A Three Dimensional Approach to Forex Trading

A Three Dimensional Approach to Forex Trading

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Answer’s the question - where is the market going next?

Using the power of relational, fundamental and technical analysis

by Anna Coulling


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 2013 Anna Coulling  
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Futures, stocks, and spot currency trading have large potential rewards, but also large potential risk. You must be aware of the risks and be willing to accept them in order to trade in the futures, stocks, and forex markets. Never trade with money you can't afford to lose. This publication is neither a solicitation nor an offer to Buy/Sell futures, stocks or forex. The information is for educational purposes only. No representation is being made that any account will or is likely to achieve profits or losses similar to those discussed in this publication. Past performance of indicators or methodology are not necessarily indicative of future results. The advice and strategies contained in this publication may not be suitable for your situation. You should consult with a professional, where appropriate. The author shall not be liable for any loss of profit, or any other commercial damages including,
but not limited to special, incidental, consequential, or other damages.

Who this book is for
This book is meant, above all, for anyone whose primary goal is to become a master forex
trader, written by someone with over 16 years trading experience.
If you are new to forex trading, A Three Dimensional Approach to Forex Trading will get
you going faster than any other book on the market. If you already have some forex trading
experience, this book will give you new skills and a deeper understanding of the inner
workings of the forex market.
In short, this book will give you the techniques and knowledge to become a confident and
successful forex trader.

Hi Anna,
Made up my mind.. I want to learn “forex trading” – after many months searching online
you’re the only authentic person I come across!! Can you help me??

Hello Anna,
Just found your site and am starting to dig in – seems like an endless source of knowledge –
thank you for your effort to put it up. I am new to forex – still study the bits. My tendency is
for buff trading-price action. Question is: how do you identify the psychology of the

Hello Ms Anna....!
I am very much impressed with your articles and your success story in the FX world. I am a
beginner...You may also call me a newbie..as I only know the operation of the MT4 -
platform...none of others...Since, it is my beginning...I will try all my best to learn, as much
as I can, from anywhere in the world...Kind regards, - MBZ

Hi Anna
That was really a nice and wonderful update of the market. I really enjoy it and wish the
best in your trading. But I still continue to ask to be shown how to get the USD index install
in my system. And are you still trading the forex fixed odd. Which broker do you use for that.
Thanks for your time.

Hi Anna,
Love your Covered Call website. Lucid and wise. I’m now a believer..................

Hi Anna,
Your site(s) are absolutely brilliant! Really informative and well written..........
Kind regards.

Hello Anna
I am enjoying your many websites and wish that I had found you a long time ago. I
appreciate your writing style and content. Please include me on the list for your book. How
often do you publish your newsletter?
Best wishes

Hi Anna
you are a daisy amongst weeds !!
thank you for your reply – I think I will stick to initial path for a while yet since travelled so
far down this route......thanks again

Hi Anna,
your site is excellent – I wish I had found you sooner!! thank you for sharing such valuable
information – it really is priceless, well written and comprehensive – I too am interested in
book. Ann

Hi Anna
Very useful thoughts as usual, thank you – I presume the hammer candle is a “reversal”
indicator – i.e. you could have the reverse situation after a period of increasing prices?

How I use the CFTC cot data - I’ve been a follower of Anna Coulling for a while now. I
suggest you check out this video. She’s worth bookmarking in my opinion. [...]
One of my favourite analysts whom I frequently check for her across the Pond perspective is
Anna Coulling and her thoughts today are worth reading: Gold Forming Strong Pennant on
Daily Chart.

Hi Anna,
Great to meet you at the traders expo . I will keep an eye on your web site.

Hi Anna,
I have followed your website and Facebook page for a while now and I find your work
really helpful – thanks!
I see gold has now broken through the triple top resistance of $1,425 – so I’ve bought GLD
LEAPS and Gold June 2011 futures today – but now I see your comment about buying on
strength – have I jumped the gun and bought too early do you think?

Table of Contents
An introduction to the forex market and why it’s all about money flow and sentiment, which
can only be seen by taking a three dimensional approach. And why there are only two risks in trading.
Chapter One : Assessing Market Sentiment
Market sentiment is one of the keys to understanding money flow as traders and investors move
between fear and greed and back again. This is revealed in the four capital markets and their
relationships with the forex market at their heart. In this chapter discover how to interpret
money flow for yourself, quickly and easily.
Chapter Two : Bonds & Bond Yields
Bonds are the least understood by forex traders and rarely, if ever watched. Yet the bond
market underpins the cost of money and consequent risk appetite and is therefore vital to
understanding market mood. Here you will learn about the power of bond yields and the clear
message they are sending you, as a forex trader.
Chapter Three : Commodity Markets Explained
Why the commodity market is the fulcrum of the financial markets. The place where real
currencies are converted into real goods. It is where money meets the real world of economic
supply and demand. It’s a market full of clues for forex traders if you know where to look. This
chapter will teach you how and where.
Chapter Four : Equity Markets Explained
Just like commodities, equities signal risk, return and money flow. It is where changes in the
broader economic cycle and risk sentiment are reflected in specific currencies. As one of the
few cash markets it also provides a real insight into money flow and volume.
Chapter Five : The Forex Market Revealed
This is the market where global politics and money collide creating a market of intrigue and
political chicanery played out at the highest levels. Here you will be discover what few forex
traders ever realize. This chapter alone will surprise you.
Chapter Six : The Bond & Commodity Relationship
One of the most complex of relationships which most traders ignore. Multi-faceted and
constantly changing according to the economic cycle, this relationship reveals where we are in
the economic cycle and, as a consequence, the likelihood of impending interest rate changes.
Changes which will ultimately reflect interest rate differentials in currency pairs with
consequent strength and weakness.
Chapter Seven : Bond & Equities
A non linear relationship, connected to the economic cycle. But one which is also heavily
influenced by sudden and unexpected market shocks. This is a pivotal relationship and one that
few forex traders ever appreciate.
Chapter Eight : Bonds & Currencies
A key money to money relationship. Differential bond yields can and do cause huge shifts in
money flow as central banks also indulge in the carry trade. This can result in great trends
which retail forex traders can also exploit.
Chapter Nine : The US Dollar
The king of currencies, and still the currency of first reserve. The US dollar remains the
lynchpin of the global economy. It underpins every capital market. As forex traders this is the
one currency we need to understand and track. This chapter will tell you all you need to know
about the US dollar.
Chapter Ten : Indices & Market Internals
Cross market and relational analysis can provide forex traders with some powerful insights
into market sentiment, risk and money flow. The key is to know which indices and markets to
follow. The price action on these instruments can help support and validate trading decisions
in all time frames.
Chapter Eleven : Secondary Perspectives
This chapter considers aspects of relational analysis with associated analytical techniques,
such as ratio analysis. This chapter also explains how to interpret the Commitment of Traders
Report (COT), the Gold Oil Ratio, and how they can be used in forex trading.
Chapter Twelve : The Fundamentals of Global Economies
If you don’t understand the economic powerhouses of the world you cannot trade forex with
any degree of confidence. This chapter takes a detailed look at countries and their economies
which currently dominate the forex markets and why.
Chapter Thirteen : The Next Generation
The economic powerhouses in waiting. The emerging powers and their associated currencies
are explained in detail. After all, it’s not always the majors that offer the best trading opportunities.
Chapter Fourteen : Asia Pacific Economies
Whilst Western economies continue to struggle, Asia Pacific booms. Once again this offers
forex traders some unique opportunities, provided you understand the economies of these countries.
Chapter Fifteen : Economic Cycles & Their Drivers
This is the world of global market cycles, interest rates, inflation and deflation, and is the
business of forecasting and managing economies around the world. Understanding the
economic cycle can give some great perspectives on where and why currencies are moving.
Chapter Sixteen : Economic Indicators Explained
Whether we like it or not, economic releases are a fact of life and can blind side even the best
technical trader. This chapter covers the most important economic indicators and fundamental
news releases which drive the markets. It also explains their significance, their impact and
their relevance which all depend on where we are in the economic cycle. This chapter also
explains why the Rating Agencies are losing their power.
Chapter Seventeen : An Introduction to Technical Analysis
The third element of market analysis. This final element completes the three dimensional
approach. Technical analysis is an art, not a science and in this chapter you will discover why.
Chapter Eighteen : Technical Indicators
One of the problems many traders face is knowing which indicators to use and when. With
hundreds to choose from it can be a very difficult decision. Here we cover some of the more
popular, and also explain why volume and price are the most powerful. The methods revealed
will revolutionize your trading.
Chapter Nineteen : Technical Analysis Techniques
The most useful technical analysis techniques explained in detail and how they can be used to
determine market direction.
Chapter Twenty : In The Currency Jungle
In the final chapter of the book, I explain the characteristics of each currency, as well as a
variety of major, cross and exotic currency pairs. Just as in the jungle, there are hidden dangers
awaiting, and in today’s forex world, even more so. Here you will discover which currencies
to consider and why, and how their personalties change, once they become a pair. In addition
you will also discover the power of the currency matrix.
You will now have the skills and knowledge to become a master forex trader in your own
right. Please keep in touch and let me know how you you get on.
Acknowledgments & Trader Resources
List of the chart providers used in this book along with details of free resources for forex traders.

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[At age 106] People are always worried about the economy and the world, especially since
the financial crisis of 2008 and Europe’s sovereign debt crisis in 2011. I feel that people
should learn to be optimistic because life goes on, and sometimes favorable surprises come
out of the blue, whether due to new policies or scientific breakthroughs.
Irving Kahn