Proven Methods For: Successful Search Engine Marketing

Proven Methods For: Successful Search Engine Marketing

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How to:

Get and maintain top 10 rankings on Google, Yahoo, Bing and other major search engines.

Get more visitors, more customers and more sales.

Outperform your competitors.

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Welcome to iBusinessPromoter (IBP)
iBusinessPromoter (IBP) is a proven website promotion tool that will help you to get
high search engine rankings, more customers and more sales.
IBP offers everything you need to get top 10 search engine rankings on major
search engine such as Google and Bing/Yahoo. We regularly update IBP to
make sure that it is fully compatible with Google's latest ranking algorithm.
This manual helps you to work as efficiently as possible with IBP. If you want to get
the best results as quickly as possible, we recommend that you read this manual
before you start with IBP.
Otherwise, you might waste your time with things that are not necessary for your
website or you might do the right things in the wrong order.

Our no-worries ranking guarantee
If you use IBP as explained in this manual, you'll benefit from our No Worries
Ranking Guarantee:
We guarantee that your website will be listed in the top 10 results in the search
engine of your choice for a keyword of your choice within a maximum of 90
days after you get a 100% rating from IBP's Top 10 Optimizer.
If your website is not listed in the top 10 results although IBP's Top 10 Optimizer
gave your page at least a 95% score for all ranking factors, you'll get your money back.
· You decide that you want to have a top 10 ranking on Google.com for the keyword "
inexpensive mp3 player".
· Use IBP's Top 10 Optimizer to optimize a web page on your website for that
keyword and for Google.com.
· As soon as you have changed your web pages and links according to the suggestions
of IBP's Top 10 Optimizer (i. e. IBP's Top 10 Optimizer gives the page a 95% rating
(or more) and does not have any additional suggestions) it will take a maximum of
90 days until your website is listed in the top 10 results on Google for "inexpensive
mp3 player". If your website cannot be found in the top 10 results then, you'll get your money back.
This guarantee is valid for one full year after your purchase.
Simple rules: IBP's Top 10 Optimizer gives your web page a rating of 95% or higher
(using all ranking factors and the current top 10 URLs). You must use the latest IBP
version and you must wait at least 90 days to get a top 10 ranking because it takes
some time until search engines show the changes.

SAFE TIME: your step-by-step SEO plan
You will save a lot of time and money if you do the right things in the right order. To
get the best results, do the following things in the following orders:
1. Understand the concept of search engine optimization (SEO)
Read chapter "The basics " to get an idea of how search engine optimization can
help you to increase your sales.
It is important that you understand the basic concepts of search engine
optimization before you start. For example, a single spam element on your website
can destroy all of your other activities. This is important to know.
2. Choose your keywords carefully
Take some time to find the right keywords . This is very important. Many
webmasters think that they don't need to to this because they know for which
keywords they want to be ranked.
The most obvious keywords usually aren't the best keywords for search engine
optimization. It is not important that your website is listed for a popular keyword
that many people search for. It is important that your website has high rankings
for keywords that attract targeted visitors who will buy something on your website.
If you don't take the time to find the best keywords, you'll waste a lot of time and
money when optimizing your web pages.
3. Optimize your web pages
Optimize your web pages for your keywords . Some webmasters believe that it is
enough to submit a website to search engines to get high rankings. Nothing could
be further from the truth.
If you want to get high rankings on Google and other search engines, you must
optimize your web pages for your keywords. It is absolutely pointless to submit
unoptimized web pages.
4. Submit your website
Submit your website to search engines and Internet directories . Submit your
website to search engines, Internet directories and other submission sites after
optimizing your web pages.
5. Get good backlinks
All major search engines heavily rely on links. If more than one web page has been
optimized for a search term, the web page with the best backlinks will get the
highest ranking.
You can only get high rankings on Google if your website has both optimized web
pages and good backlinks. For that reason, it is very important to get good
backlinks to your website.
6. Check your results
When you have done all of the above, you can use IBP's ranking checker to find out
how search engines rank your website. Note that it is not important that your
website has high rankings for all possible keywords. Your website must have high
rankings for the right keywords that lead to sales.
It is not important to get high rankings for a popular keyword if no visitor who
finds your website through that keyword will buy something on your site. Search
engine optimization is about getting more sales. For that reason, it is important
that you focus on targeted skeywords that convert to sales.
If you optimize your website by following the order above, you will get the best
possible results for your website.

Table of Contents
Welcome to iBusinessPromoter (IBP) 6
Our no-worries ranking guarantee 7
SAFE TIME: your step-by-step SEO plan 8
The basics 10
Why do high se.a..r..c.h... .e.n...g.i..n..e.. .r.a..n..k..i.n..g..s.. .i.n..c..r.e..a..s..e.. .y.o..u...r. .s..a.l..e.s..?
Why do you ha.v..e.. .t.o.. .o..p..t.i.m....i.z..e. .y..o..u..r.. .w..e..b.. .p..a..g..e..s..?
How do search. .e..n..g..i.n..e..s.. r..a..n..k.. .w...e..b.. .p..a..g..e.s..?
SAFE TIME: a .s..i.n..g..l.e.. .s..p..a..m... .e..l.e.m....e..n..t. .c..a..n.. .d..e..s.t..r.o..y...e..v..e.r..y..t.h..i.n...g
Black-hat and w...h..i.t..e.-..h..a..t. .S..E...O
Find the best keywords 18
Why keywords. .a..r.e.. .t.h..e.. .m...o..s..t. .i.m....p..o..r.t..a..n..t. .p..a..r..t. .o..f. .S..E..O
Choose the rig.h..t. .k..e..y..w...o..r.d.. .t..y.p...e. .t..o.. g..e..t. .m....o..r.e.. .c..o..n..v..e..r.s..i.o..n..s
Keywords for browsing 
Keywords for comparin.g
Keywords for buying
The best keywords for s.e..a..r..c.h... e..n..g..i.n...e. .o..p...t.i.m...i.z..a..t.i.o..n
Keyword resea.r..c.h... w...i.t..h.. .I.B...P..'.s. .k..e..y..w...o..r.d.. .t..o..o..l.s
Quick overwiew
How to find keywords w..i.t..h.. .I.B...P..'.s. .k..e..y..w...o..r.d.. .t..o..o..l
How to get keywords fr.o..m... .y..o..u..r.. .c.o..m....p..e..t.i.t.o..r..s
How to create long tail .k..e..y.w...o..r..d.. .c..o..m...b..i.n..a..t.i..o..n..s
Powerful keyword tools. .(..m...i.s..s.p...e.l.l..i.n..g..s.,. .c..o..m...b..i..n..a..t.i.o..n..s.. .a..n..d.. .m...u..c..h.. .m....o..r.e..)
What are ad groups and.. .w...h..a..t. .i.s.. .t.h..e.. .a..d.. .g..r.o..u...p.. .f.o..c..u..s. .s..c..o..r.e..?
How to create keywords.. .f.o..r. .G...o..o..g..l.e.. .A..d...W...o..r..d..s
SAFE TIME: w..h..a..t. .c..a..n.. .h..a..p..p..e..n.. .i.f. .y..o..u.. .d..o..n...'t.. .d..o.. .t.h..i.s
Keyword check..l.i.s..t
Optimize your web pages 45
Quick overview
How to optimi.z.e.. .y..o..u..r.. w...e..b.. .p..a..g..e..s. .w...i.t..h.. .I.B...P..'.s. .T..o..p... .1.0.. .O...p..t..i.m...i.z..e..r
How IBP's Top 10 Optim...i..z.e..r.. w...o..r..k..s
Edit your web .p..a..g..e..s. .w...i.t.h.. .I..B..P...'s.. .S..t.a..t.i..c. .W....e..b.. .P..a..g..e.. E...d..i.t.o..r.
How to get hig.h.. .r..a..n..k..i.n..g..s.. f..o..r. .l.o..c..a..l. .k..e..y..w..o..r..d..s.
SAFE TIME: fa..c..t.o..r..s. .t..h..a..t. .c..a..n.. .s.a..b..o..t..a..g.e.. .y..o..u..r.
Do errors in your HTML... c..o..d..e.. .k..e..e..p.. .s.e..a..r..c.h.. .e..n..g..i.n...e. .s..p..i.d..e..r..s. .a..w...a..y..?
Check the status code th...a.t.. .y..o..u..r. .s..e..r.v..e..r. .s..e..n..d..s.. .t.o.. .s.e..a..r..c.h... e..n...g.i..n..e..s.
13 things that you can d..o.. w...h..e..n.. .y..o..u..r.. .w...e.b..s..i.t..e. .i.s.. .n..o..t. .l.i.s..t.e..d
SAFE TIME: w.h..a..t. .c..a..n.. .h..a..p..p..e..n.. .i.f.. .y.o..u... .d..o..n..'.t. .d..o.. .t.h...i.s. .c..o..r.r..e..c.t..l.y..?
Optimization C..h..e..c..k..l.i.s.t
Submit your website 73
Why you shoul.d.. .s..u..b..m....i.t. .y..o..u..r. .w...e..b..s..i.t.e
Quick overwiew
IBP's auto-sub.m...i.t..t.e..r
IBP's semi-aut.o..m...a..t.i..c. .s..u..b..m...i.t..t.e..r
Semi-automatically sub.m....i.t. .t.o.. .s..e..a..r.c..h.. .e..n..g..i.n..e..s
Semi-automatically sub.m...i..t. .t.o.. .s..u..b..m...i.s..s..i.o..n.. .s.i..t.e..s
How to create content
SAFE TIME: w..h..a..t. .c..a..n.. .h..a..p..p..e..n.. .i.f.. y..o..u.. .d...o..n..'.t. .d..o.. .t.h..i.s
Submission ch.e..c..k..l.i.s.t
Link building 86
The link buildi.n..g.. .b..a..s..i.c.s
How links influence the.. .s.u...c.c..e..s.s.. .o..f. .y..o..u..r.. .w..e..b..s..i.t.e
How backlinks influence the success of you..r. .w...e..b..s..i.t.e
How outbound links influence your search .e..n..g..i.n..e
High quality links and l.o..w... .q..u..a..l.i.t.y.. .l.i.n...k..s
High quality inbound links
Low quality inbound links
The effect of co-citation. .o..n... y..o..u..r.. .r.a..n...k..i.n..g..s
One-way links, reciproc..a..l. l..i.n..k..s.. a..n...d.. .t.h..r..e.e..-..w..a..y..-..l.i.n..k..s.
Build links wi.t.h.. .I..B..P..'.s.. .s.e..m....i.-.a..u..t.o..m....a..t.i.c.. .s.u..b..m....i.t.t.e..r
Build links wi.t..h.. .I.B...P..'.s. .l.i.n...k.. .m...a..n..a..g..e..r
Quick overwiew 
How to find websites t.h..a..t.. .c.o..u..l..d.. .l.i.n..k.. .t.o.. .y..o..u..r.. .s.i.t..e
Websites with link suggestion forms
Websites that link to your competitors
Websites that contain particular keywords
Find blogs that could link to you 
Websites that already link to your site
How to import links from other sources
How to select the right.. l.i..n..k.. .p..a..r.t..n..e..r.s
How to contact potent.i.a..l. .l.i.n..k.. .p..a..r..t.n..e..r..s
How to contact link partners with link sug.g..e..s.t.i..o..n.. .f.o..r.m....s
How to contact link partners that don't off.e..r. .a.. .f.o..r..m
How to edit your email accounts 
How to edit the email message templates
Why mass mailing doesn't work
SAFE TIME: how to improve your respons.e.. .r..a..t.e
SAFE TIME: what can happen if you don't. .d..o.. .t..h..i.s. .c..o..r..r.e..c..t.l.y..?
How to quickly create .s..e.a..r..c.h... .e.n...g..i.n..e.. .f.r.i.e..n..d...l.y. .l.i..n..k.. .p..a..g..e.
How to create link pages in your website d.e.s..i.g..n
How to upload your link pages to your serv..e..r
How to upload your updated link pages wi.t.h.. .a.. .s..i.n..g..l.e.. .k..e..y.s..t.r..o..k..e
Tip: how to create link pages that don't loo..k.. .l.i.k..e.. l.i..n..k.. .p..a..g..e.s
Tip: how to make your link pages more att.r..a..c.t..i.v.e
What can happen if you don't do this corre..c..t.l.y..?
How to manage your li.n..k.. .p..a..r..t.n..e..r..s. .w...i.t.h... .I.B..P...'.s. .l.i.n..k.. .m....a..n..a..g..e.r
How to work with the website list
How to categorize your link partners
How to edit the website information of a li.n..k.. .p..a..r.t..n..e..r
How to check if other websites still link to .y..o..u..r.. .s.i.t..e
Tips and trick.s
How to get an overview... .o..v..e..r. .t.h...e. .l.i.n...k..s. .t.o... y..o..u..r.. .s..i.t.e.. .(.l.i.n..k.. .t..e.x..t..s.,. .I..P.. .a..d..d..r..e.s..s..,. .e.t..c..)
What can you do with this list?
How to import backlinks that are not show..n.. .b..y.. .s..e.a..r..c..h.. .e.n...g..i.n..e..s
How to include a direc.t..o..r.y.. .o..f. .t..h..e.. d...i.r.e..c..t.o..r..y. .s..u..b..m....i.t.t.e..r.. i..n.. .y..o..u..r. .l.i.n...k.. .p..a..g.e..s
How to export your lin..k.. .p..a..g.e..s.. .a..s. .X...M...L... .f.i.l.e..s
Should you consider G..o..o..g..l.e.. .P..a..g..e..R...a..n..k..?
Link building. .c..h..e..c.k..l.i.s..t
SAFE TIME: .w...h..a..t. .c..a..n.. .h..a..p..p..e..n.. .i.f.. .y.o..u... d...o..n..'.t. .d..o.. .t.h..i..s. .c..o..r.r..e..c.t..l.y..?
Result checking 203
Quick overvie..w
How to check. .y..o..u..r.. .r.a..n..k..i..n..g..s. .w...i.t.h... I..B..P...'s.. .r..a.n...k..i.n..g.. .c.h...e.c..k..e..r
How to create.. a.. .r..a..n..k..i.n..g.. .r..e.p...o..r.t
What does "n.o.. .l.i.s.t..i.n..g.. .o..r. .n..o..t.. .t.e..s.t..e..d.. .t.o..d..a..y.. .y..e.t..". .m...e..a..n..?
How to edit th..e.. .r..a.n...k..i.n..g.. .r.e..p..o..r..t. .d..a..t.a
Tips and trick..s
Spy on your competitors 225
Additional IBP tools 227
IBP's Keywor.d.. .D...e..n..s..i.t.y.. .A..n...a..l.y..z.e..r
How to calcu.l.a.t..e.. .t.h..e.. .R..O...I.. .(.r.e..t..u..r.n...-.o..n..-..i.n..v..e..s.t.m....e..n..t.).. o..f.. .a.n... .a..d
Check the lin.k..s. .o..n.. .y..o..u..r.. .w...e.b..s..i.t.e
Working with projects 239
The Current P...r.o..j.e..c..t. .p..a..n..e..l
The Edit Proj.e.c..t. .w...i.n..d...o..w
How to custo.m...i.z..e.. .t.h..e.. .r.e..p..o..r..t.s
How to sched.u..l..e. .t..a.s..k..s
Tips for web agencies and SEO services 251
Manage your. c..l.i.e..n..t..s. .w...i.t.h.. .I..B..P
Create custom... .r.e..p..o..r..t.s.. f..o..r. .y..o..u..r.. .c.l.i..e.n...t.s
Remove all re..f.e..r.e..n..c..e..s. .t.o... I..B..P... .f.r.o..m.... .t.h..e.. .r.e..p..o..r..t.s
How to convert visitors into buyers 255
Accelerate yo.u..r.. w...e..b.. .p..a..g..e..s
Create trust 
Use the right. .w..o..r..d..s.. .t.o.. .i.n..c..r.e..a..s..e.. y..o..u..r.. .s..a.l.e..s
Optimize you.r.. .o..r.d..e..r.. .p..a..g.e..s
Tips and tricks 264
Google's sand..b..o..x.. .e.f..f.e..c.t
How to create.. .a.. .b..a..c.k..u..p
Contact information 268
System requirements 269
Version history 270
IBP version 12
Previous vers.i.o..n..s
End user license agreement (EULA) 333
Index 338

e-books shop

The basics
Before you start to optimize your web pages, you should know some things about
website promotion and search engine optimization.
In this chapter, you'll learn how search engine optimization will help you to get more
customers and more sales. You'll also learn which things you should avoid.