eBay Stealth Guide, Kingbrend Ltd

eBay Stealth Guide, Kingbrend Ltd

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E.B Stealth 3.0

A Complete Guide to a New EBay Identity

EBay Stealth 3.0 © 2010 Kingbrend Ltd.

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eBay Stealth Guide

What you will learn in EBay Stealth 3.0
Quick Overview!
Steps in creating your eBay Stealth Account!
Step 1:: Cookies, Flash Objects and EBay Tracking
Step 2: Change Your IP Address
Step 3: New Name & Email Address
Step 4: New Address
Step 5: New Phone Number
Step 6: New Bank Account & Credit Card
Step 7: Creating Your Account
Live Account!
You Have a Live Account... Now What?
Four Steps to selling with a Merchant Account!
Tips on Staying Under the Radar & Getting Fewer Violations
Setting up an eBay Account in another Country
Feedback FAQ
Suspensions / Violations / Limitations + Getting Reinstated
Limited PayPal Account: Oh Noes!
―Why I Got Linked / Suspended‖
Suppliers and Wholesalers & How to Find Them
Pros and Cons of Becoming an eBay PowerSeller
Final Step-by-Step Review
Final Step-by-Step Review
Remember your goal is to change every aspect of your account to fool eBay into thinking you‘re someone else. Any information that can be linked back to you will trigger a suspension. There are many ways to mess this up. I'll try to explain everything in detail and show you what eBay does to try and link your account and ultimately suspend you. 
Now let‘s get started with a quick overview on how a stealth account is born!

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  EBay Stealth 3.0
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