The New Sex Bible for Women

The New Sex Bible for Women

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- The Complete Guide to Sexual Self--Awareness and Intimacy -

Amie hArWick, m.A.

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 2015 Quiver

About the Author
Amie Harwick is a marriage and family
therapist in los Angeles. Amie obtained her
bachelor of arts in psychology from California
polytechnic university, pomona, and her
masters in clinical psychology from pepperdine
university. Her primary therapeutic focus is in
areas surrounding sexuality with an emphasis on
education to promote positive sexuality to reduce
shame, and encouraging sexual self-awareness
and personal growth. Amie writes for a variety of
publications including Playboy, Elite Daily, and
Viva Glam Magazine. Additionally, she has been
showcased as an expert on current therapy issues with Fox news.

You already know how unique you are as a person:
you’ve got thousands of likes, dislikes, strengths,
weaknesses, and quirks that make you you. Same goes for
your sexual self: you’ve got your own needs and desires,
and they’re not the same needs as your sister’s, your best
friend’s, or those of the woman sitting next to you on
the subway. they’re also different from those of your
partner. that’s why getting and staying in touch with
your woman’s body and your sexual self is so important:
it’s the first step on the path toward lifelong sexual
fulfillment, sexual empowerment, and sexual pleasure.
And guess what: as a sexual being, it’s your right to have
the sex you want—when you want it, and how you want
it. it’s true that, culturally, female sexuality has been
dismissed, belittled, and even reviled—regardless of the
fact that sexuality is a normal and natural part of any
adult life. We’re going to change all that. Your sexuality
is yours to own, control, and indulge in—and it’s time to
celebrate that fact.

Table of Contents
Introduction 9
01 Your Body, Your temple 13
02 loving Your Sexual life Span 33
03 Boosting Your Sexual Self-esteem 55
04 the Brain: Your most 71
Powerful Sex organ
05 o rgasms: Getting to the Big “o” 85
06 the male Body: his Pleasure, 99
Your Pleasure
07 Sex Positions: Poses that Boost 113
Passion and Pleasure
08 Anal Sex: the forbidden fruit 135
09 oral Sex: Be Great at Giving it— 149
and Getting it
10 Sex toys: tools of the trade 163
11 Alternative lifestyles and Practices: 175
threesomes, BDSm, and lots more
Resources 184
Index 187
About the Author 190
Acknowledgments 191

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