100 Hot Sex Positions

100 Hot Sex Positions

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Includes content previously published in Kama Sutra, Supersex, Superhotsex, Quickies, and Secrets of a Supersexpert.

tracey cox

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 2002, 2006, 2007, 2009, 2011
 Dorling Kindersley Limited 

ready to shake up your sex life?
Are you one of those couples who has two to three favorite sex positions and
rarely deviates from them? Let me take a stab at what they are: If you’re both a
bit tired and in that guess-we’d-better-do-it-but-would-secretly-prefer-to-watch-
TV mood, he rolls on top. If you’ve just come back from a fun, boozy night out
and you’re three sheets to the wind, she’ll jump on top—or if you’re feeling really
adventurous, he’ll take her from behind. How did I know? Take a closer look at
that innocent-looking lamp, sitting on your bedside table—it’s actually a
sophisticated bugging device. Or it could be I knew because this is
the routine pretty much all couples fall into when they’ve been together a while.
We’re all wildly experimental at the start when we’re out to impress—happily
locking our ankles behind our heads and dangling daringly upside-down without
complaint. But it’s a different story once you’re both settled, all cuddly and nicely
domesticated. You know you should try something new on the position front,
something more dynamic, a bit bold and venturesome, but what? There are only
five positions—side-by-side, standing, him on top, her on top, and from behind—
and you’ve already chosen your favorites from that little line-up.
“You know you should try something new, something more dynamic, bold, and
venturesome. But what? There are only five positions and you’ve already chosen
your favorites from that little line-up. ”
But while there might be only five positions, by God, there are some deliciously
tempting variations on each of them, and this book is going to make it sooooooo
easy for you to choose from those variations that you’ll want to try some (or all) of
them! 100 Hot Sex Positions is a saucy collection of all of my absolute favorites,
handily organized into different chapters to suit all your different moods. Decide
what you like, then flick to the section and style that suits you best—heartfelt,
steamy, show off, or temptingly torrid. Alongside, you’ll also find a good
smattering of other stuff to tickle your fancy—tricks, tips, and talk pieces
designed to intrigue you, inspire you, and up the orgasm quota for both of you.

You can dip in and out of the book
whenever the mood strikes you, but if
you’re both quite lazy little slugs (and who
isn’t?), make a point of trying one new
position each week (yes, really!). Put a
checkmark next to the positions you like
on the handy checklist at the back (pages
188–9) and watch your list of favorites
climb from a paltry two or three to double
digits in no time! A healthier, happier sex
life with minimum effort on your part. Now
doesn’t that sound appealing?

“A healthier, happier sex life with minimum effort on your part.
Now doesn’t that sound appealing?”
Tracy X

Table of Contents
introduction 6
1 heartfelt
Ballerina 12
Riding high 13
Comfy sex 14
Cocoon 18
Pressing 20
The chameleon 22
Rock ’n’ ride 24
Horizontal dancing 26
Sexy seesaw 30
Lazy days 31
The ankle cross 32
The weekender 33
Chill-out session 34
Wanton wiggle 35
Soul to soul 36
The plunge 38
Fleshfest 40
Pace yourself 41
Singing monkey 42
In her hands 44
The twist 46
The leg lift 50
The vine 52
2 steamy
The flutterer 56
Eyes wide open 58
Target practice 60
Lazy crisscross 64
Torrid tease 65
Be a better buck 66
Elephant 70
Mission possible 72
Best for big boys 73
Female superior 74
Rock-a-bye baby 76
The bendover 78
Side saddle 79
The rock ’n’ roller 80
She comes first 82
Doorknobbing 84
The cave 85
Fabulous 5-stepper 86
Steamy seconds 90
Long and lusty 91
Crab 92
Beats cooking 94
Down and dirty 95
Look, no hands 98
The butterfly 99
Racy recliner 100
The tongs 102
3 head games
Deep plunge 106
Be as one 107
Rocking horse 108
Sex reflex 110
Randy robot 111
Clench tight 112
World favorite 116
Sexual healing 118
Sexy snooze 119
The cow 120
The chariot 122
Goddess 124
Sensual hover 125
Lotus 126
High rider 127
Love triangle 128
Crouching tigress 130
Tug-of-war 131
The nail 132
Wishbone 134
The swivel 136
Privates dancer 140
Top to toe 142
The straddle 144
Sexy starfish 145
Sensual squat 146
The deep 147
4 show off
Crossed lovers 150
Rock-a-boink baby 152
Up, up, and away 154
Giddy-up 155
Seesaw 156
Love lever 160
Spin city 161
The fish 162
The tilt 164
Show-off sex 166
Tight squeeze 167
Lounge lovers 168
The wall thrust 170
The tom cat 171
Monkey 172
Leap frog 176
On target 177
Hang ten 178
On your bike 180
Going down 181
The interlock 184
The corkscrew 186
Head rush 187
checklist 188
index 190
acknowledgments 192

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