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Stealing the Network - How to Own a Shadow


Johnny Long
Timothy (Thor) Mullen
Ryan Russell
Technical Advisors
SensePost is an independent and objective organisation specialising in  
IT Security consultation, training and assessment services.
The company is situated in South Africa from where it provides services to more
than 70 large and very large clients in Australia, South Africa, Germany, Switzerland, Belgium,The
Netherlands, United Kingdom, Malaysia, United States
of America, and various African countries. 
More than 20 of these clients are in the financial services industry,
where information security is an essential part of their core competency.
SensePost analysts are regular speakers at international conferences including
Black Hat Briefings, DEFCON and Summercon.The analysts also have been
training two different classes at the Black Hat Briefings for the last 2 years. Here
they meet all sorts of interesting people and make good friends. SensePost personnel
typically think different thoughts, have inquisitive minds, never give up
and are generally good looking...
For more information, or just to hang out with us,

Technical EditorSTN: How to Own the Box
Ryan Russell has worked in the IT field for over 13 years, focusing on information
security for the last seven. He was the primary author of Hack Proofing
Your Network: Internet Tradecraft (Syngress Publishing, ISBN: 1-928994-15-6), and
is a frequent technical editor for the Hack Proofing series of books. He is also a
technical advisor to Syngress Publishing’s Snort 2.0 Intrusion Detection (ISBN: 1-
931836-74-4). Ryan founded the vuln-dev mailing list, and moderated it for
three years under the alias “Blue Boar.” He is a frequent lecturer at security
conferences, and can often be found participating in security mailing lists and
Web site discussions. Ryan is the Director of Software Engineering for, where he’s developing the anti-worm product, Enforcer. One of
Ryan’s favorite activities is disassembling worms.


This is the fourth book in the “Stealing the Network Series.”Reading through the first three books, you can see how this series has evolved over the years.A concept that was hatched at Black Hat USA 2002 in Las Vegas became a reality as Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box was released at Black Hat USA 2003 in Las Vegas.This first book brought together some of the most talented and creative minds in the security world, including Ryan Russell,Tim Mullen (Thor), FX,Dan Kaminsky, Joe Grand, Ken Pfeil, Ido Dubrawsky, Mark Burnett, and Paul Craig. In all honesty,“Stealing” was not conceived of as a series, but rather as merely a stand-alone book, an unrelated collection of short stories about hackers. But this first book seemed to strike a chord within the security community, and it also generated a following among non-security professionals as well. Security professionals both enjoyed the stories and maybe more importantly learned to think more creatively about both attack and defense techniques.Non-security professionals were able to enjoy the stories and gain an understanding of the hacker world (from both sides of the law) that was beginning to dominate mainstream media headlines.The general public was being bombarded with stories about “hackers,”“identify theft,”“phishing,” and “spam,” but like many things, these terms were all painted with a very broad brushstroke and received only simplistic analysis. Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box changed that and provided the general public with a real understanding of the true world of hacking; that is, how criminals use hacking techniques to commit crimes and how law enforcement strives to prevent crimes and apprehend those responsible.After Stealing the Network: How to Own the Box was published, readers wanted more “Stealing” books, and the series was born.
For the second book in the series, Stealing the Network: How to Own a Continent, the authors
aspired to write a series of stories that actually formed a single, coherent story line (unlike the unrelated stories in How to Own the Box). How to Own a Continent was released at Black Hat USA 2004 in Las Vegas and featured many authors from the first book, including Ryan Russell,Thor, Joe Grand and Paul Craig.The family of “Stealing” authors expanded on this book to include industry luminaries Russ Rogers, Jay Beale, Fyodor,Tom Parker, 131ah (any guesses?), and featured Kevin Mitnick as a technical reviewer.As the story centered on hacking into a string of financial institutions across Africa, Roelof Temmingh, Haroon Meer, and Charl van der Walt of the South African-based IT Security consulting firm SensePost were brought on as technical advisers. Now, getting 10 hackers to follow the same thread is, in the words of lead author Ryan Russell, like “herding cats.” How to Own a Continent was written in the vein of the film “Usual Suspects.” It featured a criminal hacker group led by the shadowy Bob Knuth. Each member of the group was expert in a particular area of compromise, and each had a varying understanding of the larger hack as well as his role in it. Just as readers latched on to the concept of How to Own the Box, the readers of How to Own a Continent latched on to this
Knuth character, and again, they wanted more.

Travel Plans
Back In The Saddle
Old Man and A Ghost
The Birth Of Pawn
Dishonorable Discharge
Flashback to Knuth

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