Oil Painting For The Absolute Beginner

A Clear & Easy Guide to Successful Oil Painting 

Mark and Mary Willenbrink

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 2010 by Mark and Mary Willenbrink 

About the Author
As a husband-and-wife team, Mark and Mary Willenbrink have been
writing together for over a decade. Mark works as a fine artist, illustrator
and art instructor. Mary is an author, literary analysis teacher and
homeschool mom. Mark and Mary's art instruction focuses on the needs
of the absolute beginner. Mark's art and teaching expertise along with
Mary's encouragement and understanding provide the perfect balance
for those just embarking on their artistic journey. Mark and Mary's other
books include Watercolor for the Absolute Beginner and Drawing for the
Absolute Beginner. Mark and Mary reside in Cincinnati, Ohio, with their
three children, two cats and Australian shepherd.
To see more of Mark's artwork, visit his website at www.shadowblaze.com.

Thank you to all of those behind the scenes at F+W Media who helped
put this beautiful book together: Guy Kelly, Mark Griffin, Jennifer Lepore,
Ric Deliantoni and Adam Hand.
We give special thanks to our editor, Mary Bostic. Because of your
editorial insights and questions, this book is just about perfect!
Thank you, Tom Post, for your encouragement and advice, and thanks
to Cheryl and Jeff Cook. We thank everyone with Heavenly C Ministries
for your encouragement and constant support.
The support of our kids as we work is absolutely amazing. With great
pride and our utmost love, we thank our three children.
Throughout the writing of this book, we constantly thanked each
other. As a husband-and-wife team, we bring out the best in each other
and can honestly say we are best friends.
Lastly, we thank the Lord for His inspiration. We are all created in our
Father's image to be creative, and with our creativity we praise Him.

Table of Contents

Chapter 1
Gather Your Materials
Solvents and Thinners
Stretching Canvas
Additional Supplies
Indoor Setup
Outdoor Setup
Discussing Materials

Chapter 2
Basic Art Principles
Structural Drawing
Measuring and Proportioning
Linear Perspective
Color Basics
Complementary and Analogous Colors
Color Temperature
Color Intensity
Combined Perspective
Discussing Art Principles

Chapter 3
Practicing the Techniques
Mixing Paint
Loading a Brush
Cleaning Brushes
Get a Grip!
Creating Brushstrokes
Painting Techniques
Wet-Into-Wet Painting
Wet-Into-Dry Painting
Painting With a Palette Knife
Lifting and Wiping off Paint
Positive and Negative Painting
Hard and Soft Edges
Discussing Plein Air Painting

Chapter 4
Let’s Paint!
Getting Ready
Using a Ground
Underdrawing and Underpainting
Monochromatic Rocks
Sunset Beach
Mountains With Primary Colors
Pear Still Life
Cloud Study
Landscape With Cottage
Painting Trees
Seascape With Boats
Springhouse in Summer
Twilight Gatehouse
Drawing People
Portrait in Profile
Drawing Profiles
Girl With Flowers
Finishing Your Paintings
Metric Conversion Chart
About the Authors

Ideas. Instruction. Inspiration.

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During an outdoor celebration our eldest daughter exclaimed, “Ooh, look
at the fireworks,” to which our youngest child gleefully replied, “Those
aren't fireworks, they're dancing bananas!” How fun! Their perceptions
are unique, yet both are filled with wonder. Wouldn't you love to see their
artistic expressions of fireworks?
Capture that feeling of curiosity and excitement as you work through
this book, using the lessons as a tool to express yourself through your
artwork. Then allow yourself to stand back from your paintings and say
something like “Ooh, I love the reflections in this pond” or “I really like
the way I painted those trees.” Don't be overly critical of your work. Note
what you like about it, and always date the painting so that you can
follow your progress.

First Things First
We suggest you go through the materials and take time to set up your
own studio. Our definition of studio is a space that transports you away
from the concept of time, responsibilities and worries. Each time you
pick up this book, prepare yourself to be an active participant. Start
reading it as if we were speaking to you directly. We hope that as you
work through these demonstrations, you will cultivate your abilities
while having fun in the process. Seriously, we want you to have fun!
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