Clairvoyance for Psychic Empowerment: The Art & Science of “Clear Seeing”

Clairvoyance for Psychic Empowerment: The Art & Science of “Clear Seeing”

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Past the Illusions of Space & Time & Self-Deception

by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke & Joe H. Slate, Ph.D.

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 2013 by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke 
 and Joe H. Slate, Ph.D.  

About the Authors
Joe H. Slate holds a Ph.D. from the University of Alabama, with post-doctoral studies at the
University of California. Dr. Slate was appointed Professor Emeritus in 1992, after having
served as Professor of Psychology, Head of the Division of Behavioral Sciences, and Director of
Institutional Effectiveness at Athens State University in Alabama. He is an Honorary Professor
at Montevallo University and former Adjunct Professor at Forest Institute of Professional
Psychology. Dr. Slate is a licensed psychologist and member of the American Psychological
Association. He is listed in the National Register of Health Service Psychologists.
As head of Athens State University Psychology Department and Director of Institutional
Effectiveness, he established the University’s parapsychology research laboratory and
introduced experimental parapsychology, biofeedback, hypnosis, and self-hypnosis into the
instructional and research programs. His research includes projects for the U.S. Army, the
Parapsychology Foundation of New York, and numerous private sources. He is founder of the
Parapsychology Research Institute and Foundation (PRIF), which has endowed a scholarship
program in perpetuity at Athens State University.
His official research topics have included: rejuvenation, health and fitness, the human aura,
psychotherapy, reincarnation, precognition, retro-cognition, telepathy, clairvoyance,
psychokinesis, objectology, numerology, astral projection, sand reading, crystal gazing,
dowsing, dreams, the wrinkled sheet, table tipping, discarnate interactions, psychic vampires,
hypnosis, self-hypnosis, age regression, past-life regression, the afterlife, pre-existence, the
peak experience, natural resources, learning, problem solving, and the subconscious, to list but a few.
He has founded the Joe H. Slate Scholarship for the Arts at Athens State University, and the
Joe H. and Rachel Slate Scholarship at the University of Alabama. Each scholarship exists in
perpetuity and is awarded annually to students who need financial assistance.
Dr. Slate has appeared on several radio and television shows, including Strange Universe,
the History Channel, and Sightings.

Carl Llewellyn Weschcke is Chairman of Llewellyn Worldwide, Ltd., one of the oldest and
largest publishers of New Age, Metaphysical, Self-Help, and Spirituality books in the world. He
has a Bachelor of Science degree in Business Administration (Babson), studied Law (LaSalle
Extension University), advanced academic work toward a doctorate in Philosophy (University
of Minnesota), has a certificate in clinical hypnosis, and honorary recognitions in divinity and
magical philosophy.
He is a life-long student of a broad range of Metaphysical, Spiritual, and Psychological
subjects, and variously studied with the Rosicrucian Order and the Society of the Inner Light.
After corresponding with Gerald Gardner and several of his associates in the late 1950s and
early 1960s, he became known for holding the “Weschcke Documents” including a carbon copy
of Gardner’s own Book of Shadows.
He is a former Wiccan High Priest and played a leading role in the rise of Wicca and Neo-
Paganism during the 1960s and 1970s. Author Donald Michael Kraig has referred to him as “the
Father of the New Age” because of his early and aggressive public sponsorship of new
understanding of old occult subjects. In the fall of 1973 Weschcke helped organize the Council
of American Witches and became its chairperson. Weschcke rightfully prides himself on having
drafted “The Thirteen Principles of Belief” Statement, one of the cornerstones of modern
Wicca. This document went on to be incorporated into the U.S. Army’s handbook for chaplains.
While no longer active in the Craft, he retains ties to the Wiccan and Neo-Pagan
communities through Llewellyn. He is 7th Past Grandmaster of Aurum Solis, an international
magical order founded in Great Britain in 1897. He withdrew from the order in 1991, and is not
actively affiliated with any group at the present time.
Still actively associated with Llewellyn, he is devoting more time to studies and practical
research in parapsychology, quantum theory, Kabbalah, self-hypnosis, psychology, Tantra,
Taoism, Tarot, Astrology, Shamanism, Wicca, Magick, and World Spirituality. He is also
actively writing, and has co-authored seven books and several “quick” books and four audio
products with Dr. Joe Slate and a new edition with commentary of The Compete Magick
Curriculum of the Secret Order G...B...G... originally authored by Louis Culling in 1969. He is
currently planning several books based on Tantra and the Western Old Religion as systems of
spiritual self-empowerment. He and Dr. Slate are planning several more co-authored projects.

Define Your Terms . . . BEFORE
You Start Your Engines!
The need to define the Subject and its Terminology
Before discussing any subject, we should be sure that all parties to the
conversation agree on what the subject of discussion actually is, and also
agree on the basic terminology to be used. Specifically in the case of a nonfiction
book—and, in this case, one dealing with your self-empowerment
through psychic development—it is even more important because there is
no later opportunity to say, “But, that’s not what I meant.”
Back in 1791, an undistinguished Scottish lawyer named James Boswell
published his famous biography of the social and literary celebrity, Dr.
Samuel Johnson (author of the brilliant A Dictionary of the English
Language, 1755) whose wit and wisdom was famous throughout Europe.
Johnson is important to us now for one proclamation: “Define your terms,
gentlemen, define your terms. It saves argument!”
Even though the British “upper classes” of the 16th century apparently
thought only men able to discuss and debate important ideas, we would
normally be in total agreement with the need for universally accepted
definitions, but there’s a problem when working with super-physical
phenomena and concepts. And that makes for some rather substantial
problems related to our discussions of the super-physical world that we
must understand before we can define “clairvoyance” in the context of this work.
The Necessity of Esoteric Nomenclature
It is important to state, right here and now, that the basic nomenclature
in this Introduction is partly derived from the “esoteric” rather than
familiar, scientific or mystical jargon. While Clairvoyance is often the
subject of parapsychological study, which has largely adopted scientific
language and has brought the subject into widespread respect and
acceptance, our approach is more expansive and comprehensive than
provided in physical science.
The subject of this book is not the esoteric cosmos, but some of our
discussion and techniques require acceptance of those higher or inner
levels of the super-physical that do have names meaningful to our study
here. You can see them broadly outlined in Figures 1 and 2 accompanying
this part of the book.
Objective vs. Subjective
When we deal only with strictly physical phenomena we can safely
assume that things can be described in terms that are universally
understood. We are able to analyze a physical object’s chemical
composition, measure its three physical dimensions, establish its weight,
determine its electrical charge and other latent energy potentials, describe
its colors against established criteria, determine reflected light capability,
and other advanced “constants” that enable anyone to accurately
understand what we mean and duplicate our experiments and procedures.
The Physical Universe (aka “Plane,” to use one esoteric term) is the only
one of the seven Levels making up Cosmic Reality within which we have
our being where such specific definition is possible. That doesn’t mean
that the other six worlds of our immediate metaphysical environment are
any less real nor any less important to us, but each has its own substance
and nature that must be part of our discussion of super-physical
phenomena and consciousness.
The Immensity of the Physical Universe
What is important right now is, first, to accept that the familiar visible
physical universe is not only far larger in dimension than anything actually
conceivable but that there is an immense invisible dimension of sub–
atomic matter and energy that is the foundation of the visible universe.
And, even more startling is the realization that at least certain aspects of
this invisible dimension can be affected by human consciousness.
The Even Greater Immensity of the Cosmos
And second, in addition to the invisible dimension of the physical
universe there are other, super-physical, levels of reality that are just as
“real” as the physical but composed of different “substances” and operate
under different “laws” of which we are generally unaware, even though we
ourselves are composed of both physical and these other subtle substances.
Third, human consciousness exists at these non-physical levels but
mostly, as yet in our present growth level, “unconsciously.” Our goal is to
become conscious and to function at these levels which have a unique,
controlling relationship to the physical. It is at these super-physical levels
that psychic phenomena occurs and where psychic powers function.
Many scientists, and some readers, have objections to such terms as
Etheric, Astral, Subtle, Super-physical, Spiritual, etc., because their
phenomena cannot be subjected to direct physical observation and
analysis. Mostly anything “super-physical” is considered as subjective and
thus beyond objective examination.
The Non-Physical Aspects of Psychic Phenomena
This also means that scientists and others will completely reject the
existence of anything super-physical other than—possibly—a vague
“Spiritual World” generally relegated to indefinable religious discussion if
discussed at all. Likewise, most parapsychologists reject the non-physical
concepts of psychic phenomenon—preferring to consider only physical factors.
Even for readers long familiar with psychic phenomena and esoteric
concepts, the immensity of the journey ahead of us may be truly mind
boggling. And yet, the promise is a journey that is glorious, a promise that
every life has a far greater meaning than most have ever imagined, and the
promise that the reality of infinity applies to your own human potential.

Contents (Annotated)
FOREWORD—A New Age & a New Science
The “New Age” is genuine and represents a historic leap forward in expanded
consciousness that is both evolutionary and revolutionary and calls for a New Science of
the Paranormal to meet challenges and opportunities this brings.
PREFACE—Should You Become Clairvoyant?
Why should you develop your Psychic Powers? Because you were born gifted with great
potentials that can only be fulfilled as you grow and develop your own natural powers.
Your Psychic Development is ultimately Self-Empowerment and the fulfillment of all
your potential that is involved. And the time for this is NOW.
Is Clairvoyance Safe? Should Psychic Powers be Encouraged? Is Psychic
Empowerment Desirable? Only you can answer these questions, and only for yourself. In
this book we provide background information so you can answer these questions
rationally. Some teachers and yoga masters discourage students from interest in psychic
powers but in this Aquarian Age, Consciousness Expansion is no longer a choice—it is
happening everywhere to everyone to some degree. Psychic Powers are not ends in
themselves, but growth and development are. The goal of clairvoyance is the direct
perception of hidden realities.
Contents include: The Hazards of “self-aggrandizement”; New Age Energies and
Consciousness Expansion; The Responsible Student. The Goals of Clairvoyance; More
than only a Physical Body; Trust, but verify! Scientific Verification of Clairvoyance and
its Practical Benefits; Programs to activate, and to develop, Clairvoyance.
INTRODUCTION—Define Your Terms BEFORE You Start Your Engines!
Define your terms! No meaningful discussion is possible, no knowledge can be shared,
without understanding the terminology used. Human growth can even be measured in
terms of the size and validity of our vocabulary. BUT, when it comes to Esoteric terms we
have many challenges for the simple reason that astral, mental, and spiritual things cannot
be measured or precisely defined in the way physical things and ideas can be. Indeed,
Esotericism, like many subjects, requires the use of a subject-specific nomenclature in
which “words” often define systems rather than things, and the same word may have
different definitions and uses depending upon the subject, and even upon the way the
subject is applied in one book vs. that of another. Thus: the importance of the Glossary in
a break-through book like this.
Clairvoyance is not a specific psychic ability but rather is—along with astral projection
—a master system and faculty that functions in the background of all forms of divination.
Contents include: The need to define the subject and its terminology; The necessity of
Esoteric Nomenclature; Objective vs. Subjective; The immensity of the physical universe;
The even greater immensity of the Cosmos; The non-physical aspects of psychic
phenomena; A bit of esoteric history; The Physical and the non-physical were part of a
single reality; Restoring the physical and super-physical to a single reality; Religions vs.
Science. Spiritualism, Theosophy, and Quantum Physics. New Age, New Terms, New
Reality; An “engine” for Expanding Consciousness; Accelerating Psychic Development.
Different kinds of clairvoyance. Objectivity increases with Understanding. “Vibrations”
and Focus. Charts showing Seven Levels of Reality and Seven Levels of Consciousness.
The Astral World and Emotionality. 
The need for “proofs;” The Kinds of Proofs; The “Big Picture.”
CHAPTER ONE—Clairvoyance in Everyday Life
It’s more than coincidence that things happen together. Coincidental, and causal,
“connections” are forms of extended awareness that is at the foundation of most
clairvoyance that is happening more often because of the greater consciousness unfolding
in all of humanity at this time. The critical state of our global civilization requires that
individuals undertake a deliberate program of psychic development. Clairvoyance is one
of the most important innate psychic powers whose development will enrich and
empower everyday lives.
Psychic empowerment programs are being developed for application in everyday
activities—in business & professional training, in creativity and communications work, in
sales and customer service, and in areas still thought of as “paranormal” but rapidly
become normal. People who demonstrate psychic powers are not more “spiritual” than
other people. A “New Science of the Paranormal” is growing out of advanced humanistic
research programs led by Dr. Joe Slate and the Parapsychology Research Institute &
Foundation (PRIF) involving participants in real-life paranormal activities, leading to the
development and application of paranormal skills in everyday life. This chapter includes
a Basic Meditation Exercise that focuses on personal health.
Contents include: It happens all the time: Clairvoyance, ESP, Telepathy, Precognition,
even Psychokinesis (PK), all can and do happen spontaneously; By not acknowledging it,
you deny yourself the opportunity to develop this natural power into a practical skill; It
takes Development: Paranormal skills are developed through training and practice just
like other skills and talents. The New Science of the Paranormal; What is Clairvoyance?
Right Brain/Left Brain. Western culture is primarily Left Brain dominant, while the
coming global culture is Whole Brain centered; Right Brain activities can stimulate
paranormal sensitivities; Table of Basic Functions of the Two Brain Halves; Analytical
Table of Clairvoyant & Divinatory Practices. Tables of Augmented Psychic Perception
associated with Measurable Physical Phenomena. Tables of Common Types of
Divination involving Extended Psychic Awareness; Clairvoyance augmented with PK.
Clairvoyance is “purpose driven;” The “ne plus ultra” of psychic experience; Animal
Clairvoyance; Practical Applications; Inner Clairvoyance; The Empowerment of Self;
Clairvoyance and the Spirit Realm; Your Responsibilities in the Physical Realm;
Clairvoyance and Dreams; Special Insight Enhancement; Clairvoyant Strategies; Your
Responsibilities in the Physical Realm; Basic Meditation Exercise: Yellow Square for
Your Physical Health. Induction Strategies; Practice leads to Greater Development.
Addendum 1, The Tattvic Connection—Meditation & Visualization Programs
An Eastern Gift to Western Esotericism. What are these Tattvas? Five fundamental
energy patterns, i.e. the astral forms, behind all physical manifestation. They are the
“true nature of reality.” Through understanding the tattvas we become empowered to
consciously act rather than unconsciously react. Everything is connected—our individual
minds, working through Universal Consciousness, are the interface connections that
enable you to access and work with these fundamental patterns and forces. The tattvas
are present in your body and mind, and throughout the Cosmos. We live in both an inner
world matrix and an outer world matrix—and the two commonly get out of synch. Our
work here is to restore harmony between the two so that clairvoyant vision is true and
accurate, not distorted by accumulated psychic and emotional “garbage.” We present a
series of meditation exercises to accomplish this, following the lead of Tantra Yogis in
India and the Magicians of the Hermetic Order of the Golden Dawn who taught that tattva
meditation is the fastest method of developing and enhancing clairvoyance as well as
increasing your power to manifest your goals and desires. Represented in geometric
patterns, tattvas are called “yantras” and are the primary building blocks of all magical
symbols, sigils, and talismans. We present the ancient practice of “tratak” through which
these yantras (and other symbols) are internalized to stimulate psychic empowerment.
Relaxation is the necessary precursor to effective meditation, and we present the
powerful system of “tension & release” followed by detailed exercises for harmonizing
each of the five tattvas.
CHAPTER TWO—Clairvoyance in Theory & Practice
All Knowledge begins with theory and is fulfilled through Practice. In the “real world,” i.e.
the physical world, knowledge starts with observation followed by questions leading to
speculation, and testing against further observations. All science is constantly subjected
to challenge, and it is in response to the challenge that science advances. Law is a series of
rational “statements” bound together in a logical system embodied in a written
constitution or unwritten established practice. Religion is generally founded in a “Book”
of sacred writings strictly or loosely interpreted by its theological scholars. Religion
having its origin in the non-physical dimension has no legitimate “authority” in the
physical world. Real world knowledge is always responsive to external challenge; while
neither Law nor Religion allows external challenge. In the case of Law, challenge is
perceived as an illegal act to be resolved in court. In the case of Religion, challenge is met
with excommunication, voluntary departure, or execution. Religion demands belief
without challenge; science demands challenge before belief.
Contents include: Knowledge contrasts with Law & Religion; The Knowledge of Law;
The Knowledge of Religion; The Tragedy of Theocracy; Real World Knowledge; When
Challenges are not allowed; Trust, Test, and Verify—Again! When Questions are not
allowed; Science, and Common sense; True Learning never ceases because the purpose of
life is to learn and grow; Our Goal: Practical Application; Clairvoyance, in Theory, is
researched in 165 forms of divination; Consciousness and Awareness; A True Reading;
Scientific Astrology & Palmistry. The role of the “PK” Factor. Table of Divinatory
Systems incorporating Physical Touch & Manipulation. The Field of Awareness;
Consciousness is not physically dependent: Clairvoyance in Practice; Everything is
connected; Extended Awareness & Focused Attention. Divine Clairvoyance. Three Levels
of Divination; Clairvoyant Strategies.
Addendum 2, The Tattvic Connection—Introduction to the Tattvic
Connection Procedures
The exercise that follows in Addenda Three, and the 24 others included in this book, are
presented as chapter addenda to give emphasis to their special—near alchemical—
function in literally awakening and purifying the five primal elements and their twenty
combinations in your body and personal consciousness. Each of the 25 programs should
be spaced a week apart and be preceded by the Tension & Release Procedure or other
relaxation program. The goal of these procedures is freedom from ignorance and reactive
thought & behavior, and from the external impositions of irrational and regressive belief
systems of all kinds. We are entering a “New Age” of expanding awareness into higher
consciousness requiring personal growth and psychic empowerment. This introduction is
necessary because real tantra is more than its popular rendition as “Sexual Yoga” and
“Orgasmic Bliss.” Tantra is a very ancient tradition, the most radical form of spirituality
and the ideal personal “religion” of the modern world that has had a profound influence
on Western Occult Philosophy and practice, and on the development of today’s Neo-
Paganism. It is this Tantra that is the source of our knowledge of the tattvas. So
fundamental are the tattvas that they can function through their symbolic representations
of all life and form with near mathematical precision. We see this most clearly in the
geometric forms with which they are identified but we must—at the same time—use mind
and imagination to “populate” the Memory Files we automatically create under name &
form in our subconscious mind with “correspondences” derived from our perceptions,
just as we also do with the Kabbalistic structure of the Tree of Life.
CHAPTER THREE—Induced versus Spontaneous Clairvoyance
Clairvoyance, induced or spontaneous, is always empowerment driven. Its purposes can
range from simply expanding awareness of past-life and distant realities to instantly
intervening in extreme emergency situations. Within that vast range, it can provide the
insight and the skills required to meet the demands of the moment while generating an
emerging body of knowledge that is essential to our long-term success, because we are
“one with the universe.” Clairvoyance is both an extrasensory phenomenon and a growth
process that enlightens, attunes, and balances the mind, body, and spirit. With
clairvoyance you learn where you are and where you want to go to accomplish your goals.
Contents include: Empowerment without Limits. Clairvoyance is always Empowerment
Driven. New Knowledge, New Skills. Clairvoyance challenges Conventional Science.
Integrative Clairvoyance. Action and Accomplishment Oriented. Clairvoyance Facilitates
Growth, and Extrasensory Development. Guidelines to Clairvoyant Growth &
Integration. Expands Awareness & Generates New Resources. The Open Curtain Program
mobilizing Mental & Psychic Resources. Problem Solving Information. Past-Lives
Relevance. Liberation from Past-Life “Baggage.” Experience New Beginnings. Release
from Past-Life Trauma. Finding Lost Objects. Locating Missing Animals. Clairvoyance in
Criminal Cases. Interaction with the Spiritual Realm. Growth through Practice &
Application. Integrative Streaming of Clairvoyant Power. Continuous Growth &
Addendum 3, The Tattvic Connection—Meditation & Visualization
Program #1 Earth/Earth
Earth (Prithivi) is the foundation for all life. Tables help simplify in the same way
illustrations add dimensions that would otherwise require thousands of words. Note
things like color and shape whose meaning expand when we raise the exterior twodimensional
view to the interior three-dimensional view. Your life has meaning, and the
more conscious effort you put into it the more all benefit. We start with the first Tattvic
Meditation Exercise for the primal element of Earth. With each of these exercises, note
the relationships between each of the primary tattvas, the five physical senses, the sense
organs, the related chakras, and their locations. Make intellectual sense of these
connections and experience the feelings involved. Keep that process active as we
continue on with later tables and exercises. You are developing an entire new filing &
storage system with which to experience the world more broadly and adding to your
growing ability to clairvoyantly “see behind the scenes.” Now you understand the vast gap
between “reading about” and actual “studying.” Reading, of course, can be very
pleasurable and can also be a form of experience and adventure. Study can be these things
as well, but the true benefit takes real work and self-discipline to continue a regular
program involving scheduling, reading, review, thinking about, perhaps experiments,
“field trips,” and even inner debate to bring about realization of all that is involved.
Done correctly, such personal study efficiently and effectively condenses a lifetime of
“discipleship” with a guru or teacher into the equivalent of several such lives. Becoming,
and then realizing, that you are your own “Master” is what this New Age of Aquarian Man
is about. It is a vast acceleration of growth and development accomplishing a new phase
of human and “planetary” evolution. Tattva Overview Table #1 (Body). Element
Overview Table #1 for Earth. The Earth—Seed of Earth drawing. Tattvic Meditation &
Visualization Program #1 Earth—Seed of Earth. Basic Meditation Exercise: Yellow
Square for Your Physical Health.
CHAPTER FOUR—Clairvoyance in the Lab
Our thoughts, emotions, drives, and perceptions, both sensory and extrasensory, are all
interrelated and converge at all levels of consciousness to take us from where we are now
to where and what we want to be. By interacting with these inner components of our
being, we discover new meaning to our existence and our capacity to shape our own
destiny. Clairvoyance is the key to expanding our awareness and uncovering new
knowledge and new powers. To facilitate the greater understanding and application of
clairvoyance we need a “New Science of the Paranormal,” and many easy to use
procedures and programs available for anyone to use.
Contents include: To Discover New Meanings to our Existence. The Power to Shape
our own Destiny. Expanding Borders of Awareness. The Dynamics of Clairvoyance &
other Psychic Powers. Questions and the New Science of the Paranormal. Objective
Verification of Subjective Experience. A Universal, and Innate, Mental Faculty.
Clairvoyance Awareness is always Relevant. To Become Empowered. Psychic
Empowerment Accelerates Cognitive Functions. Personal Enrichment & Life
Enhancement. Using Psychic Power Tools. Using Maps as Psychic Triggers to Locate Lost
Objects. Using Blueprints to Trigger Psychic Perception. Sensory Functions as Channels
for ExtraSensory Perception. The Third Eye Project. Mental Imagery to Trigger
Clairvoyance. Practice, Practice, Practice to Develop Psychic Skills. Purposeful Psychic
Activity. Clairvoyance Among Animals. Precognitive Animal Experiences. The Ultimate
Test: Does Clairvoyance improve Individual & Group Well-being?
Addendum 4, The Tattvic Connection—Meditation & Visualization
Program #2 Water/Water
Water (Apas)—you can’t live without it. It is the only primal element to exist in three
forms: solid (ice), liquid, and vapor (steam). It is the universal solvent, our bodies are
made of earth and water, we cook with it, we manufacture with it, we compound it with
earthy resources to make products for our benefit and comfort, all life depends on it. It
symbolizes fluidity, adaptability, and feminine softness. Its energy is chemical and
magnetic; it is dark (as in deep water). It is feminine, passive, restricting, and receptive.
Like all the primal elements, water if fundamental to our being and to all existence. Like
all the elements, water is never in perfect and equal balance with the others. Everything
exists in combinations that are unique to each individual. By following the meditation &
visualization program for each tattva & their compounding, we can not merely restore to
the original state but bring about a natural adjustment more ideal to current
circumstances. Everything changes, and we can bring about positive change to coincide
with need. That’s what all self-improvement is about, and the tattvas are the basic
foundation upon which we restructure and remodel our new home—our ever-changing
body and personal self.
Don’t see lists and tables as “rules” but as seeds for thought and opportunities for your
own experience. Lists are external observations and experiences of the outer world, but
we want you to bring them inside, to internalize the resultant experience of what is
represented in the symbols of the tattvas. As children we memorized lists and repeated
them in rote fashion with little awareness of meaning. As adults we must interpret words
and symbols to understand their meaning in any particular situation or application. That’s
the difference between “information” and “knowledge.”
As your own guru, your success is measured by the gain in knowledge, not just in
access to information. Remember that word, Think. There are many references to aid
your knowledge of each element, but the most important are those that well up from your
subconscious mind to meet your changing reality. Meditate often, think what your
realizations mean, and write them down for later review. Tattva Overview Table #2
(Elemental). Element Overview Table #2 for Water. Water—Seed of Water Drawing.
Tattvic Meditation & Visualization Program #2 Water—Seed of Water.
CHAPTER FIVE—Chakras & Clairvoyance
We’ve always been clairvoyant (It’s mainly a matter of focus) When you read ancient
history and myths, you have the history of human evolution before the split from the
unitary inclusive Universal Consciousness into the Personal Conscious Mind and the
Subconscious Mind. History is the struggle between men dominated by masculine
emotions and those more clearly dominated by their rational mind. It is the astral world
and the astral-emotional body working through the physical/etheric complex that are
fundamental to paranormal phenomena and powers—especially clairvoyance.
Contents include: History as a Struggle. The Dominant Male Culture. Pioneers in
Consciousness Exploration. Modern Transmitters. We are more than we thing, and need
to become more than we are. Psychic Technology. Chakra “Switches.” The Etheric
Double. Chakras & the Chakra System. The Spinal Column is the Middle Pillar. Chart of
Chakras, Nerve Plexi, & Body Parts. The Importance of Symbols & their
Correspondences. Symbols function like Search Engine listings. Passive Sensitivity.
Intentional Perception. Limitations of “Faith.” Levels of Consciousness. The Seven Major
Chakras—locations, functions, relationships, associated senses, psychic powers, symbols,
mantras. Chart showing chakras positioned on the physical body. How to Manifest Chakra
Power. Constructing your Astral Room. Visualizing Chakra Images. Diagram of Chakra
Tattwa Yantras. Images, Names, Locations, Yantras, Colors, Elements, Audible & Silent
Mantras, three dimensional images. Preliminary External Chakra Dharana. Pronouncing
Sanskrit. Internal Chakra Dharana. Growth & Transformation is “Forever.” “On the Path.”
Tantric Erotic Rose Meditation. The Re-emergence of Indian Tantra. Solar Plexus
Charging. The Ajna Meditation. The Third Eye. Psychic Breathing Technique. Sahasrara
Meditation. The Rose of Sahasrara.
Addendum 5, The Tattva Connection—Meditation & Visualization
Program #3 Fire/Fire
Fire is the primal element that enables change and transformation. Fire is the foundation
of human culture and civilization. The “taming of fire” was the beginning of technology
and the foundation of science. As a “gift of the gods” (as indeed it appeared in relation to
lightening from heaven above), but the real gift came when Man himself first ignited fire
intentionally through his own “applied science” logically resulting from his observation of
sparks and heat from friction. Thus, the human mind is the gods’ gift to Man.
Nevertheless, that gift was held as a “secret technology,” giving its holder personal power
within the group, establishing him as priest and magician.
From that point forward, human progress would be marked by slow accumulation of
knowledge and mastery of ways to use that knowledge, but only in modern times, as the
monopolies over secret knowledge were challenged by new scientists and the spread of
knowledge through books and education, do we have a universal opportunity for selfdevelopment
and personal empowerment that was previously limited to the few at the top
of the hierarchical ladder.
The most important knowledge is understanding the hidden, inner, nature of Man and
Cosmos, of Microcosm and Macrocosm—As Above, So Below—to accomplish the Miracle
of the One Thing through Mind. With Mind we apply knowledge so that we grow and
increasingly become more than we are.
In Tantra, Earth is the Goddess and many Goddesses, and through Love and Worship
of the Goddess we enter into the forms and energies that they embody and symbolize.
Such love and worship is another name for a unique meditation of entering into “oneness”
with the nature of her form. We call this “invocation.”As the one Goddess, she is Shakti,
companion of Shiva the Sky God. Feminine and Masculine, Yin and Yang, Negative and
Positive, Magnetic and Electric—all that exists comes from their union—a union of equals
in which opposites are always in constant blending. Tantra Overview Table #3
(Emotional). Element Overview Table #3 for Fire. Fire—Seed of Fire drawing. Meditation
& Visualization Program #3 Fire—Seed of Fire.
CHAPTER SIX—Visualization for Clairvoyance
A trained imagination is a key factor to more accurate clairvoyance. And it is your ability
to effectively visualize that turns your imagination into a psychic power tool for higher
levels of clairvoyance as well as turning vision into reality. In clairvoyance, physical sight
as well as the other physical senses are stimulated and extended to give vision greater
“life.” Training the physical senses by learning to pay attention to details enhances the
psychic senses.
Contents include: The Importance of Visualization for Clairvoyance, and just about
everything else. Visualization empowers Mind, Body & Spirit. More than “Seeing Things
in Your Mind.” The Five Physical Senses. Table of The Twelve Ways of Sense &
Interaction. WILL is the necessary factor. Taking the Next Step. Visualization and
Attraction in the New Age. Nikola Tesla. The “Great Secret.” Imagination vs.
Visualization. Movement & Change vs. Fixed & Present-Moment Reality. Spontaneous
Imagination vs. Intentional Visualization. Dreaming & Day Dreaming. Visualization &
Present-Moment Reality. The Five Physical Senses & Present Now. The Twelve Ways of
Perceiving. Training the Senses—Paying attention to details. Fried Chicken. The
importance of Visualization in Clairvoyance. Programming for Self & Family.
Addendum 6, The Tattvic Connection—Meditation & Visualization
Program #4 Air/Air
Air (Vayu) We know what Air is, but we now must understand more of this primal
elemental force. Unlike Earth and Water, Air can be compressed and its release can be
controlled in various utilitarian functions from cleaning to powering movement. Air can
be readily mixed with other gases, just as water can be blended with other liquids. Air
however, unlike water (unless it is constantly stirred), can carry some solids without
blending with them. The Tattvic Blue Circle symbolizes Elemental Air. Work with this
tattwa is used to enhance the ability to visualize and discriminate between one thought
and another. Meditation on circles activates the subconscious mind to bring about greater
ability to recover desired memories and information, and to communicate with particular
spiritual beings and magical powers.
Vayu is prana that forms the etheric body and the vital force in the physical body that
produces cells and circulates blood and fluids throughout the entire body. The yogic
practice of pranayama becomes more important to physical health as we age. Air is the
element of communication, the power of perception, the ability to be inspired and to
inspire others. Air is the element of evolution, of self-integration, and transformation to
become all we can be. Air is consciousness, awareness, imagination, and power to turn
visualization into reality. Air is mind, the ability to anticipate and plan our actions, to
choose and discriminate, and to reach into the world of spirit. Air is the power of positive
thinking that enables us to create a new image of self and to become more than we are.
Tattva Overview Table #4 (Magickal). Element Overview Table #4 for Air. Drawing for
Air—Seed of Air. Meditation & Visualization Program #4 for Air—Seed of Air: Vayu YAM.
CHAPTER SEVEN—Shamanism & Religion, Spiritualism & Channeling,
and Clairvoyance
The shaman is the early researcher and teacher about the “other world” and the roles of
gods and people. Shamanism was and is a predecessor to religion. While the role of the
shaman is as a continuing exploration of the Unconscious, religion is locked in history by
its founding myths. Organized religion denies paranormal power to the “common people”
and saw any appearance of clairvoyance as proof of diabolism. The tide was broken with
the appearance of Spiritualism and the beginnings of science and broad public
distribution of books and the spread of secular education.
Contents include: He who has the Power; Conscious & Subconscious, Split between;
Shamanic “Techniques” to access the Subconscious; The Shaman as “Outsider;”
“Technique of Ecstasy;” The word “Spirit;” Intermediary between the Worlds; Spirit
Guides; Technology of the Sacred; Keeper of Myth & Tradition; The appearance of
Religion; Calling Down the Power; Paranormal Powers denied to Common People; The
Coming of Change; Swedenborg’s Call to reform Christianity; The Church of the New
Jerusalem; The Potential to see Spiritual Realities; The Coming of Spiritualism; Murder,
they said; The Women’s Movement; Parapsychology & Metaphysics; America & Freedom
from religious repression; The New Age of Spirit; The Nature of Spiritual
Communication; Activating the Spiritual Medium Within; Clairvoyance and Trance; The
Role of the Medium; Developing Mediumship; Physical Mediumship; The Spirit Cabinet;
Ectoplasm; Mental Mediumship; The Development Circle; Spirit Guides & Controls;
Trance Mediumship; Three Phases of Communication; Working with Spirit; Your
Journal; Women Activists; The Nature of Spirit Mediumship & Spirit Channeling; Self-
Determination; Script for Interacting with Spirit Guides; Script for Developing your
Mediumistic Potentials; Tools and Techniques; Table Tapping; The Séance; Ouija and
Pendulum: Spirit Communication for just One or Two; Automatic Writing; Prophets as
Channels of God—Why Only in the Distant Past?; The Emergence of Popular
Metaphysics; Mesmerism, the Scientific Study of Hypnotism, and Modern Self-Hypnosis;
The Age of Enlightenment is for Everyone! The “Key” to Successful Channeling; Where
do Spirits Live? Access to “Other Words” is entirely through your own Consciousness;
You have the Power but you don’t have the Knowledge to skillfully use it; Clairvoyance &
Empowerment; Illusion is present Reality; The Astral World where Spirits Live; Your
Astral Room; Invoking your Guardian Angel; Opening the Third Eye; The Magical Way:
the Lesser Ritual of the Pentagram; Clairvoyance & the Astral World.
Addendum 7, The Tattvic Connection—Meditation & Visualization
Program #5 Ether/Ether
Ether! Also spelled Aether and called “Spirit” and “Space,” Ether is the source of the other
four primal elements, and also their culmination in which there is a continuous
interchange among all five. It is symbolized by an “egg” through which one kind of life is
transformed into another to appear as a new birth. Alternatively it is symbolized as an “8-
spoked wheel” whose constant rotation is fundamental to all manifestation. Spirit is also
the transitional phase between the physical/material level and the subtle planes, between
this world and those beyond the physical. Spirit is the “interdimensional” function
through which things and entities seem to appear and disappear with a change in their
nature, one aspect of which is life-to-death and death-to-rebirth.
When a subject is referred to as a “transitional phase,” we must shift our thinking
process away from definitive and purely rational as applied in the familiar physical world
to something we call metaphysical. Think “spiritual,” as the “space” between physical
beings and objects that energizes their substance and the force of their self-expression.
Think in terms of something closer to the Divine Source of being. We relate to particular
concepts called gods and goddesses, or angels and archangels, or to saints and other
beings that express or represent specific forces of creation and continued manifestation.
When Akasha is used as a “doorway” for scrying, the clairvoyant scans for information
in the Akashic Records (AKA the “collective unconscious”) containing all memories of
human experience, personal and universal. In a personal “reading” these memories bring
clarity and perspective to the visions rising out of the psychic field, and can place them
within a larger context of greater relevance. The Collective Unconscious also contains
potential future “history” in seed form as what is most likely to happen under current
circumstances, but not what will necessarily happen because changes made today will
change what happens tomorrow. The challenge is to understand the many connections
between the details making up present reality as well as those contributing to the potential
future so you know what changes are possible.
Tattva Overview Table #5 (Chakras). Element Overview Table #5 Ether. Drawing for
Ether—Seed of Ether. Meditation & Visualization Program #5 for Ether—Seed of Ether.
CHAPTER EIGHT—“Techno-Shamanism”
We need “personal” clairvoyance to involve everyone to meet the serious challenges of
our times—from economic, social, and political—including threats of political and
economic collapse, religious terrorism and of outright war—as well as those relating to
climate change, extreme weather, and threats to water and other natural resources
involved in food production to meet the accelerating demands of dramatic popular
growth. Across the globe, in every phase of life, “leadership” is failing to meet the crises—
through political stalemate, intelligence failures, and inability to communicate rational vision.
“Natural” clairvoyance requires development and supplementation through selfactivated
programs and the use of tools & techniques to extend both innate powers and
trained skills. Among these can be a limited range of “techno-shamanic” 
consciousness altering aids.
Contents include: What can we learn from history?—What do we want to learn from
history? Two axioms: the Victors always write (and re-write) history. Learn from
mistakes. Change, Adaptation & Building the future. Modern World characterized by vast
& accelerating technological development. “Esoteric” Technology, East & West. Self-
Reliance, not External Authority. The Modern World in Perspectives of Past, Present &
Future, and the role of Personal Clairvoyance: #1 the Population Revolution, #2 the
Knowledge Revolution, #3 the Technology Revolution, #4 the Urban Revolution, #5 the
Industrial Food Revolution, #6 the Natural Food Revolution, #7 the Climate & Weather
Change Challenge, #8 the Economic & Political Challenge, #9 the Irrational Beliefs
Challenge, #10 the Gender Independent Evolution, #11 the Home/Work Evolution, #12
the Global Solution. Can War be avoided? The Induction of clairvoyance, and Techno-
Shamanism’s tools of sensory isolation and deprivation? Spirituality cannot ignore
worldly concerns. Anyone can become psychically empowered; anyone can live a
“Spiritual Life.” Controlled sensory input. Constant “sensory bombardment.” Individual
& group possession. Tradition vs. Techno-Shamanism. Sensory overload. Sensory denial.
Floatation Tanks. Isolation Rooms. Restraint of movement: the Eskimo Shaman, the
Shrink-Wrapped Prisoner. Tools & Techniques of Shamanic Witchcraft. Trance &
Possession. Tools are not necessary but may be helpful and thus practical. The Witches
Sack. The “Real” Witches Cradle. Movement. The “Self-Hug”. Floating in an ocean of
consciousness. ASCID: the Altered States of Consciousness Induction Device. Sensory
deprivation and personal clairvoyance. The limitations of ordinary vision. Personal
Clairvoyance. The 1960s Drug Culture. Seeing “Beyond the Normal.” Limitations of
research. Movement as sensory experience. Restraint of movement. Rise of the “Serpent
Fire.” Experience of “Ritual Death.” Through Ritual & Symbol to Archetypal Truths. The
Witches Cradle today. Sleepsacks. Meditation Masks. Precognitive experiences. Past,
Present, & Future. ESP testing. Personal visions. Benefits of self-imitated sensory
deprivation. “The journey into the wilderness.” 
Psychic Empowerment as part of your Life Plan.
Addendum 8, The Tattvic Connection—The Art of Compounding
Nothing manifest exists in a pure state. Everything we objectively experience is combined
with other elements in various forms channeling various energies. Even as we meditate
with the primal tattvas to balance and purify our subtle bodies and energies, we
acknowledge the fact of their compounding. We use this knowledge of compounding to
better understand the world as it is and to improve our own experiences: in our wellbeing,
in relationships, the world around us, and in deliberate strengthening of the
bonding of elements and forces for strategic purposes.
The Goal of Clairvoyance is clear & accurate seeing and of better interpretation &
understanding the information sought. Our reality, both objective & subjective, is
complex and it is by deliberately invoking a controlled inner experience of that
complexity that we develop and enlarge our psychic capacity.
How tattvic meditation is applied in forms of divination, magick, and the particular
form of meditation involved in “worship” and invocation—of Becoming One with the
Primal Element fully represented in the complex symbolism of a deity.
Deities—gods & goddesses, the many angels and other deific beings (aside from
“religious” associations) are long established complexes of psychic forces expressing the
nature of that deity, whether an agricultural goddess, a fertility goddess, a god of the hunt,
one of prosperity, or one of universal love. The nature of each such deity is represented
through various symbolisms involving name (and “mantra”), color, form, costume &
ornaments. There is almost always a “mantra” associated with deity, whether formal
prayers, chant, hymn, song, or repeated names and titles. Sometimes these will be called
“Words of Power,” but their identification with particularized Force is always defined.
The nature of worship itself has always been one of exchange: worship the goddess in
her established ways, and receive her grace in the form of her specific psychic force.
Rather than experiencing deity as external, through meditation and visualization we
internalize the experience and unite with the “Force” represented by the deity. The
operation of “worship” is little different than the operation of Magick: it is a set of specific
formulae of compounded substances invoking particular forces to accomplish a
determined goal. Likewise, in our visualization of a primal element we are invoking the
primal force behind that element. Incorporating it, becoming one with it, we are
awakening it and “perfecting” our inner nature by consciously uniting with a specifically
identified Force.
CHAPTER NINE—Clairvoyant Viewing of Documents, Events, and
Criminal Evidence
Knowledge, application, and empowerment—they go hand in hand. Through
clairvoyance, you can acquire new knowledge and discover more effective ways of using
it to empower your life while contributing to the greater good. Locating lost persons or
animals, viewing distant events as they occur, intervening in situations of urgency, and
gathering important evidence related to crime, to list but a few of the possibilities, are all
within the scope of clairvoyance. The clairvoyant viewing of important documents and
events can provide an information base unavailable from any other source. It can
monitor unfolding events without intervention while providing knowledge for effective
intervention or involvement. 62 percent of criminal investigative respondents reported
openness to clairvoyance in the criminal justice setting. Cases are reviewed that used
techniques of Automatic Writing, Psychometry, Dowsing, Map Reading with a Pendulum,
Wrinkled Sheet Technique, and Distant Viewing.
Contents include: Clairvoyance in viewing documents & events; Clairvoyance and
Automatic Writing in criminal investigations; Clairvoyance applied in Manufacturing,
Construction & Business; Clairvoyant Objectology; Psychometry & Clairsentience; Map
Dowsing & Pendulums used in criminal investigations and surveillance strategies; The
crumpled paper technique.
Addendum 9, The Tattvic Connection— The Practices of Application
Meditation & Visualization Program #6 Earth/Earth
With the practice of compounding the Tattvas (Primal Elements) the role of the chakras
becomes more important. In such applications as Healing, the location of the primal
tattva presence may become a specific factor, as subtle energy centers are powerful
factors in specific applications of divination, magick, and spiritual growth. With
Divination, you ask a question and look for an answer; with Magick you look at the answer
and decide to act upon to accomplish a particular goal; with Worship (Invocation) your
goal becomes an inward quest for psychic empowerment and spiritual growth. Each of
these could be the subject of one or more extensive studies but we are only concerned
here with their relation to Clairvoyance. Traditionally, each of these applications involves
the use of dedicated aids or tools often chosen either by the user’s affinity and expertise
with the particular device, or by the nature of the operation. Divination often makes use
of crystal balls, divinizing rods, cards of various types, dice, yarrow stick, etc. Magick and
Invocation both may use incenses, costumes, controlled gestures, chants, symbols, and
more to raise specific energies and a particular state of consciousness, and then to give
direction in the case of magick to the accomplishment of an external goal and in the case
of invoking meditation to identification with a particular cosmic force usually identified
with a particular deity.
The Practices of Divination and Magick: The essential actions for all of these
operations are: To establish the goal; To chose the pertinent associations; To focus
consciousness (meditation) with particular intent. Here we present a table guiding your
meditation to invoke the Earth Energy & Consciousness and become identified with the
cosmic principle, and then a second table to guide a simple magickal working (active
meditation) to develop a talisman for success. We also discuss the concept of Goddess
Energy in both Eastern (yoga) and Western (magickal) traditions.
Primary Locations on the Human Body of Chakras, Tattvas, and Endocrine Glands.
Drawing of Earth—Seed of Earth. Divination Guide to Earth—Seed of Earth. Element
Overview Chart #9 (Earth Application). Element Overview Table #10 (Magickal Working
for Success).
CHAPTER TEN—Clairvoyance and Espionage in War & Peace
The “Cold War” may be over, but espionage is alive and well, and not limited to pure
military objectives but with accessing industrial, technological, WEB & ecommunications,
space, cyberspace and particular scientific areas. And, yes, once again a
growing interest in the paranormal sciences.
Rather than specifics, this chapter is intended to provide a background understanding
of methods and techniques involving the paranormal to supplement other “regular” spy
work and preparedness for destructive espionage. It is interesting to bear in mind that
warfare, cold and hot, seems to result in rapid advances in science and technology that
becomes very profitably deployed in consumer and industrial products. We may never
know “government secrets” about “psychic discoveries behind closed doors,” but the
possibilities are exciting.
Contents include: Remote Viewing, Map Dowsing and Psychokinesis; Chinese reported
to hack into American computers; Objectives of Espionage; Targets & Objectives; Not
limited to Military Targets and “Enemy Combatants”; Butter as well as Guns—
everything’s on the table, and everyone’s in the game; Biological, Mental, and Psychic (?)
Manipulations; Perceptions and Realities of Wars Today; Single person’s powerful
weaponry changes the battlefield; Religious Idolatry vs. Rational Behavior; Fortress
Strategy; Drug wars; “Black Budget; ”Futuristic Weapons & Psychic Possibilities; Facts
about psychic spies; commercial, technological & scientific targets; Assault on
Intellectual Property; Greed as “Normal Human Behavior”; Normal is not necessarily
Right; Individual Choice is fundamental to growth and freedom; Constitutional Rights,
self-awareness and self-defense—Don’t be a victim! Good Values mature from within; and
not from authoritarian imposition from without; Know what to look for; Don’t mix
physical with non-physical; Distance clairvoyance, remote viewing: The Cold War of
ideas & ideals; Lies, damned lies & everything else; The psychic arms race; psychic
abilities lack specifics reliability; Weapons systems & mind power; “Voodoo Warfare;” the
current situation; PK affect on electronics; astral projection or clairvoyance; remote
viewing & astral projection; relaxation procedure; Eye Blink procedure; astral projection,
clairvoyance & remote viewing programs; 3rd Eye; map dowsing; dowsing’s practical
applications; dowsing with a pendulum; hypnosis from far, far away; cold war paranoia;
hypnosis & psychic powers; psychokinesis; mind over matter; PK in the Lab; induced PK;
PK Bombardment Drill; PK & the Wellness Activation Program; The PK Rejuvenation
Addendum 10, The Tattvic Connection—Meditation & Visualization
Programs #7–#10 Earth—And its Compounds
The Earth we are discussing is not familiar physical dirt and rock but its astral “matrix”
composed of “emotional substance” from which all things material descend. Working with
astral earth we are “behind the scenes” in clairvoyance, magick, and understanding. In
real life, the Elements are compounded with one primary and others secondary.
Earth—Seed of Water: Timing is the Key to Success. Tattvic Earth is “Astral Earth,”
the precursor to manifest physical Earth. Earth is only “solid” in concept and “out of
habit” because it has been manifest so long that our memories determine our perception.
Through our clairvoyance we are looking “behind the scenes” to see things in the process
of becoming and still affected by thought and emotion. The challenge here is in the
compounding of one primary element with one secondary element, and then creating a
single geometric yantra expressing the nature of this relationship.
Earth—Seed of Fire: Human Ambitions & Resource Potential; Earth—Seed of Air:
Mind, & Matter; Earth—Seed of Ether: A Time of Transition—are described and each is
activated through its own Tattvic Connection Meditation & Visualization Program along
with unique compound yantras, tables and Divination Guides.
CHAPTER ELEVEN—Clairvoyance & Astral Projection
Parting of the Seas, or of the Ocean of Consciousness in which we have our being;
Clairvoyance & astral projection are together the most dynamic & distinctive extension of
human consciousness and the real foundation for all our knowledge, for all visionary art,
poetry, music and or mythology—which is a metaphysical expression of history and
cosmological science. With clairvoyance we are responding to “incoming” but with astral
projection we are dealing with “outgoing.” The mechanics of consciousness functions
through many bodies and many levels. The New Science of the Paranormal is active, not
passive, and global in approach combining East with West. It is at the leading edge of
“particle metaphysics.” Raising “vibrations,” we expand our perceptions to new levels.
Contents include: Spiritual knowledge; increase in sensitivity; Incoming, or Outgoing;
Many bodies & many levels; More than one type of Out-of-Body Experience; The right
connections, ask the right question; “Active” sensitivity & seekers; Everything vibrates;
Kundalini & the Chakras; “Up, up, and away!” Physical, etheric, astral, mental . . . a
vehicle for the Soul; “Particle” metaphysics; expanding sensory capacities to perceive
higher reality; projections of the astral body, of the etheric double, of the mental body.
The Mental Thought Form as Vehicle. Vibrational Power
Addendum 11, The Tattvic Connection—Meditation & Visualization
Programs #11–#15 Water—And its Compounds
Water, Water, everywhere—but not a drop to drink! You can’t drink Astral Water to
quench physical thirst, but you can imagine drinking fluids, and in your imagine charge
wines and other physical fluids with emotional and mentally developed intentions. Water
is a “fluid Solvent and Carrier” enabling the transfer of many substances from one place to
another and enabling the application of the transferred substance’s own characteristic to a
different person, place, another substance, etc. Sometimes, the enabled compound has
greater powers and different functions that either the carrier or the transferred substance
as a result of Water’s Solvent capability. All that is true of physical Water is even more so
in the case of Astral Water and is further intensified in the compounding with its own
element and the other primal elements.
The single geometric yantras expressing the nature of these relationships that
characterize so much of our lives—Water—Seed of Water: Fluidity, Flexibility, & the
Universal Solvent; Water—Seed of Earth: Initiation & Realization of Higher Potential;
Water—Seed of Fire: Opposites Fire-Up Romance & Ambition; Water—Seed of Air: The
Moon Rules the Motion of Water; Water—Seed of Ether: Feeling Guided by Intuition—are
described and each is activated through its own Tattvic Connection Meditation &
Visualization Program along with unique compound yantras, tables and Divination Guides.
CHAPTER TWELVE—Self-Hypnosis & Clairvoyance: 
The Journey Inward & Beyond
Self-hypnosis with clairvoyance generates an unparalleled interactive state of personal
empowerment. Self-hypnosis can generate clairvoyant awareness with the power to meet
unexpected challenges and draw upon inner resources including those from past-lives.
Together they open new doors to knowledge and new opportunities for growth.
Contents include: The Power of Together; Achieving your highest personal goals;
Inner potentials of self-hypnosis & clairvoyance used together; the unification of power;
the Blue Moon technique; the Unification of Power Self-Hypnosis Program; the Blue
Sapphire; Past-life experiences; Applications in advancing technology; Self-hypnosis: the
liberation of perception; expanding awareness; Self-Empowerment through psychic
empowerment; protective shield; the Shield of Power Program; case histories: recovery
of lost ring, extended sensory awareness & ESP, in criminal investigations, in science
discoveries, in artistic creativity; Opening new doors to knowledge; new opportunities for
Addendum 12, The Tattvic Connection—Meditation & Visualization
Programs #16–#20 Fire—And its Compounds
Fire—the Element of Transformation and the Birth of Civilization; Astral Fire; the
importance of applications; Fire—Seed of Fire: Human Control over Primal Power &
Passion; Fire—Seed of Earth: The Human Powers to Initiate Transmutation & Cause
Change; Fire—Seed of Water: Empowering of Natural & Human Resources; Fire—Seed of
Air: A Powerful Combination, but Might does not Make Right! Take Care that Ambition
isn’t Blinding; Fire—Seed of Ether: Energized Enthusiasm, Empowered Intuition with
Divination Guides.
CHAPTER THIRTEEN—Clairvoyance & Sleep
Sleep provides the ideal mental and physical state for spontaneous clairvoyance that is
conducive to increased awareness on a need-to-know basis. Clairvoyance during sleep is
always purposeful and multi-functional—drawing upon conscious and subconscious
resources, and identifying factors conducive to success. When these are acted upon, such
success if almost always assured.
The sleep state can also organize our daytime experiences in ways that spontaneously
activate our subconscious clairvoyance faculties during sleep. Pre-sleep strategies
facilitate sleep clairvoyance directed to meet objectives.
Contents Include: Sleep & spontaneous clairvoyance, and the “need-to-know” factor;
Principle of multiple causation, of multiple possibilities; clairvoyant perception during
sleep is consistently purposeful and multi-functional; empowering possibilities in
spontaneous sleep clairvoyance, with case histories; the interactive nature of
clairvoyance; daytime residue and clairvoyant symbolism, with case histories;
clairvoyance facilitators; Pre-sleep Guidance Program to facilitate clairvoyance;
therapeutic power of clairvoyance during sleep; case history with a red rose; clairvoyant
PK during sleep; future oriented clairvoyance.
Addendum 13, The Tattvic Connection—Meditation & Visualization
Programs #21–#25 Air—and its Compounds
Astral Air, like all the other subtle forms of the elements, is both like and unlike the
physical form. It is the astral energy forms that actually condition the physical
manifestation, and so the more we understand their astral nature the more control we can
gain over the physical. With each element we note their particular characteristics: with
elemental water and fire we deal with emotional factors, while with elemental air we deal
with mental factors. Air—Seed of Air: intuition, inspiration, discovery & invention; Air—
Seed of Earth: turning inspiration into realization; Air—Seed of Water: stormy weather, or
a lovely affair, OR plenty of mental excitement; Air—Seed of Fire: the power of
inspiration; Air—Seed of Ether: planning for change with divination guides.
CHAPTER FOURTEEN—Clairvoyance in Business, in Work & Career, and
Part One: Clairvoyance is Purposeful and Empowerment Driven, by Joe H. Slate.
Clairvoyance is an etheric extension of sensory perception, consistently purposeful
and empowerment driven. Spontaneous or induced, it is valued because of its capacity to
unveil realities otherwise unavailable. By increasing our awareness of existing conditions,
both present & future, clairvoyance empowers us to more effectively manage present
realities and facilitate achievement of our personal goals. Pursuits related to all areas of
our lives, including educational, business, work, and careers, are all enriched through
clairvoyant insight and our readiness to apply it. Through clairvoyance, we accelerate
learning; and through learning, we increase our clairvoyant skills.
Contents include: Clairvoyance unveils realities otherwise unavailable to us, and
empowers us to effectively manage them and achieve personal goals. Clairvoyance
bridges the gap between the known and the unknown. The Integrative Science of learning
and success; The Fourfold Awareness of unseen realities and the relevance of
clairvoyance to learning and success; clairvoyance in the real world; improved
management programs; The Multiversal Power Program.
Part Two: Clairvoyance is part of Your Life, by Carl Llewellyn Weschcke
Clairvoyance can be an ever-present function in your daily life. Everyone has some
clairvoyant ability, and that ability manifests in different ways, in varying degrees, and at
different levels in the course of nearly all your activities—at home, at work, at play, at
school. It’s particularly prominent in the relationship between family members, between
fellow students, workers, and associates, with team players, and any time you are “looking
ahead,” whether driving an automobile or spying on the enemy, or recognizing and
solving a problem, inventing, innovating and being creative, and in sports activities where
split-second decisions must be made with “that-moment” awareness of all the action
around you. Clairvoyance is developed thorough (1) your recognition of it in your life and
(2) its exercise with or without the particular aids we otherwise refer to as “tools and
techniques.” But it also benefits from study, development, exercise, and accumulating
experience. And more so as you become aware of it as actually a real part of life—
everyday in every way!
Fully explored are the factors of success pertinent in any business or organization
activity, including the Group Mind and the Master Mind, the role of specific subject
expertise, the challenges of specific management and financial expertise, the omnipresent
need for ethics and self-responsibility,
Contents include: Clairvoyance is innate to everyone; extended awareness; where
everything is above normal; tools of the trade; etheric extensions of sensory organs;
Lower clairvoyance: gut feelings; middle clairvoyance; “feelings;” good or bad. Action is
at the core of being alive; goals are Beyond “what is;” “Reaching beyond” is the nature of
being Human! the method of achievement is called “Business;” Achievement is called
“Success;” the source of personal empowerment; training for success; business science;
the science of Futurology; the Group Mind; the Master Mind; give it a NAME and a
Statement of Purpose; heart feelings; “Your Voice, Your Vote;” “Ask, and Ye shall
Receive;” Talk and “Self-Talk” as technology; Higher clairvoyance: “Power Up!” the
“Visionaries;” Great Answers to Great Problems.
Addendum 14, The Tattvic Connection—Meditation & Visualization
Programs #26–#30 Ether—and its Compounds
Ether, Aether, Aethyr, Spirit, Space, and “Clear Sky:” Source & Resource, Start & Finish—
and all these things and the source for the other four Primal Elements. As astral energies
all these elements flow into one another and into Ether to become Universal Ether, and
then flow out again as Ether, Air, Fire, Water, and Earth in a constant ascending and
descending within the field of manifestation. From Spirit all things come; To Spirit all
thing return. Spirit/Space exists in all things, and between all things. Things appear out of
Space/Spirit and disappear back into Spirit/Space. But, “elemental” Spirit is not the same
as “spirits of the departed or the Spirit of the “Spirit Body” or the “Spiritual Plane.” Nor is
it the “Holy Spirit” of Christian and other Trinities. But it is all these too. Astral Senses
and Actions are extensions of physical senses and actions and are known as paranormal
phenomena and functions.
Ether—Seed of Ether: Renewal, Rebirth & Time to Move Forward; Ether—Seed of
Earth: The Past is Prologue to the Future; Ether—Seed of Water: The Higher Dimensions
of Emotion; Ether—Seed of Fire: The Drive for Greatness; Ether—Seed of Air: The Power
of the Word with Divination Guides.
CHAPTER FIFTEEN—Case Studies & Cameo Reports
Lab research is critical to understanding clairvoyance, but it is personal experience that
provides compelling evidence of its relevance in daily life. Detailed case studies and
cameo reports of personal experiences open a vast window into its diverse
manifestations. Clairvoyance can become a critical key to successful problem solving and
improved quality of life, facilitate better decisions, and generate insight in relationships
and interactions. It is a particular factor—mostly unconscious—in the creative arts which
can benefit from its conscious development.
Contents include: Clairvoyance at its best; Clairvoyant slips of the tongue; Therapeutic
Clairvoyance; Creative Clairvoyance; Extreme Clairvoyance; Automatic Walking; Crimerelated
applications of automatic walking; Clairvoyant coming together in group practice;
Automatic Biking; Animal Clairvoyance: fact or fiction; Insect Clairvoyance; a Master
Dowser; the Three Critical Essentials to Successful Dowsing; Inter-dimensional
Clairvoyance. Case examples are included in support of the conclusions.
Addendum 15, The Tattvic Connection—Meditation & Visualization
Program #31 The Feminine Force
The Life Force is almost universally recognized as feminine in myth, tradition, and
cosmology. Not until the appearance of organized religion (organized and dominated by
men) was the male given prominence. In the new world of modern science, gender is
named “positive & negative” and given equal balance.
It takes two to Tango, and a Woman & Man together to make a baby—or does it? And,
baby makes three? A woman’s choice; “Virgin Birth” and parthenogenesis In myth and
religion; And “Mom” is not always needed! The cosmological feminine force; the Great
Mother as archetypal fact; Shakti, the Goddess of many names and forms. Clairvoyance
and Woman’s Intuition. The Wise Woman. The Great Goddess; clairvoyance & woman’s
intuition. The Tattvic Meditation & Visualization Program #31: The Feminine Force.
CHAPTER SIXTEEN—Practice Exercises in Clairvoyance
Only through research can the science of clairvoyance be advanced; but only through
practice can the art of clairvoyance be mastered. When practiced on a regular basis,
exercises in clairvoyance generate a multifunctional effect that is relevant to your total
growth and development. Clairvoyant skills, once acquired through practice, will add
power, meaning, and success to your daily life. Clairvoyance brings an expansion of
consciousness that becomes global in application.
The human aura energy field envelops the physical body and manifests the forces that
characterizes our existence as evolving souls. By interacting with the aura you can
experience the fundamental nature of your existence—mentally, physically, and
spiritually. You can activate your dormant mental & psychic faculties to bring forth
empowering change in your life and the world.
Contents include: Developing Clairvoyance; commitment & practice; developmental
guidelines; laboratory research in practical applications; a higher domain of power; inner
domain readiness; the Human Aura: clairvoyant power at hand; Aura hand-viewing
technique & interpretations; Aura self-embracement; objective aura viewing; Mind/Body
interactive program; Pendulumology; clairvoyant sharing; crystal gazing; Spherical
Screen technique with crystal ball; Re-education psychotherapy; frontals muscle
relaxation; Clairvoyance from Beyond Exercise; interaction with the non-physical Realm.
Addendum 16, The Tattvic Connection—Meditation & Visualization
Program #32
Yes, we can shape and change the “Future” and make it happen but it requires knowledge
and understanding of the surrounding circumstance in the present that are causal to the
future, and vision of those “shadows cast from the future” that can still be modified. It can
be done, but the scale is limited to one person at a time or the ability to mobilize sufficient
numbers to focus on broader issues.
Can we shape, or actually change, the Future? (Yes) Know the Present, Plan the Future.
Mind Magic. Enjoy! That’s the Key. The Role of the Astral; the Power of the Imagination.
What is Magic? Knowledge, Goal, Analysis, Program, Schedule. The Mirror Projection &
Analysis Technique. Key Future Shaping Primal Elements. Program for Shaping the
Future. Letting Go. Go with the Flow.
CHAPTER SEVENTEEN—Clairvoyance & Esotericism
The meaning of modern (and ancient) esotericism: the Unity of all (the ultimate unified
field theory), Nature as a Living Entity in which we participate, the “secret language” of
symbols in Myth & Magick, self-directed personal and spiritual transformation. It is the
science of psychic development and then psychic empowerment that results as inner
revelations become the foundation for outward application and action. Today, we call it
the New Science of the Paranormal and it includes a growing knowledge of human and
non-human life streams, a growing ability to overcome limitations to human life, and a
new understanding of feminine and masculine.
Contents include: Esotericism & New Age Occultism. What does “Esotericism” Mean?
Theory of Correspondences. Theory of Nature as a Living Entity. Mediating Elements.
Personal & Spiritual Transformation. Inner Sources. Sources for Esoteric Truths. The
Source for Esoteric Power. Alone and Together, we ascend the Great Pyramid. The
Western Tradition. More than the sum of its parts. Continuing Evolution—Personal &
Cosmic. A Plan of Guiding Instructions. Gods in the Making. Human and non-human Life
Streams. “Disturbances in the Cosmos.” The Cosmic Shift and Clairvoyance. Not “Toys”
but Tools & Aids. A Woman’s Affair? Urgency for Clairvoyant Development.
Addendum 17, The Tattvic Connection—Meditation & Visualization
Program #33 Astral Doorways
The powerful yantras are used as astral doorways to enter into and tap into the re-sources
of these inner dimensions, while at the same time healing emotional conflicts and
restoring distorted energy flows in the physical & etheric bodies. There is a science to
selecting an astral doorway but it also a personal art that is yours alone.
The Computer Monitor Screen to contain the image of a desired goal; powerful magical
symbols don’t have to be old; the immensity of the Astral World in which nothing is
forgotten but remains in your sub conscious; emotional (Astral) substance; the Mind as
instrument to perceive; Time: the 4th dimension; the interplay of astral with physical;
maps, windows & doorways; selecting an astral doorway; Short list of Elemental
Associations for the Five Primal Tattvas; Using the Astral Doorway as a Transformational
Program; Where do we go from here? anywhere and everywhere: the Astral is infinite.
CHAPTER EIGHTEEN—Higher Consciousness & Clairvoyance
Even physical “Death” is not an Ending but a New Beginning as the Incarnating Spirit
moves its focus to the astral level while the vacated physical body decays to become
many new beginnings of life in other biological forms. The form changes, but Growth—in
one way or another, in one dimension or another—is a constant. We can accelerate our
growth, but we will never regress.
When you begin a new program—of any sort—in personal development, there will be
consequences—even if you interrupt your efforts for a time. The “Great Work,” once
begun, continues in the background bringing you opportunities, contacts with helpful
people and spirit entities, even seemingly chance encounters with books, articles, and
happenings. It’s as if the Universe is saying, Welcome, “Pilgrim,” welcome to the “Path.”
The World of Action & Reaction is our field of dreams, our theatre of desire, our school of
learning, our base for action. We are Consciousness, and we are also Agents of
Consciousness. We are Co-Creators and (far, far from now)—Gods in the Becoming—
manifesting Consciousness in increasing diverse forms throughout our World of
Experience while at the same time focusing on our own developmental path.
Contents include: Everything has a beginning, but there are No Endings—only New
Beginnings! The form changes but growth is constant; every action has consequences; in
the Beginning: evolving consciousness; the world of action & experience; evolution: the
Great Plan & the Great Work; what is Consciousness? The Tree of Life; can Consciousness
know Itself? can Consciousness define itself? “I think, therefore I am!” and “I am that I
am!” “I am, therefore I am!” Consciousness is divided: exoteric and esoteric; the great
evolutionary plan; higher consciousness; most people are half-asleep; without
INTENTIONAL FOCUS you are not fully awake; ordinary consciousness; spiritual
approaches to consciousness; why the need to develop Higher Consciousness? the Next
Step; the “Triumph of Will.” The Crown Chakra; Kundalini Fire; A Crowning Meditation;
Awakening the Crown Chakra Program. All is Consciousness.
CHAPTER NINETEEN—Clairvoyance—for Psychic Empowerment & Self
This book is not just ABOUT clairvoyance but the development and applications of
clairvoyance FOR Psychic Empowerment. The “self” we seek to empower through life
experiences and the specific development and exercise of abilities and skills is not the
Higher Self, and not the Soul but that which we call the persona. Generally, the persona is
thought of as the “mask” that we project to outwardly represent ourselves, and that too is
correct, but we also mean that it is the self we want to be and that we are becoming,
Becoming the best we can be, it is the essence of this self that endures and becomes part of
the Higher Self and is refined into our Immortal Soul. “Empowerment” is a name for our
life job; the accomplishment of learning and growth.
Clairvoyance, by itself, is an empty vision, a sound without meaning. But clairvoyance,
when applied to a goal is not limited to a single vision of the single moment of time, but
can expand to incorporate the process of Past into the Present and project into the
Future. It becomes a vision filled with life, multiplied by surrounding details, and colored
with meaning. Using Visualization as a process, vision can be projected into new reality.
But this power, lacking specific knowledge, can be dangerous—so we need to learn, learn,
learn, and never to stop learning.
The “promise” of clairvoyance is that it is the next step in human evolution. When we
speak of “psychic empowerment,” we are really talking about the culminating mastery of
clairvoyance which involves the complete integration of all the lower levels of the Whole
Person—the Astral, Mental, and Causal levels that use the Physical/Etheric Body as a
temporary vehicle during incarnation. In developing our psychic powers (referring to any
or all of those tools and techniques we call “psychic”)—probably over several lifetimes of
accelerating growth—we are completing construction of our “super consciousness,” the
third level of our triune persona.
Contents include: Clairvoyance FOR Psychic Empowerment. What is the “Psyche?”
What is “Personality?” Clairvoyance & Astral Projection—separately and together; the
weird astral world; the superstitions about “Higher” Worlds; knowledge builds on
knowledge; it’s all in the details; the Active Imagination & visualization; using our psychic
power tools; Warning! Be wary of making “the Unreal the Real.” Reach out and touch
someone; Psychic Empowerment is both a process and a promise; evolution is inexorable,
but empowerment is not! Humanity has to grow beyond itself. No, the Future is not predetermined.
(The intention of this chapter is to outline research areas and specific projects for
volunteers, students, practitioners, and scientists to carry out for developmental study
through the International Parapsychology Research Institute and Foundation (PRIF) and
publications under the new category)
Parapsychology—at a “Dead End?” No, not exactly. But it’s stuck! It’s stuck in an
outdated concept of a clockwork Newtonian physical universe while Paranormal Science
has moved on to a consciousness-filled universe inclusive of Quantum Theory and nonphysical
realities as well as physical realities of matter and energy. In a way,
parapsychology hasn’t been much alive since it stopped dealing with dead people in the
midst of 19th century Spiritualism and stopped being called “Psychical Research.” Early
20th century parapsychology did serve to prove “there’s something there” using statistical
methods, but couldn’t develop models that had a place for phenomena outside the closed
environment of the laboratory and the closed thinking centered in a purely physical
universe. Scientists, and others, preferred to say that anything outside of “normal” was
nothing but superstitious nonsense and dangerous thinking!
Now such phenomenon is perceived and investigated within the “equation” of
whatever psychic power or healing technique is being used. We no longer accept things by
“faith” but look for logical consistency between theory and phenomena. The phenomena
of the Divining Rod, for example, is consistent within the framework of geo-magnetic
science and knowledge of the association between the vibratory rates of particular
materials and that of the sample attached to the rod or the mental statement held in the
diviner’s mind.
We seek understanding and then practical application. Our horizons are far different
today than previously, and our New Science of the Paranormal must be inclusive of the
new sciences of Quantum Physics, Cellular Biology, Archetypal and Analytical
Psychology, and new understandings of older practices like Lunar Agriculture, Magnetic
Healing, Palmistry, Homeopathic, and other non-Allopathic Medicine practices, etc., and
alternative views of the Universe through Astrology, the Kabbalah, Indian Tantra and
Taoism, and such tools of insight as the Tarot, I Ching, Runes, and more.
We have an imperative need to broaden our horizons because it applies to everything
we do—not just to our New Science of the Paranormal. We are in the New Age—one that
is raising consciousness and expanding awareness in a new focused evolutionary drive
that commands participation in global citizenship. But it is also through our practice of
the New Science, through our development of Clairvoyance and other psychic powers
that we grow into more than we are and attain the greater capacity and wholeness needed
to meet these new challenges with personal responsibility.
Contents include: From the Dark Ages to Enlightenment and the Age of Reason; the
American Revolution & the Bill of Rights; the reading revolution & universal education;
the “real” New Age; “Knowledge Builds on Knowledge” in a constant process of review,
renewal, and discovery—free of restraint, restriction, and isolation; the intellectual abuse
and misuse of language; the origins of mythology & religion; “Truth,” & fiction; religion
vs. spirituality; “institutional science” vs. the scientific method; the denial of non-physical
reality; “What the Mind Conceives to be Real, Becomes Real;” from higher to lower, and
from lower to higher; the key to divination and the key to magick; the battle against
religious domination of education and the threat of biblical theocracy; the birth of
psychical research and parapsychology; magical illusions; recognized areas of paranormal
research; new and broadened horizons of research; there is nothing “normal” about the
paranormal; our multi-dimensional universe; accept no intellectual barriers: no science
operates in isolation; the interconnected global society; the imperative need to develop
clairvoyance; science & the psyche. Two approaches: cosmic & personal; clairvoyance is
the primary psychic skill; not “toys” but tools and aids. A call for personal &
organizational research.
APPENDIX A—The New Power of How-To
Throughout this book we’ve included 89 specially written programs and procedures,
mostly in the form of step-by-step meditation guides that are focused on specific growth
and transformative objectives. As “agents of the evolutionary process,” your success in
life benefits everyone and functions to Humanity’s own growth and transformation.
APPENDIX B—Companion Guide Audio CD for the Development &
Activation of Clairvoyance
In Chapter Eleven we provided an introductory program about the essential vibratory
nature of all physical and subtle energies making up your total psyche. Dr. Slate has
developed and recorded the “Vibrational Activation of the Astral Body for Clairvoyance
& Astral Projection” to facilitate your own experience—and further personal
development—of this powerful psychic technology.
APPENDIX C—You, a Scientist?
Specific subjects and research techniques are suggested for individuals, groups, and
everyone to participate and advance the public awareness. Also Guidelines to content and
style needed for formal research reports along with suggestions for article writing and
sharing of interests via conferences, social media, print and e-media, etc., all to increase
public interest and awareness of the Paranormal Revolution/Evolution.
GLOSSARY & Suggested Reading List
A veritable “Galaxy” of Words & Meanings pertinent to this book, along with suggestions
for additional reading.

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A Bit of Esoteric History
Long before modern times, Myth and Religion described universal
reality without real separation between mundane or divine, objective and
subjective, observable or beyond ordinary perception. Physical objects
were “seen “and named and physically manipulated, while invisible forces
were given the names and attributes of “gods.” The gods were ceremonially
worshiped by tribal rulers and priests, and their powers manipulated
through prayers and rituals.