises, action
plans, and additional resources; and you should feel ready to apply these skills to produce
measureable results.
In recent years we have seen a steady decline in consumers' trust in companies, which has been driven
by a lack of contact, an inability to “talk to someone,” and an emphasis on process over people. There
is a gap in the market—and you are now equipped to fill it. You have the knowledge and skills to
bridge the gap between customer and company. Customers desperately want to be listened to, and we
can do it efficiently, comprehensively, and precisely through the digital channels you have
encountered in the last 10 chapters. As a digital marketing virtuoso, you can talk to your customers
via their cell phones, excite their imagination with digital display masterpieces, delve into their
psyches through SEO research, and intrigue them with email marketing that speaks to their own
particular interests.
The road to a customer's heart has never been so smooth. But as we know, hearts change. This
fluctuation is integral to human nature and we must embrace this fact and use it to our advantage—by
analyzing the market and constantly adapting to the dynamic nature of the customer. Change is at the
core of digital marketing, and undoubtedly one of the most challenging things about digital
marketing is the rate at which tools and platforms adapt. However, with every change comes even
more possibility, and while digital can be one of the most challenging industries to work in, it is also
one of the most exciting. We must embrace this reality and seize every opportunity to be industry
leaders, innovators—and active and informed consumers ourselves.
Of course the new world of digital marketing and the empowered consumer can be intimidating. But
like many things in life, it's all about perspective. Every day we witness consumers on social media
eviscerate a company for shoddy products—but if we use this communication to our advantage by
being responsive through social media or even by predicting consumer attitudes through market
reality insights, we can be the answer to the detached corporations that consumers know and hate.
People constantly ask, “What will the next big thing in digital be?” There are so many possibilities—
it could be an app, a technology, a platform, or a service. But the one thing we know for sure is that it
will be characterized by an increase in consumer clout. Because that's what's important to us. We have
it now. And we are not going to give it up.