Experiential Marketing: Secrets, strategies, and success stories from the world's greatest brands

Experiential Marketing: Secrets, strategies, and success stories from the world's greatest brands

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Kerry Smith & Dan Hanover

Featuring Case Studies from Event Marketer Magazine

LCSH: Target marketing. | Branding (Marketing)

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 by Kerry Smith and Dan Hanover 

About the Authors
In 2002, Kerry Smith and Dan Hanover launched what would become
the largest portfolio of experiential marketing content in the world—a
global network that includes Event Marketer magazine, the Experiential
Marketing Summit, The Ex Awards and the Event Marketing Institute.
They are considered the world’s foremost experts on experiential
marketing—where it came from, how it’s grown, why companies are
using it, and what the future of the marketing mix looks like. They
have trained hundreds of marketing teams across six continents at such
companies as Procter & Gamble, Oracle, Mercedes, Cisco, Intel, Adidas,
BMW, Pepsi, IBM, General Electric, AT&T, Kraft, Microsoft, McDonald’s,
Dell, Anheuser‐Busch, 3M, Best Buy, Toyota, R.J. Reynolds, and many others.

Kerry Smith is a graduate of the S.I. Newhouse School of Public Communications
at Syracuse University. Mr. Smith learned about the evolution
of marketing from the inside out, first as an advertising agency
executive in New York City and then as a media entrepreneur who
launched a dozen marketing magazines and conferences over three
decades. His company, Red 7 Media, was named one of fastest‐growing
privately held publishing companies in the United States by Inc. magazine
in 2007 and 2008.
Dan Hanover is a graduate of the Harrington School of Communication
and Media at the University of Rhode Island. Mr. Hanover has
led award‐winning content teams at some of the most respected media
companies in the world. He is a recognized global authority on the
advertising industry, promotion category, retail sector, licensing arena,
entertainment category, and the experiential marketing industry. He is
the founding editor‐in‐chief of Event Marketer magazine.
Contact them at infinitypartnersglobal.com.

What you just read would not have been possible without the brands
that inspired us, the friends who never stopped asking when we’d write
a book, and the thousands of marketers who supported and encouraged
us over the last 15 years.
Many thanks to our literary agent Matt Davis and his team at Wiley
for their insight, enthusiasm, and acceptance of our dialing into conference
calls from such random places as The Canyons in Park City, the
Earl’s Court stop on London’s green line, Club Macanudo in New York
City, and the Chili’s by gate 34 at Tampa International Airport. Also to
Don Pazour and our colleagues at Access Intelligence for their assistance
and continued friendship (and employment), and to author Nick Tasler,
whose advice during a late‐night dash to the Lagos airport in Nigeria
literally put this book in motion.

Special gratitude goes to the past and present editors of Event Marketer
magazine—especially Jessica Heasley, Rachel Kirkpatrick,
Sandra O’Loughlin, and Kait Shea—for lending their voices and reporting
skills to the case studies included throughout the book.
And finally, while we often refer to the experiential marketing industry
as our family, a heartfelt thank you goes to our actual families who
stick with us, put up with us, and love us despite the travel, the deadlines,
and those continued trips to the Olympics, the Academy Awards,
and the Super Bowl that really aren’t as much fun as the photos make
them look—well, maybe they are. XOXOXOX.

Table of Contents

Before We Begin ix
Chapter 1 The Rise of the Experience 1
The Experience R/Evolution 3
Recalibrating the Marketing Mix 7
The New Branding Frontier 14
Reference 15
Chapter 2 The Psychology of Engagement 17
The Science Behind Relationships 19
Learning Drives Understanding 24
References 24
Chapter 3 Developing an Experiential Strategy 25
Connection 26
Control 34
Content 42
Currency 49
Conversion 55
Strategy First 62
Chapter 4 Anatomy of an Experiential Marketing
Campaign 63
Remarkable 63
Shareable 67
Memorable 73
Measurable 75
Relatable 77
Personal 81
Targetable 83
Connectable 85
Flexible 88
Engageable 91
Believable 95
Reference 98
Chapter 5 Digital Plus Live 99
Creating a Wired Experience 100
Connecting Online and Off 115
Chapter 6 Experience Design 117
Creating Living Stories 118
Building an Experience 120
Bringing Brands to Life 131
Chapter 7 Proving Performance and Measurement 133
Metrics That Matter 137
Building Your Performance Plan 141
The Power of Touch 144
Brands Making Headway 147
The Next Phase 149
Practice Measurement Discipline 150
References 153
Chapter 8 The 10 Habits of Highly Experiential
Brands 155
The DNA of Experiences 156
Embracing Experiential 171
Chapter 9 The Vocabulary of Experiences 173
New Marketing Features, Functions, and Terms 174
Chapter 10 Converting to an Experience Brand 187
Step 1. Identify Your Fronts 187
Step 2. Find and Align Partners 188
Step 3. Select the Right Agency 189
Step 4. Fix Your RFP Process 190
Step 5. Beef Up Your Internal Teams 193
Step 6. Create Value 193
Step 7. Improve Lower-Funnel Results 194
Reference 195
Acknowledgments 197
About the Authors 199
Index 201

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Before We Begin
Your latest marketing campaign cost more than the last, yet reached half as many people.
Your celebrity endorsement deal has yet to generate any measurable returns.
Your online marketing campaign yielded no significant web traffic
increase, and your brand’s social media engagements declined.
You’re being out‐marketed by competitors who are spending a fraction
of your budget, yet are capturing a larger share of the market.

What are you going to do?
Before you tell us, we’re going to ask that you forget everything you
know about marketing for a moment. Why you do it, how you were
taught to use it, and what it accomplishes.

And then ask yourself one question: Are you open to a new approach—
a way to break through the noise and connect with your target audience
wherever they are, engage them in a way that generates tangible relationships,
and convert them into customers?
If you are, then this book is for you.