Hackers Beware, New Riders Publishing

Hackers Beware, New Riders Publishing

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Defending Your Network 

From The Wiley Hacker

Eric Cole

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Hackers Beware

I would like to dedicate this book to my wonderful son, Jackson. 
He is a blessing to me and brings joy and happiness to me every day.


About the Author
About the Technical Reviewers
Tell Us What You Think
1. Introduction
The Golden Age of Hacking
How Bad Is the Problem?
What Are Companies Doing?
What Should Companies Be Doing?
Defense in Depth
Purpose of This Book
Legal Stuff
What’s Covered In This Book
2. How and Why Hackers Do It
What Is an Exploit?
The Attacker’s Process
The Types of Attacks
Categories of Exploits
Routes Attackers Use to Get In
Goals Attackers Try to Achieve
3. Information Gathering
Steps for Gathering Information
Information Gathering Summary
Red Teaming
4. Spoofing
Why Spoof?
Types of Spoofing
5. Session Hijacking
Spoofing versus Hijacking
Types of Session Hijacking
TCP/IP Concepts
Detailed Description of Session Hijacking
ACK Storms
Programs That Perform Hijacking
Dangers Posed by Hijacking
Protecting Against Session Hijacking
6. Denial of Service Attacks
What Is a Denial of Service Attack?
What Is a Distributed Denial of Service Attack?
Why Are They Difficult to Protect Against?
Types of Denial of Service Attacks
Tools for Running DOS Attacks
Tools for Running DDOS Attacks
Preventing Denial of Service Attacks
Preventing Distributed Denial of Service Attacks
7. Buffer Overflow Attacks
What Is a Buffer Overflow?
How Do Buffer Overflows Work?
Types of Buffer Overflow Attacks
Why Are So Many Programs Vulnerable?
Sample Buffer Overflow
Protecting Our Sample Application
Ten Buffer Overflow Attacks
Protection Against Buffer Overflow Attacks
8. Password Security
Typical Attack
The Current State of Passwords
History of Passwords
Future of Passwords
Password Management
Password Attacks
9. Microsoft NT Password Crackers
Where Are Passwords Stored in NT?
How Does NT Encrypt Passwords?
All Passwords Can Be Cracked (NT Just Makes It Easier)
NT Password-Cracking Programs
Extracting Password Hashes
Protecting Against NT Password Crackers
10. UNIX Password Crackers
Where Are the Passwords Stored in UNIX?
How Does UNIX Encrypt Passwords?
UNIX Password-Cracking Programs
Protecting Against UNIX Password Crackers
11. Fundamentals of Microsoft NT
Overview of NT Security
Availability of Source Code
NT Fundamentals
12. Specific Exploits for NT
Exploits for NT
13. Fundamentals of UNIX
Vulnerable Areas of UNIX
UNIX Fundamentals
14. Specific Exploits for UNIX
UNIX Exploits
15. Preserving Access
Backdoors and Trojans
NT Backdoors
16. Covering the Tracks
How To Cover One’s Tracks
17. Other Types of Attacks
Bind 8.2 NXT Exploit
Cookies Exploit
SNMP Community Strings
Sniffing and Dsniff
PGP ADK Exploit
Cisco IOS Password Vulnerability
Man-in-the-Middle Attack Against Key Exchange
HTTP Tunnel Exploit
18. SANS Top 10
The SANS Top 10 Exploits
Commonly Probed Ports
Determining Vulnerabilities Against the SANS Top 10
19. Putting It All Together
Attack Scenarios
20. Summary
Security Cannot Be Ignored
General Tips for Protecting a Site
Things Will Get Worse Before They Get Better
What Does the Future Hold?
A. References
Hacker/Security Related URLs
Hacker/Security Tools
General Security Related Sites
A good defense starts with a thorough understanding of your opponent’s offense.
Hackers Beware teaches you how hackers think, what tools they use, and the techniques they utilize to compromise a machine. Eric Cole, a leading expert in information security, shows you not only how to detect these attacks, but what you can do to protect yourself against them.
When it comes to securing your site, knowledge is power.
This book gives you the knowledge to build a proper defense against attackers.


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