Cultural Encyclopedia of the Penis

Cultural Encyclopedia of the Penis

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 2014 by Michael D. Kimmel,
 Christine Milrod, and Amanda Kennedy  

Cynthia Albritton is a founding member of the Plaster Casters, a well-known group
of women who made plaster casts of rock stars’ penises as part of a larger “groupie” phenomenon.
Gary J. Alter, MD, is American Board of Medical Specialties (ABMS) certified by the
American Board of Plastic Surgery and the American Board of Urology. He is an assistant
clinical professor of plastic surgery at the University of California, Los Angeles (UCLA),
and has private practices in Beverly Hills and New York.
Eric Anderson, PhD, is an American sociologist at the University of Winchester, England,
and an academician of the British Academy of Social Sciences. He is known for
his research on sexualities and masculinities studies, particularly concerning sport and relationships.
Javier C. Angulo, MD, PhD, is head of the Urology Department at Hospital Universitario
de Getafe, Universidad Europea de Madrid, in Madrid, Spain.
Patrick Barbier is a music historian, a professor in the Université Catholique de l’Ouest
(Angers, France), and president of the Centro Studi Farinelli (Bologna, Italy).
Kaitlyn Barnes is a PhD candidate in sociology at Case Western Reserve University,
Cleveland, Ohio. Her interests include medical sociology, aging, and masculinities.
Robert E. Bartholomew, PhD, teaches history at Botany College in South Auckland, New Zealand.
Rachael S. Bell, MS, LPC, specializes in the treatment of sex offenders and paraphilias.
She is the author of Sexual Obsessions Gone Wrong (2011) and has written more than 70
in-depth feature stories on major violent criminals in the United States.
Nelson Bennett, Jr., MD, is an assistant professor of urology at Lahey Hospital and
Medical Center in Burlington, Massachusetts.
David Bimbi, PhD, is a psychologist, college professor, and researcher who writes about
the commercial sex industry, HIV prevention, and gay, lesbian, bisexual, 
and transgender (GLBT) issues.
José Blanco F. is an associate professor in the Textiles, Merchandising and Interiors Department
at the University of Georgia–Athens, College of Family and Consumer Sciences
and manager of the college’s Historic Clothing and Textile Collection.
Benjamin N. Breyer, MD, MAS, is an assistant professor of urology at the 
University of California, San Francisco.
David Buchbinder, who has published extensively in the area of masculinities studies, is
adjunct professor at both Curtin University in 
Western Australia and Carleton University, in Ottawa, Canada.
Jane Caputi, author of several books on gender and popular culture, is professor of
women, gender, sexuality, and communication and multimedia at 
Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, Florida.
Robert J. W. Clift, PhD, is an honorary lecturer in the Department of Psychiatry at the
University of British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
Don Conway-Long is a cultural anthropologist who teaches at Webster University, St.
Louis, Missouri, and a cofounder of St. Louis’s antiviolence group RAVEN.
Curtis Crane, MD, has completed residencies in urology and plastic surgery and fellowships
in reconstructive urology and transgender surgery. 
He is in private practice in San Francisco, California.
Rohit K. Dasgupta is a doctoral candidate and associate lecturer at 
University of the Arts in London, UK.
Seth Davis, PhD, is a postdoctoral fellow at the Université de Montréal, Canada, where
he specializes in the research of male sexual function.
Jared Del Rosso is an assistant professor of sociology and criminology at the 
University of Denver, Colorado.
Margo DeMello is a lecturer in anthropology and sociology at Central New Mexico
Community College in Albuquerque.
Aaron H. Devor, PhD, is academic director of the Transgender Archives and professor
of sociology at the University of Victoria, Canada.
Milton Diamond, PhD, is a professor at the University of Hawaii, John A. Burns School
of Medicine, and director of the Pacific Center for Sex and Society, both located in Honolulu.
He is the past president of the International Academy of Sex Research (IASR),
and past president of the Society for the Scientific Study of Sexuality (SSSS).
Jennifer J. Esala is an independent researcher living in St. Paul, Minnesota.
Krin Gabbard is professor of comparative literature and cultural studies at Stony Brook
University, State University of New York.
Gordon G. Gallup, Jr., is professor of psychology at University at Albany, 
State University of New York.
Shane P. Gannon, PhD, is associate professor in the Department of Sociology & Anthropology
at Mount Royal University, Calgary, Alberta, Canada.
Marcos García-Diez is a faculty member of the Department of Geography, Prehistory
and Archaeology at University of Basque Country (UPV/EHU) in Vitoria, Spain.
Debbie Ging, PhD, is a lecturer in the School of Communications, Dublin City University,
where she is also chair of the MA program in film and television studies. Her research
and teaching focus on gender and sexuality in popular media. She is author of Men and
Masculinities in Irish Cinema (Palgrave Macmillan, 2012) and coeditor of Transforming Ireland:
Challenges, Critiques, Resources (Manchester University Press, 2009).
Charlie Glickman, PhD, is an American Association of Sexuality Educators Counselors
& Therapists (AASECT)-certified sexuality educator, a lecturer, and the coauthor of The
Ultimate Guide to Prostate Pleasure (2013, with Aislinn Emirzian).
Clint Gould holds a PhD in language and medicine and a PhD in human sexuality. He
is a sexual health consultant working part-time in 
South Africa and a professor emeritus of human sexuality.
Margret Grebowicz is associate professor of philosophy at Goucher College, Baltimore, Maryland.
Terry Gunnell is professor of folkloristics at the University of Iceland in Reykjavik.
Sigurjón Baldur Hafsteinsson is an associate professor of social anthropology at the
University of Iceland in Reykjavik.
Judith Harris is a Rome-based American journalist and author who writes about archaeology
and cultural heritage issues. She is the author of Pompeii Awakened: A Story of
Rediscovery (2007) and The Monster in the Closet: A Bumpy Ride down the Genealogy Trail (2012).
Sjon Hauser is a Dutch biologist and writer living in Thailand, specializing in herpetology
and various aspects of Southeast Asian cultures.
Kathryn Haynicz-Smith is a museum educator at the National Liberty Museum in
Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. She uses her graduate degree in women’s and gender studies
to develop and teach social justice curricula to local area schools.
Chris Haywood is senior lecturer of media and cultural studies at Newcastle University, UK.
Michael Kaufman, PhD, is a longtime activist, educator, and writer focused on promoting
gender equality and transforming masculinity. He is the author of eight books,
including A Guy’s Guide to Feminism (2011, with Michael Kimmel).
Juline Koken, PhD, is a researcher and author who provides training to care providers in
evidence-based approaches to promoting sexual health among sex workers.
Mariah Larsson is a research fellow at the Department of Media Studies at Stockholm
University, Sweden, doing research on sexuality and film, mainly pornographic film.
Cliff Leek is a PhD student in the Department of Sociology at Stony Brook University,
State University of New York. He has a BA in U.S. race and gender studies from
Willamette University in Salem, Oregon, and has worked as prevention specialist for the
Oregon Attorney General’s Sexual Assault Task Force. His primary research interests are
nongovernmental organizations (NGOs), violence prevention, race, and gender (with
particular attention to the intersections of whiteness and masculinity).
Peter Lehman is director of the Center for Film, Media and Popular Culture at Arizona
State University in Tempe, where he is a professor in film and media studies in the
Department of English. He is author of Running Scared: Masculinity and the Representation
of the Male Body (new edition, 2007) and Roy Orbison: 
The Invention of an Alternative Rock Masculinity (2003).
Neal A. Lester is Foundation Professor of English and director of Project Humanities
at Arizona State University in Tempe.
David Langmuir Leverenz is professor of English emeritus at the University of Florida
in Gainesville. Among his books are Honor Bound: Race and Shame in America (2012) and
Manhood and the American Renaissance (1989).
Cheryl Llewellyn is a PhD candidate in sociology at Stony Brook University, 
State University of New York.
Mike Lloyd is a sociologist at Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand.
Louisa Lombard, PhD, is a Ciriacy-Wantrup Postdoctoral Fellow at the 
University of California, Berkeley.
Jack Lukkerz, MS, is a sex educator, Nordic Association for Clinical Sexology
(NACS)-certified sex counselor, and doctoral candidate at the University of Malmo in Sweden.
Mairtin Mac an Ghaill is professor of sociology at Newman University, Birmingham, UK.
Amy Marsh, EdD, is a writer, clinical sexologist, and associate professor of sexology at
the Institute for Advanced Study of Human Sexuality in San Francisco, California.
Moira Marsh holds a PhD in folklore and is the Folklore Librarian at Indiana University, Bloomington.
Wayne Martino is professor of equity and social justice education in the Faculty of
Education at the University of Western Ontario, London, Canada. His most recent books
include Gender, Race and the Politics of Role Modelling (2012, with Goli Rezai-Rashti), and
Canadian Men and Masculinities (2012, with Christopher Greig).
Mark McCormack, PhD, is a lecturer in sociology and co-director of the Centre for
Sex, Gender and Sexualities at Durham University, England. His research examines the
changing nature of masculinities and sexualities in contemporary culture, and he is the
author of The Declining Significance of Homophobia: 
How Teenage Boys Are Redefining Masculinity and Heterosexuality (2012).
James W. McNeil received his doctorate of clinical hypnotherapy in 1990. He is an
advanced practitioner of internal kung fu specializing in penile qi gong (shih-shui kung).
Robert Meadows, PhD, is senior lecturer in sociology at the University of Surrey, UK.
Lisa Jean Moore is professor of sociology and gender studies at Purchase College, State
University of New York; she studies animals, food, body fluids, and human anatomies.
Chris Morriss-Roberts, PhD, is a senior lecturer of podiatry at the University of Brighton,
UK. His research focuses on the male body and masculinity in sport; he has developed
the theoretical concept of Podolinguistics.
Mark Morton, PhD, teaches at the University of Waterloo, Ontario, Canada, and is the
author of The Lover’s Tongue: A Merry Romp through the Language of Love and Sex (2003).
Charles A. Moser, MD, FACP, PhD, is a board-certified internal medicine specialist
focused on sexual medicine. He has published research on the lesbian, gay, bisexual, and
transgender (LGBT); kink; and fetish communities.
Jenny Munro, PhD, is a research fellow at the Australian National University, Canberra.
Majella Munro is executive editor of Modern Art Asia.
Elizabeth Nagel is a PhD candidate in sociology at Stony Brook University, 
State University of New York.
Tuck Ngun, PhD, is a researcher in the Department of Human Genetics at the University
of California, Los Angeles, where he works on the biological basis of sex differences in the brain.
Robert P. Palazzo is an attorney and author who has published on medieval relics,
medieval pilgrim badges, the American West, and four books on the Death Valley area.
W. Dustin Parrott is a PhD candidate in English at the University at Buffalo, 
State University of New York.
Deirdre A. Prischmann, PhD, is an assistant professor of entomology at North Dakota
State University, Fargo.
Seline Szkupinski Quiroga is a medical anthropologist whose research focuses on
health disparities and the lived experience of illness among vulnerable populations as
revealed through narratives.
Gregory Rizzolo is a doctoral student in psychoanalytic studies at the University of Essex, UK.
Gerardo Rodríguez-Galarza, PhD, teaches in the Department of Theological Studies
at Saint Louis University, St. Louis, Missouri. 
He specializes on Origen of Alexandria and early Christianity.
Ellen Bayuk Rosenman is a professor of English at the University of Kentucky in Lexington.
Laura F. Salazar is an associate professor in health promotion and behavior in the School
of Public Health at Georgia State University, Atlanta.
Lauren M. Sardi is assistant professor of sociology at Quinnipiac University, Hamden, Connecticut.
Don Shewey is a journalist and critic who has published books about theater; written
articles for the New York Times, the Village Voice, Esquire, and Rolling Stone; and authored
essays that have been included in several anthologies on men and masculinity.
Alan W. Shindel, MD, is an assistant professor of urology at 
the University of California, Davis, in Sacramento.
Rev. Robert Shore-Goss, PhD, pastor at MCC in the Valley, the Metropolitan Community
Church in North Hollywood, California, is the author of Jesus ACTED UP: A
Gay and Lesbian Manifesto (1993), and coeditor of The Queer Bible Commentary (2006).
Clarissa Smith is professor of sexual cultures at the University of Sunderland, UK. She
is author of One for the Girls! The Pleasures and Practices of Pornography for Women (2007),
and coeditor of the academic journal Porn Studies.
Lincoln “Nic” Theo, PhD, is a lecturer of media studies with a specialization in film
narrative and sexuality at the Cape Peninsula University of Technology in Cape Town, South Africa.
Edward H. Thompson is a sociologist interested in aging and masculinities. He is now
emeritus professor with the College of the Holy Cross, Worcester, Massachusetts.
Thomas Thurnell-Read, PhD, is senior lecturer in sociology at Coventry University, UK.
Leonore Tiefer, PhD, is a sexuality scholar and activist. She is the recipient of the Alfred
Kinsey award and has published over 150 sexological works, among them Sex Is Not a
Natural Act and Other Essays (2nd ed., 2004).
Ronny Heikki Tikkanen is a senior lecturer and researcher at the Department of Social
Work at the University of Gothenburg, Sweden.
Margaret M. Toscano is an associate professor of classics and comparative studies at the
University of Utah, Salt Lake City.
Shaun Tougher is senior lecturer in ancient history at Cardiff University, Wales.
Meagan Tyler, PhD, is a lecturer in sociology at Victoria University in Melbourne, Australia.
Robert S. Van Howe, MD, is a professor of pediatrics at Central Michigan University
College of Medicine, Mount Pleasant.
Peter Vielehr is a graduate student in sociology at Vanderbilt University, Tennessee.
Benjamin T. Waldorf, MD, is a resident in urology at Lahey Hospital and Medical Center
in Burlington, Massachusetts.
Jim Ward is an author and internationally recognized practitioner of modern body
piercing. From 1977 to 1997, he published and edited Piercing Fans International Quarterly
(PFIQ), the first publication devoted exclusively to body piercing.
Martin S. Weinberg is an American sociologist whose work frequently involves human
sexuality. From 1968 to 1980, he served as a senior research sociologist at the Kinsey
Institute. He became a full professor in 1974.
Dr. Richard W. Whitecross is a lecturer in law at Edinburgh Napier University, Scotland.
He has conducted ethnographic fieldwork in Bhutan.
Winston Wilde, DHS, LMFT, is a sexologist, psychotherapist, and author of Legacies of
Love: A Heritage of Queer Bonding (2008).
Colin J. Williams is a sociologist currently serving as professor of sociology at Indiana
University–Purdue University at Indianapolis. He served as research sociologist at the
Kinsey Institute for Sex Research from 1968 to 1980.
Richard Williams is a professor of contemporary visual cultures at the University of
Edinburgh in Scotland. He has researched and written about the contemporary city since
the early 2000s, with particular interests in urban regeneration, the place of culture in the
city, and the legacy of modernism in urban design.
Jason Winters, PhD, is a lecturer in the Department of Psychology at the University of
British Columbia, Vancouver, Canada.
Jay Wiseman is the author of a BDSM educational book, SM 101: A Realistic Introduction
(2nd ed., 1996). A former law school professor, he is also a court-qualified expert witness
on BDSM and erotic asphyxiation.

Table of Contents
Preface and Acknowledgments ix
Introduction 1
Aging, Cultural and Literary
Perspectives 5
Aging, Social Science Perspective 7
Anatomy 8
Animals 9
Anti-Androgens 10
Architecture 11
Art and Artists 13
Artificial Insemination 16
Autofellatio 18
Aversion Therapy 18
Barebacking 21
Bhutan Phallus 22
Bible 24
Bobbitt, Lorena 26
Body Electric 26
Boys 27
Bris 29
Bukkake 29
Buried Penis 30
Castration 33
Castrato 35
Chastity Belt 36
Chippendales 37
Circle Jerk 38
Circumcision (Male) 39
Cock and Ball Torture 42
Cock-Supremacy 43
Codpiece 44
Condoms 46
Deep Throat 49
Definitive Penis Size Survey 50
Dildo 51
Disease 53
Ejaculation (Male) 55
Erectile Dysfunction 56
Erection 58
Erotic Asphyxiation 60
Eunuchs 61
Fashion 63
Fellatio 63
Feminism 65
Fetishism 67
Fiction 68
Film 70
Foreskin 72
Foreskin Restoration 74
Frenulum 75
Gastronomy 77
Glory Hole 78
Herm, or Herma 81
Hijra 82
Holy Prepuce 85
Homosexuality (Male) 87
Hygiene 89
Hypnosis 91
Hypospadias 91
Idioms and Nicknames 93
Intactivism 94
Intersex/Hermaphrodite 95
Jockstrap 97
Jokes 98
Kamasutra 101
Kinsey Report 102
Koro 104
Koteka 105
Lingam 107
Locker Rooms 108
Lynching 109
Male Bonding 113
Manscaping 114
Massage and Massage Parlors 115
Masturbation 117
Masturbation Sleeve 119
Meatotomy 120
Methamphetamine 120
Military 122
Money Shot 123
Music 124
Mythology and Old
Norse Religion 125
Nationalism and Colonialism 127
Nocturnal Emissions 128
Nocturnal Penile
Tumescence Testing 129
Ookie-Cookie 131
Orgasm 132
Origenes 133
Packing 135
Papal Testicles 136
Pedophilia 137
Penazzling 137
Penile Inserts 137
Penile Plethysmograph 138
Penile Prosthesis 140
Penis Enlargement 141
Penis Envy 143
Penis Piercing 145
Penis Removal 147
Penis Sheaths 148
Penis Snatching 151
Peyronie’s Disease 152
Phallocracy 152
Phallogocentrism 153
Phallological Museum 154
Phalloplasty/Metoidioplasty 155
Phallus 157
Phimosis 159
Plaster Casters 160
Playgirl 162
Poetry 163
Pompeii 164
Pornography and Erotica 166
Prepuce 168
Priapism 168
Prostate 169
Prostitution 171
Psychoanalysis 173
Pubic Hair 174
Public Bathrooms 174
Qi Gong (Chi Kung) 177
Race 179
Rape 183
Religion 186
Sambia Turnim 189
Scandals 190
Semen 191
Sex Education 192
Sex Toys 193
Shunga 195
Size 196
Size Queen 198
Skoptsy 200
Slang and Invectives 200
Small Penis Syndrome
and Micropenis 202
Smegma 202
Sounding 203
Spanish Fly 204
Sperm 205
Spermatorrhea 207
Sterilization and Eugenics 208
Steroids 209
Strap-on Harness 211
Subincision and Superincision 212
Syphilis 213
Tattooing 215
Tea Rooms 216
Television 217
Testicles 218
Testosterone 219
Transgender/Transsexual 221
Underwear 225
Urinals 227
Urology 229
Vacuum Erection Device 231
Vagina 232
Vagina Dentata 233
Vasectomy 235
Viagra 236
Vibrator 237
Witch Hunts 239
Withdrawal Method 240
About the Editors and Contributors 243

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Michael Kimmel, PhD, is Distinguished Professor of Sociology at Stony Brook University,
where he also directs the Center for the Study of Men and Masculinities. His books
include Angry White Men (2012), The Guy’s Guide to Feminism (2011), Guyland (2008),
Men’s Lives (9th ed., 2013), and Manhood in America: A Cultural History (3rd ed., 2011). He
is also founder and editor of Men and Masculinities, the field’s premier scholarly journal.

Christine Milrod, MA (clinical psychology), PhD (human sexuality), LMFT (licensed
marriage and family therapist), CST (certified sex therapist), is an independent researcher
and sexologist who practices sex therapy with an emphasis on evolutionary psychology,
sexual and (trans)gender identities, and socially constructed gender roles. Her academic
research areas include sociological deviance and the study of male clients of heterosexual
prostitution. She has published and edited social science journal articles, has translated
fiction, and is the associate producer of the Swedish documentary The Queen and I (2008).
In addition to English, she speaks fluent Swedish, French, Spanish, German, Italian, Polish,
conversational Russian, and Japanese. In her spare time, she enjoys glacier trekking in the
Himalayas and searching for the best backcountry Nordic skiing trails in the world.

Amanda Kennedy, MA (sociology), is a PhD candidate in sociology at Stony Brook
University. Her research and teaching interests include race, gender, sexualities, and embodiment.
Her dissertation explores the gender and sexual politics of the Intactivist, or
anti-circumcision, movement in the United States. Other research projects include examinations
of current trends in the feminist pornography debates and critiques of Western
discourses on “female genital mutilation.” Her research is guided by poststructuralist and
postcolonial feminism. She teaches courses on American society, media, and technology.
For fun, she spends time with friends, family, and her favorite pup, a Pomeranian-poodle
mix named Grissom.