How to Blow Her Mind in Bed

How to Blow Her Mind in Bed

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- The essential guide for any man who wants to satisfy his woman -

by siski green

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 2008 by Siski Green 

I view sex as I do eating: it’s an essential part of my
life, but I try hard not to take it for granted. And,
like eating, I like to think about sex even when I’m
not doing it. Just as I would consider the ingredients
I’m going to cook with, which spices to add,
and how I’ll heat it up and serve it, I’ve spent a lot
of time thinking about the different ways people
can explore sex. What makes my thoughts about sex
different, though, is that I get paid to put them on
paper—something I can’t claim for my enthusiastic home cooking.

Since I started writing about sex five years ago, I’ve
had everyone from the plumber to family members
telling me their sexual secrets and concerns. Sex, it
seems, is something we’ve all got lots to say about,
only we tend not to say it out loud. That’s a shame
because, like great recipes handed down from generation
to generation, I think there are probably a lot
of fantastic sexual tricks and techniques that we could
all learn from (and if you’d like to share them, please
feel free to email them anonymously to the address given on page xii).

So, based on what I’ve learned through my own experiences
as well as hundreds of ideas and techniques
I’ve learned from others, I’ve tried to provide an
insight into what sex is like for a woman to give you an
idea of what feels great, what she hates, and the things
she wishes you’d do more of. I want you to finish this
book feeling that you’ve got a better understanding
of women, that you’ve learned exactly how to make
her feel fantastic in bed, and, most importantly, that
you’re so charged up with new ideas that you just can’t
wait to try them out.

Remember, though, that in sex, just like in cooking,
each chef has his or her own favorite ingredients,
preferred techniques, and signature dish. This book,
like a recipe book, is here to guide and advise you—but
if you’d like to add a little more salt or a little less
pepper, keep things boiling a little longer, or skip a
particular recipe completely, please do so. There is
only one absolute rule when it comes to phenomenal
sex: there are no rules, just good advice. And that’s
what I hope to provide in this book.

Table of Contents
Acknowledgments xi
Introduction xiii

1:Flirting 1
Your Silent Signals
Her Silent Come-Ons
The Approach
Real Girls Tell All

2:Kissing 25
Why You Must Kiss
Kissing Technique
Timing and Locations
Real Girls Tell All

3:Breasts 47
Admiring Her Breasts
Knowing Her Breasts
Touching Her Breasts
Real Girls Tell All

4:Sex Positions 73
Her On Top
You On Top
On All Fours
Side By Side
Real Girls Tell All

5:Giving Oral 95
Finding Your Way
Best Positions
Real Girls Tell All

6:Getting Oral 121
First Times
Helping Her to Get It Right
Encouraging More Oral
Real Girls Tell All
Contents C ix

7:Using Your Hands On Her Body 145
Her Body
Your Touch
Her Touch
Hands-Solo Style
Real Girls Tell All

8:Sex Toys 175
Introducing Toys
Using Toys
Household Objects
Real Girls Tell All

9:Sex Fantasies 193
Her Fantasies
Your Fantasies
Real Girls Tell All
References 209
Index 215

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Copyright © 2008 by Siski Green
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