Advanced Social Media Marketing: How to Lead, Launch, and Manage a Successful Social Media Program

Advanced Social Media Marketing: How to Lead, Launch, and Manage a Successful Social Media Program

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by Tom Funk

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 2013 by Tom Funk

About the Author
Tom Funk has been involved in ecommerce and online
marketing since the emergence of the commercial
internet in the mid 1990s A senior marketing manager
at Green Mountain Coffee Roasters, he has a wealth of
experience in social media, online advertising, website
usability, and more Tom is a frequent speaker at
industry conferences and events His previous books
include Web 2.0 and Social Media Playbook for Business

I’d like to thank all the businesses whose stories and experiences helped shape this book
Thanks to Michael McHale at Subaru of America, and Chris Boudreaux of
Accenture, for sharing their insights with me in interviews My writing also
benefited from best practices learned from Select Design, Gary Vayverchuck and
the team at VaynerMedia, Shama Khabani of Marketing Zen Group, Ted Wright
of Fizz Marketing, Seth Godin, and the Zappos Insights crew
Thanks to Leslie Kennedy and Tina Rubio at Facebook for keeping us dialed
into new developments, and getting me that coveted invite to a Facebook Hack
Thanks too, to Fred Tietze, Amanda Swan, and Myra Sack at Extole for helping
us navigate refer-a-friend campaigns, and OpenGraph sharing
I’d like to thank everyone who makes social media tick at Green Mountain
Coffee Roasters, especially Kristen Mercure who keeps them all in line Thanks
to the folks on my Café Express social media team, Marybeth Longo, Rob
Ouellette, and Riley Houser, who launched our program and pushed it to greater
heights Thanks to Brian Galloway, with whom it’s such a kick to test all those
shiny, new Facebook advertising options.
My editor, Jeff Olson, is a joy to work with He knows his craft He’s smart, fast,
and knows the care and feeding of those unpredictible beasts called authors
Thanks also to Rita Fernando and Tamsin Willard, for moving the project swiftly
and smoothly from manuscript to finished product.
Thanks to the Sugarbush ski patrol, Dr Eric Benz of Champlain Valley
Orthopedics, and to Bristol Physical Therapy (Note to self: Next time you’re on
deadline for a book project, try not to ski into a tree.)
Finally, thanks yet again to my incredible wife Elizabeth and three fantastic
daughters Hannah, Molly, and Louisa I couldn’t have done it without you!

Table of Contents
About the Author

Chapter 1: The Business Case
Chapter 2: Best Practices
Chapter 3: The Platforms
Chapter 4: Advertising and Promotion
Chapter 5: Facebook Advertising
Chapter 6: Advertising on Twitter and Other Networks
Chapter 7: Operations
Chapter 8: Measuring Success
Chapter 9: Advanced Social Media Campaigns
Chapter 10: Power Up Your Platform
Chapter 11: Bringing It All Together

Appendix A: Business Plan Example
Appendix B: Task Checklist

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