How to Hack Like a Pornstar

Master the secrets of hacking through real-life hacking scenarios

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 2017 Sparc FLOW   

This is not a book about information security.
Certainly not about IT. This is a book about hacking:
specifically, how to infiltrate a company’s network,
locate their most critical data, and make off with it
without triggering whatever shiny new security tool the
company wasted their budget on.
Whether you are a wannabe ethical hacker or just an
enthusiast frustrated by outdated books and false media
reports, this book is definitely for you.
We will set up a fake – but realistic enough – target
and go in detail over the main steps to 0wn the company:
building phishing malware, finding vulnerabilities,
rooting Windows domains, p0wning mainframes, etc.
I have documented almost every tool and custom
script used in this book. I strongly encourage you to test
them and master their capabilities (and limitations) in an
environment you control and own. Given the nature of this
book, it is ludicrous to expect it to cover each and every
hacking technique imaginable, though I will try my best to
give as many examples as I can while staying true to the
stated purpose of the book.
I will do a flyover of some concepts like IPSEC,
TOR, and NTLM by briefly explaining how they work
and what they mean in the context of the hacking scenario.
If you feel like you want to go deeper, I strongly advise
you to follow the links I offer near each item and explore
the dark, fun concepts behind each technique and tool.

Note: Custom scripts and special commands
documented in this book are publicly available at

Important disclaimer
The examples in this book are entirely fictional.
The tools and techniques presented are open-source,
and thus available to everyone. Pentesters use them
regularly in assignments, but so do attackers. If you
recently suffered a breach and found a technique or tool
illustrated in this book, this does in no way incriminate
the author of this book nor imply any connection
between the author and the perpetrators.
Any actions and/or activities related to the
material contained within this book is solely your
responsibility. Misuse of the information in this book
can result in criminal charges being brought against the
persons in question. The author will not be held
responsible in the event any criminal charges are
brought against any individuals misusing the
information in this book to break the law.
This book does not promote hacking, software
cracking, and/or piracy. All the information provided in
this book is for educational purposes only. It will help
companies secure their networks against the attacks
presented, and it will help investigators assess the
evidence collected during an incident.
Performing any hack attempts or tests without
written permission from the owner of the computer
system is illegal.

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