Computer Viruses for Dummies, Wiley

Computer Viruses for Dummies, Wiley

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Peter Gregory

Published by 
Wiley Publishing, Inc.111 River Street
Hoboken, NJ 07030-5774

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Computer Viruses for Dummies

About the Author
Peter H. Gregory, CISA, CISSP, discovered computers in 1976
in his first year at the University of Nevada-Reno. He was taking
a FORTRAN programming course when computer programs
were painstakingly typed in on punch cards (hanging chads
and all). He then got a part-time computer operator job at the
University computer center, where he operated the university’s
mainframe computer, a Control Data Corporation CDC-6400.
His insatiable curiosity about computers led him headlong
into a career that began when he completed his university education.
Those fancy letters behind Peter’s name: CISSP and CISA, are
two professional security certifications: Certified Information
Systems Security Professional and Certified Information
Systems Auditor. Peter has spent the past eleven years in the
wireless telecommunications industry, working in positions
where he develops security policy, security architecture, security
emergency response teams, and has been a security consultant
in general. His love for personal computers has kept
him attached to one or more of them for twenty years.

Author’s Acknowledgments
I would like to extend thanks to great folks at Trend Micro
(Michael Sweeny in the U.S. and Del Gemmell in Taiwan) and
Panda Software (Alan Wallace in California, Jose Javier
Merchan, and especially Fernando de la Cuadra in Spain), who
provided information as well as dozens of screen shots.
Special thanks go to Jennifer Byrne at Symantec who provided
invaluable feedback on the draft table of contents, resulting in
numerous improvements. Nalleli Lopez Hosek and David
Alderman read the entire draft manuscript and made numerous
productive suggestions to make the book easier to read
and understand. Thanks you two! Tim Crothers worked hard
to ensure the technical accuracy of the book.
Special thanks go to Eva Neumann, who provided invaluable
feedback from her perspective as a non-professional computer
user. Many thanks to my immediate and extended family
for tolerating the book writing process yet again. I’d like to
dedicate this book to the memory of Ralph Pratt who showed
me how to teach complex subjects to non-technical people.
And thanks be to God, through whom all things are possible.

Contents at a Glance

Part I: Evaluating Your Virus Situation
Chapter 1: Understanding Virus Risks ..............11
Chapter 2: Does My Computer Have a Virus? ............23
Chapter 3: Does Your Computer Have Antivirus Software?.............33
Part II: Deploying Your Antivirus Defenses
Chapter 4: Obtaining and Installing Antivirus Software .....51
Chapter 5: Configuring Antivirus Software .....75
Chapter 6: Scanning Your Computer and E-Mail .....87
Chapter 7: Ridding Your Computer of Viruses ....99
Part III: Maintaining Your Vigilance
Chapter 8: Updating Antivirus Software and Signatures .......117
Chapter 9: Installing Security Patches .......127
Chapter 10: Using Firewalls and Spyware Blockers .......153
Chapter 11: Protecting PDAs from Viruses .......181
Chapter 12: Incorporating Safe Computing Practices .......189
Part IV: Looking at Viruses under the Microscope
Chapter 13: Viruses and the Losers Who Write Them .......209
Chapter 14: Trojan Horses, Worms, Spam, and Hoaxes .......221
Chapter 15: How Viruses Function and Propagate .......235
Part V: The Part of Tens
Chapter 16: Almost Ten Myths about Computer Viruses ....249
Chapter 17: Ten Antivirus Programs ....255
This book is divided into five parts so you can find the information you need to find — quickly. 
Here’s a rundown of each part:

Computer Viruses For Dummies is a reference book, not (believe it or not) a mystery; you don’t have to read the chapters in order. Start anywhere you like. 
Feel free to skip chapters that aren’t of immediate interest.
Want to start at the last page?
You’re the boss;  everybody knows who done it anyway — that sinister virus.

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