Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships

Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex & Relationships

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: Design Your Living Space for Love, Harmony, and Prosperity :


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 2015 by Master Denise Liotta Dennis 

About the Author
Master Denise Liotta Dennis is one of fewer than one hundred genuine
Feng Shui masters in America today. She has studied with four noted
Feng Shui masters from China, Malaysia, and Australia, including Grand
Master Yap Cheng Hai, and she belongs to his four-hundred-year-old Wu
Chang Pai Feng Shui Mastery lineage. Born to an entrepreneurial family,
Denise possesses more than thirty years of business ownership experience
and is among a rare breed of Feng Shui consultants. Denise divides her
time between Scottsdale, Arizona, and her hometown of Houston, Texas.

both the skeptic and those looking to Feng Shui with great enthusiasm
to attract love, marriage, or happiness. While Feng Shui addresses
prosperity, health and relationships—personal relationships are often
what is largely on our hearts and minds. The book’s primary focus is
on attracting love, romance or your soul-mate, but it will also help you
improve relationships with your spouse, children, co-workers, friends,
siblings and clients. For the Feng Shui enthusiasts, you will be thrilled
to find a superior collection of techniques to accomplish your goals of
love; most of which have never been published. For the skeptics, you
will be presented with methods you’ve never heard of—so give it try
and see for yourself!

My own experience, in first discovering Feng Shui in the mid-nineties,
was the amazingly broad areas of life that Feng Shui was designed
to address and improve. I was intrigued with the importance that the
Chinese placed on harmony between people. While this is important
to most cultures around the world, they went about solving the mystery
of why some people seem to thrive in every area of life, and why others
were plunged into despair. These ancient discoveries can be used in the
modern world to achieve our heart’s desire; then and now-- family happiness
is usually at the top of the list.

All Classical Feng Shui methods, systems and techniques to create/
augment excellent relationships are presented in the book. However,
don’t worry that you need to master any of them; the recommendations
to change your life are clearly described in a simple step-by-step,
room-by-room approach in Chapters Eight and Nine (no changes for
the Southern Hemisphere). This is where all the Feng Shui methods
come together in the book. Just grab a compass, and you’re on your way
to a sweeter life!

The book goes as follows—first, we’ll start with a brief discussion
on the spirituality of sex and the Taoist view of sexual energy. Next, the
science, art and basic tools of Feng Shui are described—more importantly
I will give you the purpose of each of these famous precepts such
as the Ba Gua, Five Elements, the Luo Shu, Yin-Yang, and so forth. In
Chapter Three, I’ll identify all the sites that you’ll, either want to avoid
or correct as they may lead to divorce, affairs, bankruptcy, disharmony
or adultery. Whatever your current status—married or single—these
sites can destroy your peace.

In the next chapter, you’ll learn the simple, yet profound Eight Mansions
system. Here you’ll discover your personal Life Gua Number; this
is highly significant in forming remarkable relationships by using directional
energy. In Chapter Five, you will learn a more expanded version
of the Life Gua Personalities, first introduced in my book Classical Feng
Shui for Wealth and Abundance which is a revolutionary and original
facet of the Eight Mansions system. The newest, even more expanded
version on the Life Guas portrayals has never-before-seen in any Feng
Shui book; I’ve named them the Life Gua Zodiac Personalities. I think
you will find it compelling as it will give you insights into yourself and
your past/present relationships.

Next, we will take the complex and advanced system of Flying Stars
and break in down in easy to understand, bite-size pieces. This extraordinary
system is one that will transform your living space into a haven
for superior energy; it too is based on directions. In Chapter Seven,
you’ll learn a variety of secret formulas used by Feng Shui Masters to
attract and sustain incredible relationships such as Three Harmony
Doorways, the Peach Blossom technique to attract romance, and how
to activate special energy charts such as the Pearl and Parent Strings
and Combination of Ten.

Everything comes together in Chapters Eight and Nine where very
specific and detailed recommendations for your home will give you the
most dramatic results if diligently implemented. Your home’s unique
energy and the room-by-room suggestions on how to activate it for
harmony, prosperity and romance, will be located in either Chapter
Eight or Nine—which chapter you refer to will depend on the movein
date and the facing direction. The rest is reference material and can
be used to find applicable information for the homes of your family
and friends. No Feng Shui book has ever attempted to put together all
systems for the non-professional to put into action—but I think if you
have this book, you’re up for it! Classical Feng Shui for Romance, Sex and
Relationships is a comprehensive book to improve the energy of your
living space today and can serve as an excellent reference for many years to come.
May Love, Prosperity and Harmony Always Find You.

Denise Liotta Dennis
Feng Shui Master,
Scottsdale, AZ

Table of Contents
Acknowledgments xi
Introduction 1

Part I: Feng Shui Basics
One: Feng Shui, Sex and Relationships 7
Two: The Art, Science and Basics of
Classical Feng Shui 15
Three: Adultery, Affairs and Divorce:
Feng Shui to Avoid 33

Part II: Eight Mansions
Four: Using Eight Mansions for
Remarkable Relationships 55
Five: Life-Gua Zodiac Personalities 65

Part III: Flying Stars
Six: Using Flying Stars to Understand
Relationships 159
Seven: Feng Shui Secrets to Enhance
Romantic Love and Relationships 175
Eight: Period 8 Charts: How to Extract
Love, Prosperity and Harmony 185
Nine: Period 7 Charts: How to Extract
Love, Prosperity and Harmony 237

Glossary of Terms 287
Appendix 307
Bibliography 309
Feng Shui Resources 311
Index 315

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