Bitcoin Exposed (Daniel Forrester & Mark Solomon)

Bitcoin Exposed (Daniel Forrester & Mark Solomon)

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Today's Complete Guide to Tomorrow's Currency

Learn the Ins and Outs of Bitcoin  and How You Can Profit From It

Daniel Forrester & Mark Solomon

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Bitcoin Exposed

Why Are Bitcoins The Secret To A Better World, True Freedom
And A Rich Retirement?

Table Of Contents

Why Are Bitcoins The Secret To A Better World, True Freedom And A Rich Retirement?
How To Use This Book

Fundamentals: Overview of Bitcoin
- What Is A Bitcoin
- Where Did Bitcoin Come From And Why Does It Matter?
- Why Should I Buy Or Use Bitcoins?
- What Are Bitcoins Really Worth?
History Of Digital Currencies – And How They Lead To Bitcoin
- Digital Gold, Silver, False Promises And Digital Scams
- Who Hates Bitcoin And Why?
- Why Bitcoin Is Different And Better Than Everything – Almost.
How To Use Bitcoins
- Getting Your First Bitcoin
- Spending Bitcoins
- Saving Bitcoins
- Investing In Bitcoins, Or Not
- Protecting Bitcoins
- Transferring Bitcoins
- Accepting Bitcoins In Business
- Using Bitcoins Anonymously
How To Create Bitcoins Or Become A Bitcoin Miner
- The Concept Of Bitcoin Mining
- How To Mine Bitcoins
- Problems In Mining Bitcoins
Potential Bitcoin Disasters, Problems, And Challenges
- Failure Analysis Of The Bitcoin System
- Main Targets For Hacks And Attacks
- Prominent Attacks, Scammers, And Bottlenecks
Profiting With Bitcoins
- Trading Bitcoins
- General Trading Principles For Bitcoin
- Bitcoin Application Development
Future Of Bitcoin And Alternative Currencies
- Opportunities And Dangers Ahead
- Agents For And Against Bitcoin; Alternative Currencies
- Predicting Prices For Bitcoins
- Expansion Markets For Bitcoins
- One Last Thing
Appendix A – Major Bitcoin Developments & Timeline
Appendix B – List of main Bitcoin Services and Web sites
Appendix C – Bitcoin Terminology
Appendix D – Bitcoins Mathematical Basis
“If you hold a cat by the tail, you learn lessons you cannot learn any other way.”
Mark Twain


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