Python AND XML

Python AND XML

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Table of Contents
Conventions Used in This Book
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1. Python and XML
1.1 Key Advantages of XML
1.2 The XML Specifications
1.3 The Power of Python and XML
1.4 What Can We Do with It?
2. XML Fundamentals
2.1 XML Structure in a Nutshell
2.2 Document Types and Schemas
2.3 Types of Conformance
2.4 Physical Structures
2.5 Constructing XML Documents
2.6 Document Type Definitions
2.7 Canonical XML
2.8 Going Beyond the XML Specification
3. The Simple API for XML
3.1 The Birth of SAX
3.2 Understanding SAX
3.3 Reading an Article
3.4 Searching File Information
3.5 Building an Image Index
3.6 Converting XML to HTML
3.7 Advanced Parser Factory Usage
3.8 Native Parser Interfaces
4. The Document Object Model
4.1 The DOM Specifications
4.2 Understanding the DOM
4.3 Python DOM Offerings
4.4 Retrieving Information
4.5 Changing Documents
4.6 Building a Web Application
4.7 Going Beyond SAX and DOM
5. Querying XML with XPath
5.1 XPath at a Glance
5.2 Where Is XPath Used?
5.3 Location Paths
5.4 XPath Arithmetic Operators
5.5 XPath Functions
5.6 Compiling XPath Expressions
IT-SC book
6. Transforming XML with XSLT
6.1 The XSLT Specification
6.2 XSLT Processors
6.3 Defining Stylesheets
6.4 Using XSLT from the Command Line
6.5 XSLT Elements
6.6 A More Complex Example
6.7 Embedding XSLT Transformations in Python
6.8 Choosing a Technique
7. XML Validation and Dialects
7.1 Working with DTDs
7.2 Validation at Runtime
7.3 The BillSummary Example
7.4 Dialects, Frameworks, and Workflow
7.5 What Does ebXML Offer?
8. Python Internet APIs
8.1 Connecting Web Sites
8.2 Working with URLs
8.3 Opening URLs
8.4 Connecting with HTTP
8.5 Using the Server Classes
9. Python, Web Services, and SOAP
9.1 Python Web Services Support
9.2 The Emerging SOAP Standard
9.3 Python SOAP Options
9.4 Example SOAP Server and Client
9.5 What About XML-RPC?
10. Python and Distributed Systems Design
10.1 Sample Application and Flow Analysis
10.2 Understanding the Scope
10.3 Building the Database
10.4 Building the Profiles Access Class
10.5 Creating an XML Data Store
10.6 The XML Switch
10.7 Running the XML Switch
10.8 A Web Application
A. Installing Python and XML Tools
A.1 Installing Python
A.2 Installing PyXML
A.3 Installing 4Suite
B. XML Definitions
B.1 XML Definitions
C. Python SAX API
D. Python DOM API
D.1 4DOM Extensions
IT-SC book
E. Working with MSXML3.0
E.1 Setting Up MSXML3.0
E.2 Basic DOM Operations
E.3 MSXML3.0 Support for XSLT
E.4 Handling Parsing Errors
E.5 MSXML3.0 Reference
F. Additional Python XML Tools
F.1 Pyxie
F.2 Python XML Tools
F.3 XML Schema Validator
F.4 Sab-pyth
F.5 Redfoot
F.6 XML Components for Zope
F.7 Online Resources

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