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- The Hanging Mystery Initiation -


Translated from the French with an
Introduction and Notes
by Donald Traxler

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Table of Contents
Introduction: Maria de Naglowska, "A Riddle
Wrapped in a Mystery" by Donald Traxler ix
Preface: The lnitiatic Rite of the Third Degree 1

I The Human Tree 5
2, Jesus of Nazareth 14
3 The Woman of the Unknown 21
4 Judas lscariot 24
5 After Death 34
6 The Magnificent Invisible Knights 40
7 The Last Oral Examination before the Great Test 50
8 The Priestesses of Love 55
9 The Rite of Hanging 68
I0 The Neutralization of the Black Fire 83
II To Conclude 90

Append ix A. The New Religion
Excerpts from La Fleche 92
Append ix B. Open Letter to Pope Pius XI from
Maria de Naglowska 96
Appendix C. The New Commandments and the
Golden Mass: Excerpts from LaFleche 101
Appendix D. Maria's Last Words to Us:
Her Prediction of the Second World War 1 OS
Notes 108
Bibliography 112
Index 114

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