Doing It: Women Tell the Truth About Great Sex

Doing It: Women Tell the Truth About Great Sex

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First published 2016 by University of Queensland Press
PO Box 6042, St Lucia, Queensland 4067 Australia

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 Karen Pickering 2016  

Karen Pickering is a feminist organiser and writer based
in Melbourne. She is the creator and host of Cherchez
la Femme, a monthly talkshow of popular culture and
current affairs from an unapologetically feminist angle,
which has toured nationally. Karen was the cofounder of
Girls On Film Festival and was its first director. She was
also a founding organiser of SlutWalk Melbourne. She
started doing it in 1992 and shows no signs of stopping.

Van Badham is a theatre-maker and novelist, occasional
broadcaster, critic and feminist. She writes columns for
The Guardian and the Labor Herald and lives in Melbourne.
Clem Bastow is a cultural critic, screenwriter and
award-winning journalist. Her work appears regularly
in The Age, Daily Life, The Guardian, The Saturday Paper
and The Big Issue. In 2015 she received a Wheeler Centre
Hot Desk Fellowship to work on a comedy screenplay
inspired by Aristophanes’s Lysistrata. Her dystopian short
film, Sackcloth, is currently in post-production, and she
is developing a short experimental documentary about a
Dungeons & Dragons player. In 2016 Clem is undertaking
a Master of Screenwriting at the Victorian College of the
Arts. She is currently recovering from eleven years’ work as a music critic.
Rosanna Beatrice is a musician and researcher. She’s
currently writing a thesis about race, equality and listening,
and she spends a lot of time learning about blood – go
figure. Her writing has been published nationally, and you
can find her on Twitter: @rosannabeatrice
Hanne Blank is a writer, historian and educator who
works at the intersections of body, self and culture. She
is the author of numerous books, including Virgin: The
Untouched History, Straight: The Surprisingly Short History of
Heterosexuality, and Big Big Love: A Sex and Relationships
Guide for People of Size and Those Who Love Them. She lives
in Atlanta, Georgia, USA, and online at hanneblank.com
and @hanneblank on Twitter.
Jax Jacki Brown is a disability/queer rights activist,
writer, performer, public speaker and the co-producer
of Quippings Disability Unleashed. She holds a BA in
Cultural Studies, focusing on disability and LGBTI/queer
studies, providing an academic framework to inform her
disability and social justice work. Jax provides guest lectures
on disability and its social construction for Southern
Cross University, Victoria University and the University
of Melbourne, and frequently presents at conferences.
Jax also runs workshops on disability and sexuality. Her
written work has been published in Junkee, Daily Life, The
Feminist Observer, Writers Victoria, ABC’s Ramp Up, Archer
Magazine and QDA: A Queer Disability Anthology.
Simona Castricum is a singer and drummer on Listen
Records and is a tutor in architecture at the University
of Melbourne – School of Design. Simona’s wider practice
is a holistic articulation of lived experiences of gender
nonconformity through music, performance, architecture and advocacy.
Deirdre Fidge is a queer Melbourne-based writer and
social worker. She writes regularly for SBS Comedy and
ABC’s The Drum and has been published in Junkee and
Archer Magazine. Her interests include mental health, feminism,
and finding funny ways to talk about Australia’s
depressing political climate.
Jane Gilmore is a Melbourne-based writer, editor and
feminist. Her work has been published by Fairfax, SBS,
ABC, The Guardian and Meanjin.
Jessamy Gleeson is a passionate young feminist who has
her fingers in a lot of pies. She both works in and researches
social media, feminism, online activism and gender studies.
She is currently undertaking a PhD at Swinburne University
of Technology in Melbourne, Australia. Her research examines
how contemporary Australian feminist and women’s
based campaigns have used social media. Outside of her
research, Jessamy also assists in organising a number of
feminist campaigns and events. These include SlutWalk
Melbourne, Girls On Film Festival and Cherchez la Femme.
Amy Gray is a Melbourne-based writer. She often
writes about feminism, parenting, and digital and popular
culture. Her work has been published by The Age, The
Sydney Morning Herald, The Guardian, SBS and the ABC.
Michelle Law is a freelance writer based in Brisbane,
Australia. She writes for magazines, journals, newspapers,
film and television. She is the co-author of the comedy
book Sh*t Asian Mothers Say, and has had her work anthologised
in books like Women of Letters and Destroying the Joint.
Some of the places she’s written for include The Sydney
Morning Herald, Daily Life, frankie magazine and Griffith
Review. As a screenwriter, she has received an Australian
Writer’s Guild AWGIE award for her interactive media
work, and had her films screened on the ABC and at film
festivals locally and abroad.
Tilly Lawless is a queer Sydney sex worker, who inadvertently
outed herself internationally after beginning
#facesofprostitution and damaged many future career
prospects. She divides her post–uni degree life pretty
evenly between forcing cats to selfie with her and writing
rambling Instagram posts about issues within the sex
industry and her homesickness. She is passionate about
horses, the way queer literature has been censored and
abolishing the whorearchy. You can follow her thoughts
on her Instagram @tilly_lawless or various websites.
Brigitte Lewis has a PhD on twenty-first-century
Australian female identity creation and the limits of using
rationality to know from the University of Melbourne.
She works as a social scientist, editor, spoken-word poet
and writer, combining the powers of the academy with the
privilege of speaking back to power at the intersections of
white, lesbian, femme, able-bodied personhood. Find her
most recent work at SBSexuality, LOTL, Archer Magazine
and Overland. Follow her @briglewis.
Maria Lewis is a journalist and author based in Sydney,
Australia. As a pop-culture and feminist commentator
her work has appeared in the New York Post, The
Daily Mail, Playboy, Empire Magazine, WHO Weekly,
The Daily and Sunday Telegraph, The Huffington Post,
news.com.au, Daily Life, Junkee and more. She is the host
and producer of the Eff Yeah Film & Feminism podcast.
Her debut novel, Who’s Afraid?, was released by Little,
Brown and Hachette worldwide in 2016, with a sequel
to come in January 2017. She currently works on news
program The Feed on SBS. She can be found on Twitter
@MovieMazz and at marialewis.com.au.
Emily Maguire is the author of five novels and two
non-fiction books and has twice been named as a Sydney
Morning Herald Young Novelist of the Year. Her articles
and essays on sex, culture and literature have been
published widely, including in The Age, The Australian
and The Monthly. Her latest book is the novel An Isolated
Incident. emilymaguire.com.au
Amy Middleton is founding editor of Archer Magazine, a
UN award–winning print publication about gender, sexuality
and identity. She has written and edited for a host
of iconic Australian publications, including The Guardian,
Australian Geographic, The Bulletin, The Big Issue, Rolling
Stone, The Lifted Brow, Junkee, Daily Life and others. Amy
also broadcasts on Melbourne’s 3CR and in 2014 was named
among Gay News Network’s Top 25 People to Watch.
Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen is a Melbourne-based writer
and regular columnist for Fairfax’s Daily Life, writing
on topics including feminism, relationships, sex, race,
mental health and pop culture. She has been featured
in publications including Rookie, i-D and Rolling Stone,
and spoken at the Melbourne Writers Festival and the
National Young Writers’ Festival. Giselle is passionate
about self-publication and produces her own zines, as
well as volunteering at zine shop Sticky Institute. She
is currently working on her first book, about growing up
as the child of Vietnamese refugee parents.
Fiona Patten is a former independent fashion designer
and sex worker who was elected to the Victorian
Legislative Council in December 2014. In her first year
as an MP, she introduced legislation that led to exclusion
zones being set up around Victorian abortion clinics, to prevent religious campaigners from harassing and assaulting women. Prior to parliamentary life, she was the CEO of the Eros Association, Australia’s sex-industry group, and spent twenty-five years lobbying politicians on sex and censorship issues.
Jenna Price moved in with her beloved about six minutes after she met him in 1979, and they have been married since 1983. They have three adult children. She has been working as a journalist since 1980 and joined the University of Technology Sydney in 2008, where she teaches journalism, social media, politics and citizenship. She is also a columnist for Fairfax Media. 
Jenna is one of the cofounders of Destroy the Joint and has been a member of various feminist groups since she was seventeen.
Sinead Stubbins is a pop-culture critic from Melbourne who has written for The Guardian, Pitchfork, Vulture, The AV Club, MTV, The Age, Elle, frankie magazine and Yen. She is currently a staff writer at Junkee and likes to write about teen TV shows, films about female friendship and emotional rappers.
Adrienne Truscott is a choreographer, comedian, writer and one half of the boundary-busting cabaret act The Wau Wau Sisters. Her critically acclaimed solo show Adrienne Truscott’s Asking for It: A One-Lady Rape about Comedy Starring Her Pussy and Little Else! won the Panel Prize at
the Edinburgh Comedy Awards, and has been updating  and touring ever since. She’s a Doris Duke Impact Award Artist and a contributing writer for The Guardian, and is
currently writing a performance memoir and a series about retired entertainment primates. As an artist, she is attracted to the possibility of failure as a mandate for rigour.
Dr Anne-Frances Watson is a lecturer in Media and Communication in the Creative Industries faculty at
Queensland University of Technology. Anne’s research areas of interest are sex and sexuality, adolescent sexuality and sexuality education, with a particular interest in
mediated sexuality and the media as a source of sexuality information.

Table of Contents
Introduction ix
Karen Pickering
In Desire of Lip Service: Women Want to (Fuck) Too 1
Brigitte Lewis
Kiss Me, Judas 13
Emily Maguire
Room 408 25
Hanne Blank
Fuckability: Exploring My Disability and
Queer Sexuality 35
Jax Jacki Brown
It Gets Messy, and Maybe It Should 45
Rosanna Beatrice
Gasp under Gasp, Sigh behind Sigh 61
Tilly Lawless
Sext and Stimulation 67
Amy Gray
Wildest Dreams: Pop-Music Crushes
and Pre-Teen Sex Positivity 77
Sinead Stubbins
Why It Never Gets Old 93
Jenna Price
Fuck the Meet-Cute 107
Maria Lewis
The Prize for Good Conversation 117
Van Badham
Transitioning Medicated Borderliners
Do It Extremely – If At All 130
Simona Castricum
Body Politics 137
Fiona Patten
The Crazy Ladies 155
Adrienne Truscott
How Is Your Sex Life? 165
Michelle Law
Discovering Myself 173
Deirdre Fidge
Let’s Talk about Sex 179
Anne-Frances Watson
Sex and Love, Berlin 2016 199
Amy Middleton
Getting It Online:
Feminism, Internet Dating and Sex 211
Giselle Au-Nhien Nguyen
Sexual Pleasure and Empowerment: A Brief (Her)story 233
Jessamy Gleeson
The Joy of Not Doing It 249
Jane Gilmore
Sh-Boogie Bop 259
Clem Bastow
Contributors 267
Notes 275
Acknowledgements 279

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advance praise
‘This collection is full of candid, fierce and challenging
stories … there is an overarching sense of joy and confidence
that comes from talking openly about sex. Doing It
is a very readable collection brimming with intelligence
and intimacy.’ Books+Publishing ****
‘Honest and insightful, these real-life stories peel back the
sheets on the intimate awakenings of some of Australia’s
most talented writers. I loved Doing It and you will too.’ Clementine Ford
‘Doing It is a celebration of female desire and multisexualities
in a world where women’s bodies have come
to be accepted as a mainstream icon for sex itself, while
simultaneously and ironically denying that sex, and the
libido, also exists in the female mind.’ Tara Moss