Search Engine Optimization Secrets

Search Engine Optimization Secrets

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Do what you never  thought possible with SEO

Danny Dover

with Insights from Erick Dafforn

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About the Authors
Danny Dover is a passionate SEO and influential writer. During his tenure
at SEOmoz.org (where he was the Lead SEO), he did SEO consulting for
many of the world’s most popular companies including Facebook,
Microsoft, and Comcast. His expertise has been cited in Time, PCWorld,
Smashing Magazine, and the Seattle Post-Intelligencer and has been
translated into Japanese, French, Spanish, Italian, Chinese, German, and Hungarian.
Danny has spoken at numerous SEO conferences (spanning three
continents) and his written posts and articles have been read over a million
times and accessed online in more than 175 different countries.

Erik Dafforn is Executive Vice President and Director of Organic SEO for
Intrapromote, LLC, a Cleveland-based Search and Social Marketing firm.
At Intrapromote’s blog and ClickZ.com, he’s written over 200 articles on
SEO strategy and techniques, many of which focus on architecture’s
effects on the crawling and indexing processes. Erik lives in Indianapolis
with his wife and three children.

About the Technical Editor
Tim Buck worked for 15 years as IT Manager for a small software
development company. Being the sole source of IT support there, he was
responsible for server management, desktop support, web development,
and software testing, and he wore many other hats as well. As a result, he
learned a little about everything, including the basics of getting his
company’s website listed in Google’s search engine results.
Now Tim works as a web application developer in state government; in
this role, he continues to learn a little about everything, supporting legacy
applications as well as developing new ones.

Read This First
Why would someone like myself want to publish my SEO secrets for the
world to read? Doesn’t this destroy my competitive advantage? Won’t I
surely go broke and starve on the street? Won’t my friends mock me and
my family disown me?
For two reasons, the answer is probably not.
The first reason is the size of the market. The Internet is incredibly
large and growing at an astounding rate. The market for SEO is
following a similar path. There is absolutely no way I could work for all
of the websites that need SEO consulting. As such, I am happy to
pass the work on to others and teach them how to succeed. It is no
money out of my pocket, and it makes me feel like I am contributing
to a greater good. I learned most of what I know about SEO from
others and, as such, feel obligated to spread the knowledge.
The second reason has to do with SEOmoz, the company I used to
work for. SEOmoz provides tools to help SEOs do their jobs. As
such, it is to my advantage to promote and train other SEOs. Just
like Google benefits from getting more people online, I benefit from
teaching others how to do SEO. You may choose to use SEOmoz’s
competitors’ services or you may not. That is completely up to you,
and I will do my best to show you all the available options.

Why This Book Is Better Than Other SEO Books
Modern SEO is complicated, fast moving, and rife with misconceptions.
This makes it extremely difficult to learn. When I began researching for this
book, I read all of the major SEO books that were available. I quickly found
that they were full of theory and lacked actionable steps to really help the
reader master the subject.
I wrote this book with the goal of building the bridge between theory and
action by bringing together all of the best sources of information I have
found and putting them in a format that makes it easy to understand and,
more importantly, do SEO like a professional. This emphasis on action
follows the steps I originally used to learn SEO. I believe this focus on
process followed by explanation is unique among SEO books on the
market, and I believe it will make the difference that allows you to out rank
your competition.

How I Learned the Secrets Shared in This Book
The brutal truth is that I do not work at Google or Microsoft and I have never
read a single line of code that powers the search engine algorithms.
Surprisingly, as an SEO professional, I am not unique.
So what gives me the authority to write a book about SEO? The answer
is simple. I get results. I have dedicated years of my life to studying the
search engines and have learned how to influence search engine result
pages. I use my skills almost every day to help people improve their
rankings and drive traffic to their sites. To me, there is no better feeling
than helping people achieve their online dreams.
This book is the next step for me. Instead of helping others in a one-toone
fashion, this book will enable me to help others in a one-to-many
fashion. That is where you come in. My hope is that after reading this book,
you will choose to use your skills to help others (but be sure to look out for
yourself first). Either way I support you.

Table of Contents
Title Page
About the Authors
About the Technical Editor
Read This First
Who This Book Is For
Why This Book Is Better Than Other SEO
How I Learned the Secrets Shared in This
WebSite Supporting the Book
Features and Icons Used in This Book
Chapter 1: Understanding Search Engine
The Secrets of Popularity
The Secrets of Relevancy
Chapter 2: Relearning How You See the Web
The 1,000-Foot View—Understanding the
The 100-Foot View—The Website
The 10-Foot View—The Webpage
The 1-Foot View—Individual Content Pieces
Chapter 3: Picking the Right SEO Tools
View Source
Useful Search Engine Queries
Search Engine–Provided Tools
Google Webmaster Tools
Relevancy Determining Tools
SEO Toolbars
HTTP Header Analyzer
Firefox User Agent Switcher
Firefox Rendering Modifier
Chapter 4: Finding SEO Problems
The 15-Minute SEO Audit
The 5-Minute Brand Reputation Audit
Identifying Search Engine Penalties
Chapter 5: Solving SEO Problems
First Things First
Fixing Popularity Problems
Fixing Relevancy Problems
Fixing Penalties
Link Building Techniques
Chapter 6: SEO Best Practices
Page-Level Information Hierarchy
Domain-Level Information Hierarchy
Title Tag
Meta Description
HTML Headings (H1 – H6)
Rel Canonical Link Element
Meta Keywords
JavaScript and Flash
301 Redirects
Blocking Pages from Search Engines
Traffic and Rankings
Parameter-Driven URLs
Footer Links
Chapter 7: The SEO Consulting Process
Answering Hard Questions from Clients
Preparing for the First Meeting
Paperwork: Setting Expectations
Establishing Price Points
What to Give Away for Free
Subsequent Meetings
Chapter 8: Comprehensive Site Audit
(Informational Website)
How to Read This Chapter
Sample Website
Sample Report
After Completing the Report
Chapter 9: Comprehensive Site Audit (ECommerce
How to Read This Chapter
Sample Website
Sample Report
Chapter 10: Understanding the SEO Industry
A Brief History of SEO
Who Are Internet Marketers and Where Can I
Find Them?
The SEO Pyramid and Wearing Multiple Hats
SEO Leaders
The People and Technology behind Google
and Bing
Long-Term Perspective in SEO
Chapter 11: Search Engine Verticals
Universal Search
Local Search
Image Search
Video Search
Instant Search
Chapter 12: Optimizing for Alternative Search
Chapter 13: Test, Test, Test
Setting Up a Testing Platform
Running a Test
Recording Results
The Importance of Sharing Knowledge
Chapter 14: SEO Resources
SEO Cheat Sheet Part 1: On-Page
SEO Cheat Sheet Part 2: Canonicalization
SEO Cheat Sheet Part 3: Meta Robots and
SEO Cheat Sheet Part 4: Sitemaps
SEO Cheat Sheet Part 5: User Agents
Switching Domains Checklist
SEO Quick Hit List
Appendix: Attending SEO Conferences
Picking the Right Conference
What to Expect
Preparing to Go
What to Bring
What to Do
After the Conference

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Who This Book Is For
This book is for the SEO who already knows the basics of SEO and wants
to take this knowledge to the next level so that they can make more money.
In the SEO industry, the best way I have found to do this is to do SEO consulting.
This book is written as a guide to becoming an SEO consultant or for
those who want to use the strategies of professional SEO consultants. It
clearly lays out the processes and perspectives I have used at SEOmoz
when I did consulting for some of the most well-known websites on the
Internet. It is intended for those who love the Internet and strive to influence
how it operates.