Chinese Sexual Astrology- Eastern Secrets to Mind-Blowing Sex

Chinese Sexual Astrology- Eastern Secrets to Mind-Blowing Sex

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Love is of all passions the strongest, for it attacks

simultaneously the head, the heart and the senses.

—Lao Tzu (Laozi)

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 2007 by Shelly Wu  

About the Author
LIKE MOST OF THOSE BORN INTO a year of the defending Dog, Shelly
Wu spent a fair amount of her childhood fighting bullies and taking up the
gauntlet for the picked on and the friendless. Shelly no longer scuffles with
bullies, but she still maintains her soapboxes. She adheres to the teaching of
Laozi: “In the perception of the smallest is the secret of clear vision; in the
guarding of the weakest is the secret of all strength.”

Those who have met Shelly Wu say she has a certain “spark” that is
unmistakable. Using an eclectic mixture of metaphysics and psychology,
she has been dubbed the “Dear Abby” of Chinese astrology. Wu’s horoscope
columns and feature articles have appeared in aMagazine: Inside
Asian America, The Rainbow News, Psychic Interactive, Your Stars,
InTouch, and LIFE magazine. Her articles have been featured by the
Associated Press, ABC News, the BBC, and Wireless Flash news services.

In 1995, she brought this ancient art to the World Wide Web, and continues
to maintain the popular website, She is
also the author of Chinese Astrology: Exploring the Eastern Zodiac (New
Page Books, 2005), and can be heard on radio talk shows worldwide.

Whether a mind-blowing quickie or an orgasmic marathon, few things
can equal the intense pleasure of love and sex. The heart-pounding thrill
of romantic love is a universal human pursuit; we have all loved and lost
and loved and won, but mostly we have just loved. Indeed, love is the
universal language and the very essence of our being. Therefore, there
comes a time when most of us are faced with the pivotal decision of choosing
a partner. This is a decision that will affect our chance for relationship
happiness and future sexual satisfaction.

From the earliest Chinese records, the sex act between a man and a
woman was seen as a powerful and essential force that controlled the universe.
According to the Tao Te Ching, sexual energy is the force in nature
that keeps the “earth circling the heavens.” The merging of man and
woman—yang and yin—was thought to be of the highest spiritual realms
and a reflection of an organized and sacred universe. Therefore, the
importance of making love was highly emphasized, not only for physical
well-being and longevity, but for emotional and spiritual cultivation as well.

Thousands of years ago, the ancient Chinese understood the need for
sex education. They had “pillow books,” popular wedding gifts for young
couples containing everything from astrological compatibility to erotic suggestions
for igniting passion. These erotic and exquisitely detailed books
were meant to be tucked under the pillow of a young bride; they completed
her trousseau and were meant for her and her lover’s education and
excitement. These books taught couples to be generous with each other—
not merely for enjoyment, but to fulfill the man’s essential need for the
woman’s yin energy and the woman’s concurrent need for the man’s yang essence.

Table of Contents
Introduction 9
Chapter 1 Chinese Love Signs—Karmic Connections 17
Chapter 2 Yin/Yang—Stillness and Movement 21
Chapter 3 Love Written in the Stars— 25
Soul Mate Connections
Chapter 4 Love Trinities—Lovers in Trine 29
Chapter 5 Lovers in Kind 35
Chapter 6 Lovers Resolving Karma 39
Chapter 7 Lovers in Opposition 43
Chapter 8 Lovers Locked in Karmic Combat 47
Chapter 9 The Elements of Connection— 53
Are You Elementally Compatible?
Chapter 10 Readying the Mind for Extraordinary Sex 79
Chapter 11 Resolving Blocks to Intimacy 81
Chapter 12 The Superior Lover 97
Chapter 13 Seduction and Romance, Atmosphere 99
and Ambiance: Setting the Mood
Chapter 14 “Ching Qi”—Channeling Raw 115
Sexual Energy
Chapter 15 Sizzling Sex in the Taoist Tradition 125
Chapter 16 Sexual Styles: The Tame, the Tawdry, 131
and—Sometimes—the Taboo
Chapter 17 Randy Rat 137
Chapter 18 Oral Ox 145
Chapter 19 Titillating Tiger 153
Chapter 20 Receptive Rabbit 159
Chapter 21 Dragon Debauchery 167
Chapter 22 Sexy Snake 175
Chapter 23 Horse Hottie 181
Chapter 24 Go-Go Goat 189
Chapter 25 Marathon Monkey 195
Chapter 26 Rough-and-Ready Rooster 201
Chapter 27 Dog-gie Style 209
Chapter 28 Perfectly Perverted Pig 217
Chapter 29 “A Thousand Loving Thrusts”: 223
The Chinese Art of Penile Thrusting
Appendix A Taoist Sexual Positions for 227
Enlightened Lovers
Appendix B Find Your Chinese Birth Sign 237
Bibliography 243
Index 245
About the Author 253

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In contrast to the misogynistic sexual repression of women common in
many other ancient (and modern) cultures, Taoist masters encouraged the
complete satisfaction of a woman sexually. Young men were taught that to
ensure their own satisfaction, and for the balance of yin and yang to occur,
they must seek to satisfy their lover completely. This attitude of sexual
wholesomeness stood in stark contrast to some of the Western views of
sex. In the East, sex was a health issue and not a moral one. Eastern sages
and medical doctors extolled the sexual act for health and happiness, while
their Western equivalents imbued sex with the oppressive and repressive
rhetoric of caveats, restrictions, and taboos.

The Chinese obsession with, and celebration of, the erotic is graphically
demonstrated in Chinese art, archaeological records, and ancient literary
sources. From the erotic imagery of 200 B.C. tomb decorations to the
10th century crystal penis on display at the Museum of Ancient Chinese
Sexual Culture in Tongli, the extraordinary role that sexuality played in the
daily lives of the Chinese people is explicitly evident. While the art of love
in ancient China appeared to be phallic-oriented, it was widely believed
that sexual intercourse enhanced one’s internal spiritual practice and unified
the physical with the spiritual—something that would be of benefit to
both sexes. Moreover, misogyny against women was virtually unheard of
in China until much later in the country’s history. The Chinese have a long
and rich history of celebrating their sexuality in a positive and healthy
way. The art of sexuality was practiced with the goal of transforming the
mundane into a higher spiritual plane—the ultimate intent being oneness
with each other and with the natural world.

Recently in the West, there has been an ever-increasing awareness of
the importance of fusing our spiritual, mental, and physical energies in
order to achieve complete satisfaction. This awareness has yielded an
explosion of renewed interest in ancient erotic manuals, such as the Secrets
of the Jade Bed Chamber from China, the Kama Sutra from India,
and the Ishimpo from Japan. In a quest to reconnect with passion and
enrich their sexual experience, many couples are exploring Taoist, Tantric,
and astrological compatibilities regarding sexuality.