Renowned Goddess of Desire

Renowned Goddess of Desire

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- Women, Sex, and Speech in Tantra -

by Loriliai Biernacki

1. Women in Tantrism.
2. Kamakhya (Hindu deity)—Cult.
3. Tantric literature—India, Northeastern—History and criticism.

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 2007 by Oxford University Press, Inc 

Note on Transliteration
Standard diacritical marks have been used for transliterations of
Sanskrit words throughout this book, with the exception of names
of persons from the colonial and postcolonial period, contemporary
place names, and also for words where the sources (in English or
vernacular) ignore diacritics. So, for instance, references to the nineteenth-
century Hindu saint Ramakrishna and his disciple Gauri
Ma are written without diacritical marks, as are references to the
sixteenth-century Koch king Naranarayan.

Table of Contents
Note on Transliteration, xi
Introduction: The Goddess on the Blue Hill of Ka¯ma¯khya¯, 3

1. The ‘‘Ka¯lı¯ Practice,’’ 29

2. Sex Talk and Gender Rites, 61

3. The Other/Woman, 93

4. To Speak Like a Woman, 111

5. How the Blue Goddess of Speech Turns Blue, 131

Conclusion, 143
Appendix 1: Sources, Other Tantras, and Historical Context, 149
Appendix 2: Synopsis of Contents of the Brhannı¯la Tantra, 193
Notes, 223
Bibliography, 277
Index, 293

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