Crazy Good Sex: Putting To Bed The Myths Men Have About Sex

Crazy Good Sex: Putting To Bed The Myths Men Have About Sex

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Dr. Les Parrott

1. Sex — Religious aspects — Christianity

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 2009 by
 The Foundation for Healthy Relationships 

Praise for
Have you ever wanted to grab a cup of coffee, sit on the back porch
with a wise mentor and ask him questions about sex you always
wanted answers to . . . real answers? Dr. Les Parrott gives you that
opportunity with his book Crazy Good Sex. Les tackles the topics
most “experts” dodge — and he does it with candor, respect, and biblical insight.
Dr. Gary Rosberg
Coauthor of The 5 Sex Needs of Men and Women

Read this no-nonsense book by Les Parrott and you’re sure to improve
your sex life. Everyman needs this book!
Stephen Arterburn
Author of Everyman’s Battle

Men are in a crazy sexual war that can rip the heart out of a marriage
and deaden one’s hope in the power of the gospel to change
our inclinations. Les Parrott offers a wise and compelling path to
honestly face our struggles and to taste the sensual, passionate joy
of our sexuality that honors love and rejoices in pleasure. 
This is a book that will transform you.
Dan B. Allender PhD
Author of The Wounded Heart

Every man (and woman) should read Crazy Good Sex! This book
will transform your sex life. Dr. Parrott is grounded, practical, and
accessible. He tackles the issues others are afraid to talk about and
he does so with clarity and wisdom. Do yourself a favor and read this book today.
Dr. Tim Clinton
President of the American Association of Christian Counselors

There are two kinds of men. Men who struggle with sex. And men
who are dead. The former will find this book incredibly helpful.
Mark Driscoll
Founding Pastor of Mars Hill Church, President of the Acts
29 Church Planting Network

When it comes to men and sex, there are a lot of lies masquerading
as foregone conclusions. They’ve been hammered into us by the
uninformed and misguided voices that surrounded us in the locker
rooms, boardrooms, and bar rooms of our life. Left unchallenged,
these lies are guaranteed to steal the fun and ruin the excitement
between a man and his wife. Les Parrott punches the lights out of six
of the biggest myths holding men’s marriages hostage. The truth, indeed,
will set you free. You’re going to really appreciate this book.
Dr. Tim Kimmel
President of Family Matters
Author of Raising Kids for True Greatness

Finally, a book that offers men the unblushing truth about the oftrepeated
and now exposed real-life, nitty-gritty, secret myths that
so many Chris tian men have thought or been taught about sex. Dr.
Les Parrott’s biblically grounded, evidence-based, and practical answers
to these myths are sure to be a boon to increasing your sexual health.
Walt Larimore, MD
Coauthor of His Brain, Her Brain

Crazy Good Sex is clever and candid. Speaking man to man, Dr. Les
Parrott offers information and advice for any man wanting to understand
sex and sexuality as the Designer intended. You will enjoy the
myth-busting honesty of this gifted communicator and counselor.
Dr. Ed Young
Pastor, Second Baptist Church, Houston, Texas

This book should be in the hands of every man who desires to be
godly while also being the superb sexual creature God designed him
to be. Never preachy, always empathetic, and continually providing
practical guidance, Les Parrott has written with courage, transparency,
and power. It will be surprising if men get a chance to buy it for
themselves because their wives will beat them to it. I heartily recommend
it not just for men, but for teenagers growing into manhood.
Joe Beam
Founder and President, Family Dynamics Institute

Les Parrott does it again! A straight-in-your face read with significant
and practical implications. Read this book and discover God’s design for your sex life!
Erik Rees
Saddleback Church Pastor of Life Mission
Author of Only You Can Be You

God calls us to not conform to the ways of this world, and Les Parrott
has done a remarkable job of showing us the sexual myths that
men should not conform to. With great courage, honesty, and sensitivity,
he points us to the real truth. All men should read this book,
and dare I say their wives will love them for doing so.
Mark R. Laaser, PhD
Founder and President, Faithful and True Ministries, Inc.

Having counseled thousands of couples through sexual struggles,
we can verify that Les has tapped into the key issues for men. In his
inviting, innovative, refreshing, and always current style, Les gives
men the words they need to move from their stuck misconceptions
to true freedom as they embrace the naked truth!
Dr. Cliff and Joyce Penner
Authors of The Gift of Sex

A book like this is long overdue and much needed. Les Parrott expertly
tackles many of the most critical sexual issues facing men (and
women) today. I highly recommend Crazy Good Sex. Every man
could benefit from reading this book.
Gary Thomas
Author of Sacred Marriage

Les Parrott answers the questions men are asking. As a wife of many
years, I laughed, learned, and eagerly read the Notes to the Curious
Woman. After reading this excellent book, both husbands and
wives will thank God that the myths men have about sex are being put to bed!
Linda Dillow
Coauthor of Intimate Issues and Intimacy Ignited

How to Get the Most from This Book
No human longing is more powerful, more difficult to
rein in, than sex. It has enough combustive force to incinerate
wedding vows, family commitments, career goals,
religious devotion, and anything else in its path. This book
is designed to help any man who wants to keep the combustive
force of sex from wreaking havoc in his life — while
not diminishing the fire of his sexual fulfillment.
How will this book help? By breaking apart six common
myths that, in all likelihood, are doing far too much
damage to your sex life. You may not believe these myths
outright, but you may find yourself influenced by them
without even realizing it. After all, it’s sex that most often
confounds understanding. It’s sex that raises the most
questions and leads us to believe crazy misnomers and
myths. And it’s high time we put these destructive fallacies to bed.
But I want you to know I’ve written this book to be
encouraging — not condemning. You won’t find a guilt
trip in these pages. I don’t want you to feel ashamed or
embarrassed. I want you to feel informed and supported
in being the man you want to be. I hope you’ll draw
closer to God’s grace and truth as you read.

Crazy Sex on the Internet
It’s not what you’re thinking. This book has a robust
online experience to accompany your reading — and it’s
completely free. I hope you’ll join me and other readers
on an exciting journey with Crazy Good Sex at my online
Journey Log™ — or jLog™ for short.
The Crazy Good Sex jLog™ is designed with you in
mind. It will take you through an interactive video experience
that allows you to engage more deeply with the
book, with other readers, and with me. I think you’ll enjoy
it. I’ve placed a reminder at the conclusion of each chapter
to help you take advantage of this unique resource.

Ask Me Your Questions
Finally, if you have questions as you’re reading this book,
I hope you’ll let me know. My website is designed to be
a two-way street. It contains well over a thousand free
video-on-demand pieces that were generated from questions
we receive on a daily basis at RealRelationships
.com. So please, don’t hold back. Shoot your questions my
way and you’ll eventually receive a video response.
With every good wish and prayer,
Les Parrott, PhD
Seattle, Washington

Table of Contents
Acknowledgments 13
How to Get the Most from This Book 17
A Brief Word to the Curious Woman 21

Crazy Sex or Stupid Sex?
1. Kinky and Corny:
The Honest Reason I Wrote This Book 25
2. What Hugh Hefner Never Figured Out 35
Six Big Sex Myths
Myth 1: Men Want More Sex Than Women Do 53
Myth 2: Sex with the Same Person Gets Boring 73
Myth 3: Porn Is Not Addictive 95
Myth 4: Size Matters 123
Myth 5: The Bible Is Very Clear on Masturbation 141
Myth 6: My Sex Drive Is Too Powerful to Control 165

Postscript 191
Resources 194
Notes 196

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