Classic Sex Positions Reinvented

Classic Sex Positions Reinvented

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- Your Favorite Sex Positions - 100 Wild and Erotic Ways -


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About the Author
MOUSHUMI GHOSE is a licensed marriage and family therapist. An
activist and an advocate for sexual freedom for many years, Mou is a
member of AASECT (American Association of Sex Educators,
Counselors and Therapists) and KAP (Kink Aware Professionals). She
writes for YourTango, Good-Therapy, and has been quoted in American
Curves Magazine, Men’s Fitness, Men’s Health, eHarmony, Hustler
Hollywood, PsychCentral, and more.
Visit her online at

BEING EXCITED AND AROUSED FOR SEX is a wonderful feeling. For the most
part, we could say this is half the battle—a requirement, even—
but unfortunately, simply wanting sex is not always the be-all
and end-all to having great sex. Sometimes, finding creative and
fun ways to do it can be a challenge. Sex, like all things, can
become monotonous, boring, or lackluster if done often enough
in the same way. While not all people get tired of sex, even when
they do it a lot, it can be nice to learn a new thing or two. With
time our bodies change, and with experience so do our minds.
Expanding our sexual repertoire can teach us not only about our
partners but also about ourselves.

A book on classic sex positions and their variations is not just for those
seeking new variety, adventure, and possibilities. This is also a great guide for
beginners who don’t know where to start, and for those who are curious about
learning about sex and their bodies. But you don’t have to be a beginner or
seeking excitement. There is something for everyone in these pages.
Some important things to keep in mind as you explore these varieties of sex
° Not every position is going to be great for everyone. Although there is
probably a little something for every sexual being within these pages, it is
important to remember that everybody is different. Some poses are harder
for certain body types. Some poses will stimulate some and won’t do
anything for others. If something doesn’t seem like it is working for you,
don’t sweat it. Come back to it at a later time, or move on.
° Most sexual poses are easier if you feel comfortable in your environment
and are relaxed. It is a little-known fact that when your muscles are relaxed
your body is more open and flexible. Feeling safe with your partner helps
and, of course, so does being aroused. And the two typically go hand-inhand.
° Communicate with your partner. This may seem obvious, but it’s surprising
how much we tend to hold back during sex. Don’t hesitate to get the
conversation going around sex. Be generous with your words. Ask your
partner how it feels, and let him or her know what is working for you and
what isn’t. Telling your partner ahead of time what you like, dislike, are
willing to do, and would like to explore are great ways to break the ice
around sex and start building a sexual repertoire together. Communication
can also be in the form of body language or moans and groans, which
nonverbally suggest that something feels good. Be sure to pay attention to
these. Last but not least, dirty talk is also a form of communication,
especially when used during sex, and can take each variation to the next level.
° Remember that sex is not only about penetration. Learn to incorporate your
hands, fingers, and mouth—not just your genitals. When we go into sex
with just the genitals in mind, we inevitably ignore other aspects of feeling
and touch. By making sex a full-body experience, we foster mind-body
connection. The anus, perineum, testicles, breasts, and nipples (for both men
and women) are all highly erogenous zones. Don’t ignore these areas!
° Sex does not have to be goal-oriented. The positions in this book focus on
man-woman positions, so each variation involves an aspect of intercourse.
This does not mean that intercourse must take place for the pose to be
successful, nor does it mean that orgasm is a requirement either. Attempting
the pose alone can provide a lot of fun and excitement. Remember to enjoy
the experience and not focus on the goal of orgasm.
° Speaking of orgasm, considering the fact that most of the poses include an
element of penis-vaginal penetration, it is important to note that vaginal
orgasms are not the norm for a majority of women. While some women do
experience the G-spot orgasm, this is not going to be true for every woman.
The G-spot is located inside the vagina, on the anterior wall. More common
is the clitoral orgasm.
The clitoris is found outside of the vagina, near the front of her labia and
above the urethra. The vagina does have some sensitive spots, such as the
G-spot; however, in terms of nerve endings, relatively speaking, the clitoris
is much more sensitive.
° Consider adding sex toys to your sexual repertoire. Including toys allows us
to think outside of the box and encourages a healthy sexuality that
emphasizes growth and learning. When we add toys, we also remind
ourselves that sex is about having fun and experimenting with what feels good.
° I can’t speak highly enough about lubrication. Whether or not we are
naturally lubricated is not necessarily an indication of whether or not we are
emotionally aroused. The two are not mutually exclusive. If both partners
agree this is something they want, then lube is your best friend. Having a
few good types of lube on hand is a good idea. Water-based lubes are best if
using condoms. Organic lubes will have the least irritants. Silicone-based
lubes will be the slickest, but may not be great when used with silicone toys.
Avoid lubes with parabens and glycerin because they can cause irritation.
There are a lot of lubes out there, 
so experiment to find what works for you and your partner.
° Condoms are always a good idea, unless you are in a long-term
monogamous relationship, and/or both parties are sharing sexually
transmitted disease (STD) sexually transmitted infection (STI) results.
° Another option for safe sex is mutual masturbation. Whether you are
touching yourself and/or touching each other, if no fluids are exchanged you
are less likely to contract an STI or HIV. Also, mutual masturbation can be
a highly erotic experience, connecting two people in a very intimate way.
So, definitely don’t count this out.
Sex has endless possibilities when you open your mind and let your
imagination run wild. So get out there, start exploring, and start growing and
learning. Whether you are seeking daring adventures or just trying to learn
something new, remember to be safe and have fun.

Table of Contents
1.1 The Magic Bullet
1.2 The Butterfly
1.3 Coital Alignment Technique
1.4 Sideways Missionary or “Love-Locked”
1.5 Upright Missionary
1.6 Half Off the Bed
1.7 Standing Missionary
1.8 The Seashell
1.9 The Man Trap
1.10 Legs on Shoulders
2.1 Reverse Missionary
2.2 Lap Dance
2.3 Reverse Lap Dance
2.4 The Double Decker
2.5 The Frog
2.6 The Ship
2.7 Reverse Isis
2.8 Reverse Cowgirl
2.9 Reverse Frog or Reverse Squat
2.10 The Stallion
3.1 Doggy Angle
3.2 Flying Doggy
3.3 Froggy Style
3.4 The Plow
3.5 The Magic Mountain
3.6 The Fan
3.7 The Hound
3.8 The Standing Hound
3.9 The Hinge
3.10 Backseat Driver
4.1 Side Saddle
4.2 The Spoon and Fork
4.3 The Y-Split
4.4 The Close-Up
4.5 Upside-Down Spooning
4.6 Kneeling Wheelbarrow
4.7 Sideways Samba
4.8 The Sidekick
4.9 The Crisscross
4.10 Afternoon Delight
5.1 The Sleeping Beauty
5.2 Hit the Spot
5.3 The Perch
5.4 The Landslide
5.5 The Sphinx
5.6 The Y-Curve
5.7 The Approaching Tiger
5.8 The Camelback
5.9 The Flying Circus
5.10 Poles Apart
6.1 Lap Dance Squared
6.2 Splitting the Bamboo
6.3 The Glowing Juniper
6.4 Row His Boat
6.5 The Kneeling Lotus
6.6 The Reclining Lotus
6.7 The Rowing Boat
6.8 The Star
6.9 The Triumph Arch
6.10 The Rocking Horse
7.1 Standing Up, Man Behind
7.2 Standing Doggy
7.3 Lady Leg Lift
7.4 The Padlock
7.5 Carting
7.6 Suspended Scissors
7.7 The Indian Headstand
7.8 The Squat Balance
7.9 The Venus Necklace
7.10 The Frisk
8.1 The Breaststroke
8.2 The Prone Tiger
8.3 The Galley
8.4 The Rider
8.5 The Seated Wheelbarrow
8.6 The Standing Wheelbarrow
8.7 The Couch Surfer
8.8 Seated or Reverse Woman-on-Top Scissors
8.9 Snow Angel
8.10 The Transatlantic
9.1 The Slingshot
9.2 The Butter Churner
9.3 The Reverse Butter Churner
9.4 The Deck Chair
9.5 The Rock ’n Roll
9.6 The Slip
9.7 The G-Force
9.8 The Man on All Fours
9.9 The Snail
9.10 The Dolphin
10.1 The Catherine Wheel
10.2 Sideways Scissors
10.3 Kneeling Scissors
10.4 Scorpion Scissors
10.5 Both Legs Up Scissors
10.6 The X Position
10.7 Rocking Scissors
10.8 The Spider
10.9 Seated Scissors
10.10 Standing Scissors

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I hope that you found something helpful in these pages to add to your sexual
repertoire. This book is a reference guide meant to inspire exploration. As you
go back and revisit the positions, you will learn something new or be reminded
of something you want to try again. Although the positions may seem simple
enough, there are some gems that are only enjoyed with more in-depth
experience—or strength, flexibility, and trust. This book is not intended to be
used like a checklist. Instead, treat your sexuality as a lifelong journey—and
enjoy the ride!!