Believing That You Can

Believing That You Can

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A Collection of Essays by Florida's Adult Learners

Copyright 2013

Florida Literacy Coalition, Inc.

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Established in 1985, the Florida Literacy Coalition
promotes, supports and advocates for the effective delivery
of quality adult and family literacy services in the state of
Florida. As the statewide umbrella literacy organization and
those of Florida's Adult and Family Resource Center, FLC
provides a range of services to support more than 300 adult
education, literacy and family literacy providers throughout
Florida. Special emphasis is placed on assisting communitybased
organizations with their training and development needs.

Florida's Adult and Family Literacy Resource Center
250 North Orange Avenue, Suite 1110
Orlando, FL 32801

Phone: (407) 246-7110
Fax: (407) 246-7104


Florida Literacy Hotline
1(800) 237-5113

This book was designed to give adult learners the
opportunity to build confidence while also improving their
reading, writing and critical thinking skills. Adult learners
enrolled in adult education, literacy, ESOL and family
literacy programs throughout Florida were encouraged to
submit essays. The imagination and creativity of these
students shines through in their writing, reflecting a range of
perspectives and life experiences that are as diverse as the
authors themselves. The editorial committee chose to
minimize editing of submissions and therefore entries in the
book appear largely as they as they were received. The
views expressed in this publication do not necessarily
reflect the views of the Florida Literacy Coalition or other
affiliated organizations.

We congratulate the authors who contributed to this year’s
publication and hope you enjoy reading and learning about their journey.

Table of Contents
Someone or Something I Admire
A Daughter’s Choice A. Bolen 1
The Nicest Thing in My Life A. Canals 1
My Parents A. Correal 2
Raul C. Garcia 2
Isabel Cristina Perez C. Lemus 3
Someone I Admire D. Santiago 4
My Mother D. Knovac 5
Someone I Admire E. Sousa 5
Saulo Cortes, Youth & Wisdom E. Cortes 7
The Person I Most Admire F. Naranjo 8
The Person I Admire the Most J. Blanco 9
The Person I Admire J. Fondrose 10
I Most Admire My Mother L. Zambelli 11
Strength from Many Angels L. G. Kinney 12
A Portrait of My Grandma M. Reynaldo 13
A Mentor M. Segura 14
Someone I Admire N.W. Munoz-Ferrer 15
I Love Music N. Tokirova 16
The U.S.Government Helps Many People P. Charoenchit 17
A Person I Admire P. Emile 18
I Admire My Cousin R. Saenz 19
The Incredible Survivor that is 104! R. Lewis 20
Someone I Admire R. Reategui 20
Being a Caregiver R. Carnegie 21
Mom's Back Home S. Milgram 22
Who I Admire The Most S. Martinez 22
My Mom’s Sacrifice S. J. Ha 23
The Power of a Song T. Yue 24
My Experience In Adult Education
Patience, Perseverance, Practice A. Castro 26
School Life C. Estrella 27
My Experience in Adult Education D. Antonetty 28
My Success through Education E. Flores 28
My Experience in Family Service Center F. Berry 29
Education, You Must Have It J. Francklin Faustin 31
The Experience J. Lanphar 31
Life in Adult Education J. Islas 32
Adult Education H. Zhang 33
My Experience in Family Literacy Program K. Gibson 34
Why I Want To Learn English M.de la Luz Garcia 35
Columbia County Adult Ed. M. Rodriguez 36
I Believe in Me M. Bowie 37
The Effect of A Passionate Teacher M. Evans 37
A New Person In Me M. Trezalus 38
My Experience in Adult Education N. Harper 39
My Good Fortune at Leesburg Library P. Perrin 40
My Experience in Adult Education R. Charles 41
Adult Education and Literacy S. Saintilma 41
Don’t Fight Literacy S. Reed 42
Life in My Home Country Differs from Life in The U.S.
Life in The Philippines C. Chavez 44
Life in the Dominican Republic C. Dorval 44
Life in Mexico C. Melendez 46
Summer Time In Jamaica D. Green 47
How the U.S. Can Change My Life D. Waygain 48
Cultural Differences between Brazil & USA D. De Oliveira 48
A Substantial Move in My Life E. Valverdi 50
Living In America E. Baten Tum 51
Glad to be in the USA F. Su 52
Haiti is Different From America J. Isaac 53
Coming To America J. Bredy 54
Life in Cuba J. Mato 55
Different Ways Of Living K. Simon 56
How life in my home country differs from USA K. Pacheco 57
The Difference! M. Sangines 57
Life in My Home Country is Different M. Compere 58
Life In Honduras N. Alvarez 59
Life in Haiti P. Osner 60
I Live in the US Because of Cuba’s Problems R. Carcases 61
A Wonder I Can’t Explain R. St. Marc 61
As A Tourist S. Quiroz 62
Living in the United States T. Wittman 62
The American Dream
Following the American Dream A. Miranda 64
What the American Dream Means to Me C. Nwagbuo 65
What the American Dream Means to Me D. Emile 66
My American Dream D. Dymecki 67
The American Dream D. Montes 68
What the American Dream Means to Me G. Lopez 68
American Dream Tickles Me J. Sedlacek 69
What a dream to be an American! L. Jover 70
America Has What You Need M. Araujo 71
The American Dream M. Garcia 71
Chasing The American Dream M. De Armas 72
What the American Dream Means to Me S. Calsetta 72
My Unexpected American Dream S. Herrera 73
An Encounter That Changed My Life
An Encounter That Changed My Life A. Phravochit 75
Open Up and Bleed A. Penniman 75
Unfulfilled Love for Gina B. Artundaga 77
New Life J. Jones 77
Moved Out of My Country J. Carmona 78
How Jail Changed My Life for the Better J. Creamer 79
Predestined: How My Life Changed K. Johnson 80
America Has Changed My Life M. Severe 81
America, You Have Changed My Life R. Gabriel 82
Strength, Faith, and Hope S. Nieves 83
My Dream S. Nieves 84
An Encounter That Changed My Life S. Sierra 85
An Encounter That Has Changed My Life V. Morgan 85
My Favorite Place
Dunbar Community School A. Thompson 87
My Favorite Place is School A. Penaloza 87
Key West: Where Paradise Begins C. Rodriguez 88
My Favorite Place C. Jemson 89
My Garden D. Peterkin 90
My School E. Derrissant 90
The City I Would Like To Visit E. Blandino 91
The Most Beautiful Thing I've Ever Seen G. Hartfield 92
My Favorite Place G. Lachapelle 93
Naples G. German 93
A Place of Peace J. Carnala 94
My Favorite Place in the World J. Silva 94
My Country is My Home L. Nawabeet 96
My Favorite Place L. Koll 97
My Favorite Place M. Cabrera 97
That Special Place M.Jose Garcia 99
My Special Place M. Justiniano 100
My Favorite Place P. Phoonkate 100
Detroit S. Hunter 101
The Best Place to Visit in Tallahassee S. J. Kim 102
My Favorite Place S. Lebrun 102
My Favorite Place T. Damier 103
My Favorite Place W. Roblero 104
My Goals and Ambitions
Accomplishment and Commitment A.Herrera 106
My Goals and Ambitions A. Cortes 107
My Educational Goals A.Massey-Brown 107
My Goals And Ambitions A. Shanks 108
Getting My GED A. Tyeryar 109
My Successful Future B. Leguire 110
What Do I Want To Do? C. Chisco 111
Change Of Life C. Torquemada 111
My Long Term Goal C. Denis 112
Hopes for The Future C. Prickett 113
Why I Admire My Goals D. Travieso 113
My Goals And Ambitions E. Navarro 114
My Goals And Ambitions E. Dieujuste 114
My Goals And Ambitions E. Gonzalez 115
Dentist: It Is A Big Challenge F. Adilova 116
My Goals and Ambitions G. Elizaire 116
Playing Music for God G. Alexandre 117
My Future Dream J. Delgado 118
My Goal to Become a Doctor J. W. Paulin 119
My Goals and Ambitions J. Gonzalez 119
My Goal J. Regis 121
Will I Ever Get It? J. Navarrete 121
My Ambitions And Goals K. Moore 122
Goals and Ambitions K. Lee 122
Goals and Ambitions K. Smith 123
Ambition L. Bermudez 124
Goals L. Clark 125
My Goals and Ambitions L. Ortega 125
I Have Amazing Goals M. Sylvain 126
My Goals and Ambitions M. Moreno 127
My Ambitions for the Future M. Calderon 128
My Goals and Ambitions M. Marquez 128
My Dream to be A Pharmacist M. Registe 129
My Future Job M. Wimberly 130
Goals and Ambitions M. Mayorga 130
My Goals N. Charles 131
My Goals And Ambitions N. Youth 132
Raising Good Children is My Priority O. Lescaille 132
Sacrifices and Mountains R. Clervil 133
Roselene’s Goals and Ambitions! R. Philmonor 133
Hello Friends Y. Morales 134
My Goals and Ambitions V. Saintil 135
A Dream for Success X. Shen 135
My Goals for the Future Y. Noble 136
My Goals Y. Felipe 136
My Country Thailand B. Monwet 138
You are Strong C. Blank 138
A Positive Childhood Role Model C. Buchanan 139
My Country Germany D. Flemming 140
The Chase K. Loch 141
Things I Think Are Beautiful M. T. Seymour 141
The Best Me is Drug Free M. Carballo 142
The Best Me is Drug Free S. Serrano 143
Original Poetry
The Old Man of The Sea A. Brown 144
To Whom It May Concern A. Lopez 144
The Daughter A. Hernandez 145
In Her Arms A. Gaitan 146
I’m Sure You Know A. Smith 146
Heart of Gold A. Spears 147
I Am A. Orellana 147
Love Without Rest A. Sosa 148
Crying Heart B. Caldwell 148
Renaissance C. Portobanco 148
I Am D. Harris 149
I AM THERE FOR YOU E. Hicken 149
The Nature of Nature G. Severino 150
Mentors G. Greene 150
Life G. Philpot 151
Rebirth G. Diaz 151
I Am H. Osman 151
Endurance H. Meija 152
Don’t Be Silent J. Vititoe 152
I'm a Fiery Soul Who Loves Music J. Mursuli 153
My Addiction J. Rose 153
Counting J. Brown 154
A Loss of Two Brothers J. A. Granger 154
I Am a Mother Who Loves Her Children L. Thompson 154
I am not the Same Man L. Stephens 155
You are a Flower L. Avalos 156
RUSH M. Gwinn 156
Parents Will Be There M. Pauli 157
Still Here M. Bentley 157
I Persist and Believe in Goals O. Mauricio 158
I Am From Two Places P. Andrade 159
Paintbrush P. Bigbee 160
THE WOMAN P. Morales 160
A Crazy Thought P. Callazo 162
The Beginning of an Exciting Day R. Tutson 163
The Words of a Drug Addict R. Burles 163
These Eyes, God, and Me S. Spear 164
Our Amazing Journey S. Taylor 165
Sunny Day S. Curry 165
I am a Woman who Enjoys Life S. Bermudes 166
Addiction S. Royal 167
Goodbye Mr. Blue Anonymous 167
Ready to Thrive V. Sealy 168
I Am From Two Places X. MecĂ­as 169
Personal Story
What it Takes to Be A Good Parent A. Leon 171
A Life Changing Experience A. Mattingly 172
Life Lessons of My Childhood Anonymous 172
Planning My Daughter’s Wedding B. Caldwell 173
My Story B. Avila 174
Personal Story B. Postell 175
Happy At Last B. Deyoo 175
My Vacation at Stella Lake D. Woodard 176
My Life E. Workman 177
A Simple, Happy Life E. Guang Lin 178
My Heritage E. Jackson 179
Fate, Faith, and Fulfillment E. Bajerska 179
When I Grew Up F. Rhymes 181
Taylor G. Morales 181
The Power of Love G. Besbai 182
Working in America G. Marshall 183
Gregoria’s Life G. Ponce 184
My Challenge G. Aee 185
Personal Story H. Flores 185
My Life Between Honduras and America I. Washington 186
Nothing is Accidental I. Dumitrescu 187
Thinking About The Future I. Okrasa 188
My Family J. Jones 189
My Special Day J. Morales 190
My Story J. Chen 191
Anything is Possible J. Mack 192
Moving Forward A. Rodriguez 192
The Haitian Earthquake J. J. Francois 193
My Story of Salvation J. Knopp 194
People as They Are L.Romero-Salcedo 195
My Life Story L. Maybin 196
My Life Story L. Eggleston 197
Personal Story M. J. Acosta 198
A Personal Story M. L. Jacques 199
Personal Story M. Judy 200
From Struggle to Success M. Tertulien 201
The Happiest Day in My Life N. Kiwan 202
My First Half-Marathon N. Menicucci 202
How did I get here? N. Sanchez 203
My Dream Came True N. Marusic 205
The Person I am Today N. Vasquez 205
Personal Story N. Diaz 206
To My Kids R. Anaya 207
My Dreams Are Coming True S. Khanam 208
Unbelieveable S. Cruz 209
Personal Story S. Bogan 209
Home U. Feuerbach 210
The Love of My Life V. Black 211
A Turning Point in My Life
The Turning Point Of My Life A. Iturria 213
Crossroads A. Palfalvi 214
Literacy Tutoring Has Changed My Life A. Fuster 214
Looking for God A.Gomez- Duque 215
A Turning Point A.L. Rios 216
Life is Better When You Can Read Anonymous 217
A Turning Point in my Life A.Brunet-Carcases218
New Life A. Simal 219
A Turning Point in My Life A. Cuza 220
Metamorphosis C. T. 220
How Black History Changed My Life C. Gary 221
Prison: A Turning Point D. Carnevale 222
I Am Different J. Sica 223
Fisher and Me F. Taylor 224
The Turning Point in My Life I. Tiresias 225
Turning Point in Life J. Cineus 225
My Last Chance J. Luna 226
A Turning Point in My Life J. J. Louis 227
Keeping My Dreams Alive J. Zurita 228
A Turning Point in My Life K. M.Seabrook 228
That's Why I Changed That Day L. Paul 229
How Literacy Tutoring Has Changed My Life L. Ma 231
A Turning Point in My Life M. Magalhaes 232
A Turning Point in My Life M. Greenwell 233
Don’t Blink M. Nitsche 234
A Turning Point in My Life M. Bermudez 235
Literacy Tutoring Has Changed My Life M. Mathis 236
Education Changes You Inside and Out N. Medina 237
To My Son N. Martinez 238
A Turning Point In My Life N. Alford 239
A Turning Point in my Life O. Gayoso 239
A Turning Point in My Life O. Moreno 240
A Turning Point O. Garcia 240
Becoming A Mom R. Felix 241
A Turning Point in My Life R. Cazanas 242
Finding Me S. Trotter 243
A Turning Point in My Life Y. Peralta 243
I Once Was Lost Y. Flaig 244
Why Voting is Important
Why Voting Is Important M. Aristor 246
Why Voting is Important P. Renold 246

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