Handbook of Security and Networks, World Scientific

Handbook of Security and Networks, World Scientific

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Handbook of Security and Networks

Yang Xiao
The University of Alabama, USA
Frank H Li
The University of South Carolina Upstate, USA
Hui Chen
Virginia State University, USA

All rights reserved. This book, or parts thereof, may not be reproduced in any form or by any means, electronic or mechanical, including photocopying, recording or any information storage and retrieval system now known or to be invented, without written permission from the Publisher..

This work is supported in part by the US National Science Foundation (NSF) under the grant numbers CCF-0829827, CNS-0716211, and CNS-0737325.

Table of Contents
Preface ix
About Editors xi
Contributors xiii
Acknowledgement xxi
Part I: Overview of Network Security
Chapter 1: Security in Wireless Data Networks
Abdel Karim Al Tamimi and Raj Jain
Chapter 2: Enabling Information Confidentiality in Publish/Subscribe Overlay Networks
Hui Zhang, Guofei Jiang, Haifeng Chen, Xiaoqiao Meng,
Kenji Yoshihira and Abhishek Sharma
Chapter 3: Security Enhancement of Network Protocol rfcs
Prabhaker Mateti and Venkat Pothamsetty
and Benjamin Murray
Chapter 4: Authentication of Scalable Multimedia Streams
Mohamed Hefeeda and Kianoosh Mokhtarian
Chapter 5: Explaining System Security Issues to Computer Professionals
Prabhaker Mateti
Part II: Attacks on Networks
Chapter 6: Attacker Traceback in Mobile Multi-Hop Networks
Yongjin Kim and Ahmed Helmy
Chapter 7: Detecting DoS Attacks and Service Violations in QoS-enabled Networks
Mohamed Hefeeda and Ahsan Habib
Part III: Key and Key management 221
Chapter 8: Key Establishment — Secrecy, Authentication and Anonymity
Guomin Yang, Duncan S. Wong and Xiaotie Deng
Chapter 9: Detecting Misused Keys in Wireless Sensor Networks
Donggang Liu and Qi Dong
Chapter 10: A Survey of Key Revocation Schemes in Mobile Ad Hoc Networks
Xinxin Fan and Guang Gong
Part IV: Malware
Chapter 11: Hardware Controlled Systematic Approach to Detect and Prevent Virus
Meikang Qiu, Jiande Wu, Hung-Chung Huang
and Wenyuan Li
Chapter 12: A Mathematical View of Self-Replicating Malware
Thomas M. Chen and Nasir Jamil
Chapter 13: Worm Propagation and Interaction in Mobile Networks
Sapon Tanachaiwiwat and Ahmed Helmy
Chapter 14: Windows Rootkits a Game of “Hide and Seek”
Sherri Sparks, Shawn Embleton and Cliff C. Zou
Chapter 15: An Overview of Bot Army Technology and Prospects
Martin R. Stytz and Sheila B. Banks
Part V: Latest Security-Related Topics on Computer Networking
Chapter 16: Performance of Bridging Algorithms in IEEE 802.15.3 Multi-Piconet Networks
Jelena Miˇsi´c, Muhi Ahmed Ibne Khair
and Vojislav B. Miˇsi´c
Chapter 17: Authentication and Billing for Wlan/Cellular Network Interworking
Minghui Shi, Yixin Jiang, Xuemin Shen, Jon W. Mark,
Dongmei Zhao and Humphrey Rutagenwa
Chapter 18: Construction of Fault-Tolerant Virtual Backbones in Wireless Networks
Donghyun Kim, Xiaofeng Gao, Feng Zou and Weili Wu
Chapter 19: Service IOT for Digital Rights Management (DRM)
Whai-En Chen, Ting-Kai Huang and Chun-Chieh Wang
Chapter 20: Patient Privacy in Healthcare Wireless Sensor Networks
Jelena Miˇsi´c and Vojislav B. Miˇsi´c
Chapter 21: Security Implementation in Real Wireless Sensors: A Review
Fei Hu, Nidhi Verma and Yang Xiao

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