The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses, by Mark Ludwig

The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses, by Mark Ludwig

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Electronic Edition

Volume One:  The Basic Technology

Mark Ludwig

American Eagle Publications, Inc.
Post Office Box 1507
Show Low, Arizona 85901
- 1996 -

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The Little Black Book of Computer Viruses

Contents On This Book

1.Title Page
2.Copyright Information
3.Preface to the Electronic Edition
5.The Basics of the Computer Virus
6.Case Number One: A Simple COM File Infector
7.Case Number Two: A Sophisticated Executable Virus
8.Case Number Three: A Simple Boot Sector Virus
9.Case Number Four: A Sophisticated Boot Sector Virus
10.Appendix A: The TIMID Virus
11.Appendix B: The INTRUDER Virus
12.Appendix C: A Basic Boot Sector
13.Appendix D: The KILROY Virus
14.Appendix E: The STEALTH Virus
15.Appendix F: The HEX File Loader
16.Appendix G: BIOS and DOS Interrupt Functions
17.Appendix H: Suggested Reading
18.American Eagle Catalog
19.Order Form
good years in print. In those five years it has opened a door to
seriously ask the question whether it is better to make technical
information about computer viruses known or not


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