Business Hack: The wealth dragon way to build a successful business in the digital age

Business Hack: The wealth dragon way to build a successful business in the digital age

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John Lee

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 2019 John Lee

About the Author
John Lee is the co-founder and CEO of Wealth Dragons PLC. John
founded Wealth Dragons in 2009 with business partner Vincent
Wong and the company grew rapidly to become a global leader in
promoting events and training programmes that give people the
tools to change their lives through creating asset-based wealth and
passive income. Recently, John launched Wealth Dragons Online,
which is set to become one of the largest e-learning platforms for
entrepreneurs in the world.
After a humble start in life, born to Chinese immigrant parents
in the north of England, John went from working shifts in his
parents’ Chinese takeaway business to becoming a self-made millionaire
by the time he was 27. Initially creating his wealth by investing
in a successful property portfolio, John went on to become an
internationally-recognised public speaker, sharing stages with some
of the greatest minds of our time, including former US President
Bill Clinton, Alan Sugar, Richard Branson, Jack Welch (ex-CEO of
GE) and Randi Zuckerberg. By 2018, John had gained over two
million followers on his Facebook page and had been featured
in the mainstream media, in publications including The Sunday
Times, The Huffington Post and The Wall Street Journal, and on
the BBC. In 2017, John Lee was awarded “Man of the Year” at the
Global Woman Awards.
Business Hack is John Lee’s second book published by John
Wiley & Sons. He is also the co-author of The Wealth Dragon Way,
first published in 2015, with its revised edition due out at the end of 2018.

Imagining a world without the Internet is becoming increasingly
difficult. The younger generations have never known a world without
the availability of instant online information and resources at the
touch of a button. Whether you like it or not, business is conducted in
cyberspace. Even the most hands-on, tangible products need to be visible
and available to purchase online. We receive the majority of our
information through the digital medium, and increasingly not even
through our laptops, but through our smartphones and tablets. And
yet I still come across people with businesses who are not using all
the online resources available to them, who feel reluctant to explore
cyberspace, who resist investing time andmoney in their online presence.
I try to impress upon them that the days when using Internet
tools for business was optional are long gone; having an online presence,
a digital business profile, is now an essential, core element of
your business. If you are not online, you are very much offline… i.e.
not in the picture! You and your business exist in today’s oversaturated,
ultracompetitive business environment. If you have a growing
business and you do not have an online presence and a digital marketing
strategy, you are virtually lifeless.
I am part of a generation that has watched the Internet come
into existence. As I grew up and evolved into an entrepreneur,
so the Internet has become a core part of my personal life and
my professional world. One of my first jobs was selling domains
to business owners who barely knew what the Internet was. I have
grown all my businesses by making use of the very latest online
resources. I have always loved passing on my knowledge to others,
and I get huge satisfaction from watching people learn new skills
that help them improve and grow their businesses. In this book
I share with you all my knowledge about using online resources for
business growth. Whether you are a fledgling start-up enterprise or
a well-established business, I hope you find something useful within
these pages. And I look forward to hearing about your success!
John Lee,
October 2018

Table of Contents
Preface xi
Acknowledgments xiii
About the Author xv
Introduction: My Business Journey 1

Part I The Old Rules
Chapter 1 Your Business and Products 19
Chapter 2 Sales and Marketing 27
Chapter 3 Building Your Sales Machine 41
Chapter 4 The Psychology of Selling 71

Part II The New Rules
Chapter 5 The Digital Revolution 87
Chapter 6 Your Online Presence 95
Chapter 7 The Power of Social Media 113
Chapter 8 A Guide to Building Successful Social Media Campaigns 123
Chapter 9 Branding in the Digital Age 139
Chapter 10 Cautionary Tales (Adapt or Die!) 153

Part III The Future Rules
Chapter 11 Predicting Future Trends 161
Chapter 12 Don’t Become a Human Bot! 171

Part IV Their Rules (Case Studies)
Chapter 13 Case Studies 177
Final Word: Your Business Story 193
Index 195

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